Krispy Kreme

353 Jefferson St, San Francisco
(415) 775-1123

Recent Reviews

Kassa K.

Went to Krispy Kreme to pick up a few boxes for my coworkers in the front line. Super smooth and easy pick up. Got 2 dozen glazed donuts that made everyone happy. Thanks!

Nadir S.

Wow I was turned away from a curbside pickup because I didnt have a mask but my face was covered with a shirt. I didnt even go inside but they said no. No reason given. Totally NOT the spirit of the latest city rules either. Fix it. Time for me find other better options in the city.

Karen Kuang

I went to this place last Monday before I go to work. The girl worked at the window handed me a box of freshly made/ still warm donuts with a very big smile- yes I can tell she was smiling even with the mask on! She sure brighten my day- whenever I am working with patients I always recall that beautiful

Sunshine M.

Nurses love FREE donuts! Thanks KK for your free donuts on Monday for healthcare pros! Came here on a rainy San Francisco Monday-and the staff inside was all smiles. Bought a dozen got another free! Thanks!

Lex C.

Krispy Kreme is so tasty that I ordered a dozen for myself. I have a very specific taste when it comes to sweets but this hits the spot every single time. I love you KK!!

Mark Carter

Great, clean store. Huge selection of yummy doughnuts. You can even watch them making doughnuts.

Miguel Sandoval

Nice coffe shop to visit, you'll find donuts of every flavour and shape you would imagine. When the weather is cold this would be a good place to visit and have a break after a long walk around the city.

Thomas V

This place has a lot of devoted fans, but I am not one of them. The quality is OK and the flavors are good, but the food is all sugar, not healthy.

Andew B.

Best donuts near the SF bay. Great deletion, amazing customer service, and wonderful store front. I highly recommend. Definitely a great experience! Thank you!

Tammy V.

Great Doughnuts- Crappy Coffee- Good Hot Chocolate. good place to stop and take a break from walking the pier.

Sotto V.

On a trip to Fisherman's Wharf, we had breakfast at this beautiful Krispy Kreme. The donuts are on the smaller size; therefore, it lessens the guilt of having this kind of breakfast. It was wonderfully delicious. We also had a great time watching the donut making process from the dough, fried, then coated with sugar. This place is big, airy, and has plenty of seating room everywhere.

Howard H.

SF surprisingly (well at least to me) has an inordinate amount of donut shops, be it chain or mom and pop. Krispy Kreme here seems to be quite popular and this location is located on the strip between Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square and next to the ubiquitous In-N-Out. This location is large, clean and has the famed hot light. That means you can get the fresh donuts hot off the belt. It also has a bunch of KK merch which was fun for the kids. Of course the donuts are excellent and spot on so that's settled. As someone from NYC, I can't wait until Krispy Kreme makes its return later this year to our fair city. SF, you just don't know how good you got it. Super thumbs up.

Neil Conradie

Product is unquestionable but at twice the price? I think it is overrated. They have slightly crossed the line of value for money.


We stumbled upon this huge store near our hotel on our first morning and it was perfect for breakfast. Getting to watch doughnuts being made and glazed was a bonus

Halle B.

It's huge inside don't let the front of the building fool you! They have a very wide selection of doughnuts, lots of yummy special ones that you can't get anywhere else! Fast and prompt service which is nice because people stopping by for doughnuts is normally in a rush! I love Krispy Kreme the doughnuts never disappoint!!


You can't go away without getting a dozen donuts " To Live For " ! Wonderful assortment of Freshly made donuts .... Eat Them Immediately ....l There not as good the next day !!!

Wil Michael

Mmm yummy. I always love some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and this awesome location makes them even better. The best are the glazed doughnuts and if you are looking for something special get the raspberry or lemon filling.

Esdras Lopez

I've never regretted coming here. Try the mini donuts. I couldn't try them because their sugar content was too low, but in theory they should help your diet ?

