La Taqueria

2889 Mission St, San Francisco
(415) 285-7117

Recent Reviews

Thibault P.

Que rico ! Be ready to wait to get your delicious Tacos, Burritos or Quesadillas. It's worth it !!

Ernest S.

I have been to La Taqueria for like ever.... My and my father have ate in this place for like 25 years. Not the typical asian family! To keep it short and simple. I personally never like the super add on because it taste different from the original. It taste better original. I prefer carne asada, add extra meat and avocado. Also ask them to do it durago style makes the outside a bit more crispy. They have really good chips and salsa with guac, and their fruit drinks are quite bomb. I prefer cantaloupe, sandia (watermelon), frecas (strawberry), tangerine is pretty good too. The rest seem a bit sweet to me, but still try it. Cons: Cash Only Chaotic lines. Sometimes it become a long anaconda, where we need to go zig zagging around. Phone order could take forever. Nevertheless still worth it.

Randy Shelton

Forget about the "best burrito" thing. The grilled burrito is great but La Taqueria has always been better known by locals for the best tacos in the city. Order "crispy" with cheese and add guacamole. Prices are a little high and the line can be long but guess what, it's a family owned business run by amazing people. Definitely worth a visit. I won't stand in line for many restaurants, but this is one of them.

Kasandra Gabriel

Come here for a mission burrito!! It was fabulous, AND they have Agua Fresca! I’m from Colorado and we take our Mexican food seriously. This place did not disappoint.

Lucy P.

One of the best burritos I've ever had, hands down. You can tell how fresh the burritos are by how hot the foil wrapping the burrito is when you get your food. You can get the most basic burrito this place offers and it'll still be amazing. Line moves quickly, food is prepared quickly, and thankfully tables turnover quickly. They only accept cash so be sure to have some on you!! Staff are friendly as well, despite how busy it gets :) Even with the people waiting in line and constant orders flowing in, I could immediately grab the attention of someone in the open kitchen and ask for a cup of water. Pros: - Burritos. are. so. good. Worth the hype - Lots of tables and seating; offers some outdoor seating - Sweet staff Cons: - Cash only - There can be a wait, especially in the evenings - Costs extra to add cheese, sour cream, avocado, pick de gallo, etc.

Heather Jolly

Very popular place so be prepared to wait. Line moves quickly. Tables are shared. Have some vegetarian and vegan options. Easy walk from BART. Parking in neighborhood can be challenging.

Irene Hansen

One of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the desert. We first came upon La Taqueria last year & we have been coming to Rancho Mirage for the past 13 years. We looked forward to going back & it was as good as ever. Delicious Chips & Salsa.


Stopped by on a Saturday night, worth the wait in line, even in the cold. The carne asada was delicious and the tacos were in good portions. Nachos were good too!

Joey L.

I had the Super Burrito w/ beef at La Taqueria, and it was perhaps the best burrito I've ever had. The burrito wasn't filled with a lot of rice, which sets it apart from most of the burritos out there. There are seats inside and outside, but the place was packed! We were already prepared for this though and placed an order for takeout. Just be aware that this is one of those Cash Only places though.

Tara Scogin

Fantastic food. Don’t let the line overwhelm you, it goes quick. Just try to snag a table and have a friend order for you. It’s cash only too but there’s an atm. I think the steak quesadilla was actually better than my chicken burrito, but both were fantastic. The chips and guacamole were the highlight though. I’d get the burrito fried next time! Huge portions, could probably split with someone easily.

Elaine Y.

Funny reading old reviews and thinking to myself "what was I thinking?!" It admittedly has been about 7 years since I've been to La Tacqueria but my experience tonight was really quite a delicious experience. My friends and I all enjoyed our choices and it was a wonderful reunion with La Tacqueria. Ordered a chicken super burrito dorado (grilled) and oh my tastebuds was it delicious. First the meat was super tender and the cheese was ultra gooey - delish! Second, I absolutely loved that there was no rice. Usually with a super burrito, I'm done and uncomfortably full halfway but at La Tacqueria, I was able to finish the whole super! Walking around a little after, I definitely felt it a little, but not uncomfortably so. Third, having the burrito grilled just made it so much better giving just a little extra texture/chew on the outside. Without it, I might have concluded the burrito to be soggy. While you have your meal, I highly recommend adding the salsa verde on the table - definitely brought it to the next level in my opinion.

Rita W.

A couple coworkers and I took a "field trip" out to La Taqueria during out lunch break one day, and most of the trip was spent waiting inside for our food. Not much issue there, but was it worth the wait? All 3 of us said no. We each ordered different burritos - one super burrito with chicken, one veggie super burrito, and one regular burrito with carnitas and cheese. Maybe we should have gotten the asada - seemed to be the right thing to order that day based off of what we saw. Regular burritos come with the meat of choice, beans, and pico de gallo. Super adds in cheese, sour cream, and avocado. The chicken wasn't really flavorful (was explained that it was more of boiled chicken, so healthier?) and the super chicken burrito didn't really stand out compared to other burritos in the city. The carnitas was one-note and didn't have the various textures flavors as other carnitas my coworker has had. Disappointment. I tried their veggie super burrito and I liked half the burrito a lot more than the other half. The half where the cheese is concentrated (big slice, toasted with the tortilla) was the amazing half. That bit was full of flavor and had a great silght-crisp texture to it. The other half was a bit soggy, just full of beans. The parts with the avocado was great too. Chunky bits of avocado, kept its green color throughout, even after the BART ride back to the office. Overall, it was a solid burrito, but didn't really stand out to any of us. I did really enjoy the cheesy parts and the avocado. If I do come back here, I'll try their asada (super) and possibly one or 2 of their tacos. Those looked amazing and it seemed it took less time for people to get their tacos compared to the burritos. Also, I'll know how the lines work the second time around. Supposedly you're supposed to look for someone with a pad and pen or pencil (line up there, since there were a lot of lines for other stuff (food, etc)), and tell the person what you'd like to order. Then she gives you the paper of your order and you hand that over to the cashier. The cashier takes the main part of the paper and gives you your number after collecting payment. CASH ONLY! Then you wait wherever in the store until they call your number. Assuming you're standing in front of the menu, the tacos are made on the left side and the burritos are made on the right side. The numbers may or may not go in any order as some may be placed on one side and not the other, etc. The burrito line was painfully slow (we waited 30 mins!) and there could be long pauses between numbers.

