La Taqueria

2889 Mission St, San Francisco
(415) 285-7117

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Annie W.

How dare they not add
Rice into their burritos
Seems quite blasphemous

But wait, it all works
Did not miss the rice at all
My fave burrito

Prescott B.

I ordered the regular steak burrito "Dorado style"

I was in the area in the midst of covid, it was the perfect time for me to try the hype, no lines and short wait. Welp, I have to say it certainly didn't reach my level of expectations based on everyones hype in the reviews. Although, i did enjoy the steak which was seasoned very well, however this burrito is definitely not for me. For one i felt like it had a lack of texture as every bite was smushy and wet to the feel. 2nd I would prefer to have an option to add rice to give the texture some balance, neither the regular or the super comes with Rice. The salsa i enjoyed which had a nice touch of heat.

Best part of all the price is fair and inexpensive.

I'll try the tacos next time if i am in the area and update my review.

Jeff P.

This place slaps!! It's all about the dorado style burrito, a little under appreciated way to make your burrito fire!! I love going here and always get the horchata, because it goes. They move really fast and make super authentic food. Muchísimas gracias!!

Lawrence C.

I have to say, this is probably one of the best burrito places that I've been to in the Bay Area so far. The restaurant itself is pretty small and the line is always super long every time I've been here, but that's only a testament to the popularity of the place. During pre-covid times, it can get pretty hectic so make sure you get a seat or find a place to eat it outside.

   For the burrito, remember to get it El-Dorado style since that is where they will toast the outside so that it's crispy when you're eating it. I usually get the carnitas burrito, which is always super flavorful and savory. The sauces and meat combined with the El-Dorado style crisp makes this such a great burrito, with only El Farolito being the other place that I've seen do the El-Dorado style. It's a bit on the pricier side, but for the taste and the decent portion size it's definitely worth trying.

Overall, I would definitely recommend coming here if you want to check out great burritos in SF!

Danny L.

Dear La Taqueria,

I'm thinking about you right now. Oh man, this place is definitely a staples in SF.

One of the most highest quality taqueria I've ever ate without having any bubble guts. High fresh quality ingredients and pack with protein. I don't know too much taqueria that gives you HELLA protein and no rice.

La Taqueria definitely wins.

Danny L.

Make sure you get your burrito el dorado style! My friend didn't and let's just say he looked very jealous when he saw my burrito vs his. The burrito is a bit on the smaller end which is why I deducted 1 star but it is really tasty and has a good amount of meat inside. I also tried the super crispy taco which is almost the size of the burrito (which it should be costing at +$7). The super crispy taco has crispy corn tortilla covered with a regular corn tortilla stuffed with meat and the works. The strawberry Fresca was perfectly sweet with bits of strawberry inside. Overall the meal was great but a bit more on the expensive side for Mexican food. I personally prefer El Farolito down the street but would definitely give this place a go once in a while.

Rainey C.

The burritos here are solid! They are fat and they definitely don't skimp on the meat. I couldn't finish the burrito in 1 sitting and split it between 2 meals instead. Felt the burrito had a little too much rice, that's the only thing I would change about the food.

However, service was a little slow, and we questioned why the people that ordered after us were able to get their food before us. They are also cash only, but if you don't have cash on you, you can get it from their ATM for of course, a little extra fee. Parking in the area is street parking, you might have to circle around a couple times if the area is busy.

Annuschka B.

I think I got unlucky with my visit. Several people have recommended La Taqueria to me but unfortunately my order was switched up with someone else's - so instead of the carnita super burrito dorado style, I got a carne asada non dorado.

First the good - the carne asada was soft and juicy. I really liked the pico that comes in the super burrito. And I appreciate that there is no rice! So you can eat the whole burrito but not feel overly full or look forward to soggy burrito leftovers the next day.

The big con - besides getting the wrong meat filling - was the non dorado preparation! I was soo excited to try this. Instead of getting a toasty burrito, the one I got had an overly soft wrap and almost cold filling. It was so sad and felt like they took the tortilla straight out of the fridge and filled it with toppings from the counter, and not the grill.

I will be back, because the quality was good. And because of expectation. I'm sure I just got unlucky!