Marion NYC

Who likes Donut? If you like donuts this place is the place to go. Amazing donuts and tons of options! The facilities are clean. Staff is helpful even when you go in very early :) definitely check this place out when you’re in Fisherman’s Wharf. Surprisingly the coffee was good too.

Matthew Bodaly

Donuts and coffee

Douglas Fritz

Fun to visit the country's largest Krispy Kreme. Doughnuts. Product was super fresh.

Summer Sims

Our kids loved seeing the process of how the donuts were being made. The whole shop was decorated in Christmas still. The only downfall was the donuts were a little stale. The best donut was the strawberry with sprinkles you could actually taste the strawberry which was amazing. They do need to keep up on wiping down the tables we went in during an off hour and it seemed that they struggled to keep the tables cleaned.

Emily C.

Krispy Kreme has a special place in my heart and I'm grateful that there's a location in the city!! I've been known to walk all the way from Japantown to Fisherman's Wharf just to get my hands on a sweet, sweet doughnut. This location is massive and there are doughnuts as far as the eye can see. I believe it's actually the largest location in the world! It's ultimately a tourist trap (what isn't in Fisherman's Wharf??) but I highly recommend nonetheless.

Jennifer Chow

They charged us for four donuts and didn't even tell us there was a deal if we buy 3 or 6! The donuts were still good as usual, but I wish the cashier had said something...

Maggie Cortada

Good service very clean place. The donuts were cold. Big space lots of tables to eat in.

Nand Ramchandani

Based in fisherman's walf in San Francisco. A very large sized krispy Kreme. Extremely clean. Tons of space to eat inside and a takeout kiosk makes this one of the fastest service krispy Kreme. Service excellent. Staff are great and the product. Well their products is know internationally.

Heidi Buckley

The smell of a sugar rush greeted us as we entered the building. Love the dougnuts.

R K Harvey

The food was so savory. Definitely worth going back to. Feels similar to a restaurant in New York I liked.

Yolanda Sullivan

Super savory. I'll return with my friends. This place has a good design.

Rachael E

Food was so appetizing. Fast and courteous service. It has an awesome feel to it.

Eddy M.

Donuts were soft sugary and delicious! An asian male ( I think he might've been manager?) helped me and a friend of mine with some problems we were having with our rewards app. It was really nice of him. The store was very clean and overall it was a great experience. Nothing beats the original glazed!

maria waller

i give this spot two thumbs up. really nothing but good experiences here. prices were fair.

Safia B.

Krispy Kreme is a chain but if you are visiting SF, at the Fisherman's wharf and never tried it. Besides if you are hungry from all the walking you did, you must stop by the supposedly biggest Krispy Kreme store in the country. The maple glazed is my favorite and I recently tried the apple pie one and it was very good!

Scott Vandeslunt

I hate this place... It's the worst. Don't go there and eat my doughnuts... You wouldn't like them. (okay, that's a lie... The only thing I don't like here is myself after eating multiple doughnuts. Will power at 20% and... filling)

دحيم الاطخم

Very clean shop fresh doughnuts, but it took a bit of time to order, maybe because it was Saturday

Heather Bradford

I was there the other day and the lady there seen that I was waiting to place an order and she Continuously playing or texting on her phone for like 5 minutes I waited and then I asked for a frozen Latte and they didn't have it so no I wasn't happy

Teddy N.

Dropped by here post-half marathon. It's apparently the biggest Krispy Kreme in the world, which is kinda cool. Its definitely larger than your average Krispy Kreme, but isn't mind blowing. You do get a full window view into the back room where the donuts are actually made which is cool! The donuts themselves? Quite amazing - light, fluffy, delicious. Way better than Dunkin' Donuts. Three Key Takeaways: Donuts, Donuts, better than Dunkin' Donuts

Bayani Mills

Donuts aren’t that fresh late at night.

Mike G

I get to grab a Krispy Kreme donut anytime that I'm in the States. This store did not disappoint. Somebody in line mentioned that is one of the largest stores in the USA. Cool if its true.


All I can say is WOW. Why wouldn't you come to San Francisco if just to come to Krispy Kreme. Nice and convenient location.