Krispy Kreme San Francisco

353 Jefferson St, San Francisco
(415) 775-1123

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Harry X.

There's an argument to be made that it's dangerous for there to be a Krispy Kreme right next door to an In-N-Out, but hey I'm not complaining. I rarely review nationwide chains on Yelp, but I have a particular soft spot for Krispy Kreme. Come to think of it, perhaps said soft spot is really just the extra fat on my stomach from the Krispy Kreme donuts I've eaten in my life... Get the classic glazed. It never disappoints. And while you're at it, treat yoself to another donut- or 3. Or 12. Don't worry I won't judge you, as long as you won't judge me :)


The donuts are great, tons of flavours we had never seen, the birthday cake batter was delicious. Great spot for a quick bite.

Carlos Hobdy

Always a pleasant experience, Great cleanliness despite being located in a very high traffic tourist location...I give this establishment high praise for excellent staff, cleanliness as well great doughnuts !!!!


Great facility to see the donuts being made and eat them.


What’s not to love about Krispy Kreme? Stopped in for a quick bite at breakfast as it’s located in the Wharf and a good stop for the family. Large dining area and holds a lot of people. Worth a stop, especially if you have kids!

Jackie Vogt

The biggest Krispy Kreme in the county, and my favorite of their locations! Hot, fresh, delicious donuts of so many varieties. You get a good view of the donuts being made as well, neat to see the process.

Ben W.

Very rude employees! The first we have encountered on our trip in Sf which was very weird to us considering every where we have gone every one has been super nice. No glaze donuts in rotation and when asked we received a whole lot of attitude. Also saw an employee use the same gloves to clean the lobby to pick up donuts! No thanks we don't need a vist to the hospital! The outside also reeked of urine and many homeless people walking around.

Pat M.

Krispy Kreme right next to our hotel? Wow! There are no longer too many Krispy Kreme stores in the Northeast, so finding this place was awesome! While this was one of the busiest Krispy Kreme's I've been to, the quality of the donuts was still great. I went for the glazed raspberry which was tremendous! To me, the donuts are far better than the other big donut chain, but the coffee trails behind. I just wish there was one closer to home!


Doughnuts here are just heaven. you'll love it and never regret. The place overall is also very good.

Carlos M.

It's a chain establishment. ._. I have come to agree that if you've never stumble upon one yet... you have not stepped outside your house since July 13, 1937!!! (Cuz that's when it alllll started! [True story... look it up! I'll wait.... right?? And learning is power!]) So my judgement of atmosphere is going to just rely on how clean it is. ._.! I mean doughnut get the wrong idea from me ;) *badum tss ... followed by cricket sounds.* let's just start the review. :3 Atmosphere: Based on what I experienced in the 13mins I was there.... was sadly a bit dirty. (Like a dissatisfied mother of raccoons that's not surprised that her kids room is dirty. [In this scenario the mother is an actual human and her children are raccoons. Cuz why not? Merika!]) I'll give them that it was an hour to closing or maybe a long day? (Plus, as long as the dirt wasn't on the doughnuts I'd be ok with it. [Who am I kidding.. I'd still eat it. *Poodles nods of disappointment* o.o]) Customer Service: Was that of giant Hornets nest made of hard eye rolls. That's the only way I could explain it. The lady was very pushy (When I was the only one there and no line behind my cinnamon rolls (Buttocks). Plus the fact that they weren't closed until 45 more minutes. [In these moments I wish I could transform my body to a 40 year old woman named Karen with short hair, hoop earrings and demand to ask for a manager. [But sad tuna steak beans! I cannot.]) With every pick of doughnuts was a heavy eye roll of "are you done? And I know you're going to eat this alone." (Well I am! O.O!!!) Food: Always amazing! I mean its doughnuts! Who doesnt love something sugary and full happiness! (Did you see that unicorn fly by? Just me? Ok no more sugar late at night.. and probably should sleep more than 2 hours a night... moving on ^_^) Conclusion: Exceptional doughnut! (You bet your bottom nickel that doughnuts are never the real problem. Doughnuts dont disappoint people; it's people that dissapoint doughnuts! [Put that on a t-shirt! ... damn should of gotten copy rights for that. Lol]) Service was as sad as a panda losing it's natural habitat to big corporations that dont care about the environment and just needs a little tidiness. Hopefully, it was just an off day :)

Steve Pierre

Probably my favorite Krispy Kreme location. The store is beautiful inside and out and has hints of the Bay Area influence. There is a ton of merch, as well as donuts, and they're always fresh and eye pleasing. There are a fair number of seats and tables indoors as well, which makes it great for a pit stop if you're not on the go.


I missed these donuts SO much while we were living overseas! They're such a treat. I love the classic glazed and the chocolate glaze. We were disappointed that the factory wasn't running, though. But they validate parking!

ben nemier

Cool to sit in a donut shop and eat. Can't go wrong with Krispy kreme.


Huge store with a large choice of doughnuts.Coffee and other drinks available.Take away cups and boxes available.Option to buy larger quantities of doughnuts for a cheaper price for doughnut. Fun 'Krispy Kreme' hats available for free.Fun and tasty treats

Gene F

Krispy Kreme used to be in local markets. Now I have found their dedicated retail outlet. I got a half dozen of their basic glazed doughnuts and a souvenir carry bag from their gift shop. It's a good stop if you are near Anchorage Square in Fisherman's wharf.

Sandra Sandy Manning

I love the different decorations on the donuts! I saw some Warriors basketball decorated donuts. So cute!


So cool to walk into the largest Krispy Kreme! Being from N.C. we take our KK very seriously! Great store out here tho and very impressive inside.

Diana S.

The doughnuts are good but the service is terrible. We went with the whole family and my daughter and my mom need to use the restrooms, there supposed to be open until midnight and it was 9:30 pm. One employee was closing half of the store with chairs, and he also blocked the entrance to the restrooms, my daughter asked him and he said they were cleaning it and we should go to the restrooms outside, we went outside and the restrooms were closed so we went back and I personally asked him to open the restrooms because we were customers and we really need to use them, he again said that they were dirty, I told him we can wait 5 minutes until he cleaned or he can open them and we don't care of they were dirty but my daughter and my mom can't wait until we get home that we'll take us 1 hour. He refused to open the restroom, hi Jody told us to go to the other side outside and look for public restrooms that actually requires a code and he didn't know it. Terrible service of you're open until midnight you should have the restrooms open the whole time. I know they weren't dirty he just already cleaned and didn't want to clean them again.


Love KK donuts and work for a place in Australia that sells them but this shop was amazing. So many different flavours, watch them being made, souvenirs and even coffee. Awesome if you like KK,s


As much as I have heard about Krispy Kreme I figured while I was in the states I would give it a go. I have never been a big doughnut person, so figured if they are as good as all the hype, maybe it will change my view of these fried dough desserts. Nope. Not at all. Very sweet. I bought the minis 12 pack and shared with the homeless.

Krispy Kreme San Francisco
Krispy Kreme San Francisco

Krispy Kreme San Francisco

353 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133