Covid: order at the entrance (plexiglass set up) or call ahead. If calling ahead, there's a separate pick-up window. Wait outside for your order number to be called out.
Food: 3/5
Value: 3/5
Quality/consistency: 3/5
Service: 3/5

Ryan S.

I thought el Farolito was my favorite burrito, but after having la taqueria the farolito is now my second favorite. Order the carnitas burrito dorado style (charred tortilla) with the carnitas extra crispy. The salsa verde is excellent. Simple ingredients prepared perfectly. Then order the super taco dorado with extra crispy carnitas... both are incredible!!! Also both are often on lists for the best burrito and taco in the country, they don't disappoint

Deborah Y.

This is the spot for burrito lovers! La Taqueria has the best meat that I have ever tasted in a burrito and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that these burritos are juicy! The meat is so full of flavor and meat juices just seep into the entire burrito making it one of the best that I have had in California. Most San Franciscans I know prefer to go to El Farolito but honestly, they are just such different burritos that I don't think you can even compare the two. But just to summarize for you, the main differences are that this one is much juicier but smaller in comparison. Also, note that there is no rice in these burritos.

I came on a Wednesday for lunch and got the carnitas super burrito and my boyfriend got the carne asada burrito, both dorado style. Although the line and wait were long, it was worth it! I have had their tacos before but their burritos always looked so amazing. The burritos came out hot and the tortilla was not too thick which was perfect as we didn't really reach the "food coma" state after devouring our lunch.

The carnitas was amazing and not oily or fatty, instead, it was pure flavor and meat juices. The guacamole was fresh and tasted like real avocado, unlike some other places that try to dilute the avocados with other flavors and add-ins. Also, I loved their pico de gallo because it looked freshly chopped and tasted great. The carne asada tasted like a good steak which is usually not the case in burritos because they tend to be overcooked, dry, and flavorless.  We really enjoyed both types of meat and can't wait to come back for more deliciously juicy and mouthwatering burritos.

They do take credit cards now but there is a fee for using a card instead of cash. Parking is difficult but if you don't mind walking a few blocks then it's not too bad during the weekdays. Just be prepared to wait in line to order since there are usually both locals and tourists on-site waiting La Taqueria's delicious eats.

Nitin M.

La Taqueria is hands down one of the best taquerias in the mission and in San Francisco. But, is their burrito the BEST? Read more below:


I've had farolito many times and la taq once. They're both 5/5. but I don't think one is better than the other.

Farolito is your big loaded fantastic burrito with everything you want and lots of flavor, an amazing tortilla, and a perfect burrito fold. La taq is more lean. More meat, no rice. High quality ingredients with a lot of flavor also. La taq does the "dorado style" (pan frying) sooooo good (better than Farolito does) and has better sauce.

I'd say Farolito, for when you're really hungry and want big and flavorful burrito. La taq for when you want something more lean and clean. Both are super tasty and high quality. Price is similar, but el Farolito is a couple bucks cheaper.

Other details about La Taq
- covid safe and clean
- great for takeout during covid
- efficient staff and team
- good beer selection
- expensive. Like $13 for a super burrito compared to $9-$10 at other local taquerias

Elvita Magana

Hi everyone. I came here today because they say it's a popular place to eat here.Well on my end the burrito was ok. From 1 thru 10, I give it a 7. Everyone has different taste buds. I was expecting more. Yes it's pricey and the size of the Super Burrito is not to big. The flavor of the meat itself isn't that bad. Go on, and try it for yourself. And see your taste buds.


Amazing, flavorful, and juicy burritos!!! I don't even get the super burritos (even though I LOVE cheese and guac... darn you diet!!), so the fact that I still enjoy their regular burritos is a testament to how flavorful their food is. I've tried steak and pork and honestly both are great... but go with steak! Sadly, much too pricey for its size and ingredients.

Emily Perry

I am happy that this place is observing a proper sanitation. I like the ambience and the service! Food and prices are worthy too!

Eden Harris

Amazing super veggie burrito. Best burritos and quesadillas I've had in my life. This place is amazing, so expect it to be busy when you go!

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