Jack A.

Woah okay.. dare I say the beat Mexican food in San Francisco. Don't disown me San Diego, we still have the best Cali's in California

Matt D.

Came here partly due to the hype, and partly due to the fact they don't put rice in their burritos. I like that philosophy, as it should allow more space for the good stuff like meat, but everything was just so...bland. I understand they try to keep it simple and authentic, but the burrito just lacked that little something that makes an awesome burrito greater than the sum of its parts. I got a regular carne asada burrito with avocado, and a side of chips and salsa. Definitely minus 1 star for having avocado instead of guacamole, which is 1000x better. The meat and beans were okay, but didn't taste spiced or marinated or anything. Also, WTF is up with their chips and salsa? First off, when I order chips and salsa I'm expecting real salsa that the chips can be dipped into, not just pico de gallo. Second, why would you just dump the pico all over the chips, making them soggy? Not really sure why this place has the hype it does, as IMO there are much more flavorful 'rito options in the Mission (Pancho Villa and La Cumbre come to mind).

cindy dikoume

Best Mexican joint I have been in so far. Ever since moving to San Fran, it’s all I have been eating. Burritos, burritos burritos. They have the best burritos oh my gosh. I would highly recommend. Every time I think about this place my mouth just waters. Also, I was lucky enough to go there multiple times and finding out that it was not super duper busy.

Isabel Milton

It was time that we wanted to try this place.

Martin Caruso

Best burrito I've had in San Francisco. Unfortunately they don't have my favorite, Al pastor but the carne asada is amazing. No lettuce available for the burritos either which is odd to me. The ingredients are all great, very high quality. Would recommend anyone visiting to stop by. Area around feels safe during the day.

Jake Puzycki

My friend Israel (pictured below) and I were so pumped to try the "best burrito in the country". Honestly, the steak quesadilla was way better.

Kamil Hakim

Very authentic food in the heart of a Latin community. Last star will be received when they start accepting cards! I can recommend the tacos with plus size with beef and sausage. If you take two in total the that should suffice for most people.

Andrew S.

This place is all about the burritos and definitely the most buzzy place you can go. If you're from out of town and want to try a burrito on mission that people will recognize than this is the spot. What I love, they don't put rice in burritos. This keeps them manageable in size. You could eat two if you're a champ like me. It's all about the chicken and pork and meats meats meats if you know what I mean. They are consistently good burritos and you won't ever be disappointed with the food. What I don't love, this place is so "known" that it always has a line and it's definitely sold its soul to the devil. Flat screens menus behind the counter, where's the "featured on DD&D or Adam Richman gave us a 10!" posters, they gotta be here somewhere. Oh and the prices are on the move. Look the food is good and they know it, we know it. I once told my friend this place is overrated (and it is) but that it's still one of the best burritos anywhere. That may not make sense to most but go here a few times and you'll get what i mean. Finally, last time I was here was for a Andrew Super Tour where we focused on tacos. If you can believe it I got two tacos and NO burrito. Tacos here are huge, you should get one and judge for yourself. They don't match the burritos but they are not average by any means.

Tanesha_Bay_Tropics J.

I looove that there is no rice in the burrito. The chicken super burrito is soooo juicy! Try the salsa verde located on the tables! So flavorful! Food is ready fairly fast. Finding a seat on a busy day is the hard part. Horchata is refreshing! Chips avocado and salsa is a must! Cassssshhhh onnnlllyyyy


Was in town so I grabbed a taco here since I’d heard good things. Didn’t disappoint. Wasn’t overly impressed with the food in San Fran but this place was great.

Brianna E.

I am a California native- specific to the Bay Area and as you know that implies that I have MANY choices to choose from to get my Mexican food fix. I tried this restaurant with my mother-in-law whom has been going here for years and my only question to her was why hadn't she brought me here sooner. This was hands down the best burrito that I've had in a very long time. The grilled chicken super burrito is superb. Whew. I honestly don't even want to go too much in depth with this review because that's all that you really need to know! The only downside is that you cannot call to order ahead and there's usually a line. Sometimes a long line. But I wouldn't lie to you when I tell you that it's well worth it.


Loved it! Even though the line looks long, it goes by really quick. I got the carne asada super burrito. I love how this place doesn't feel greasy at all. The meat was the best part and very well seasoned. The tortilla was also really good. It's nice and soft and not chewy. The other parts of the burrito taste pretty standard. Would definitely come here again but parking is really limited.

Marni M.

Shared a beef tongue and chicken taco with my boyfriend. Considering their size it was like sharing 3 tacos since they were both supreme (plus cheese, sour cream and guacamole). We have a soft and hard shell for both tacos. The chicken was so moist as it seemed to have been marinated and the beef tongue was so tender. Absolutely perfect!

Jennifer C.

The burrito from here is literally the best burrito I've experienced. Everything about it was so wholesome. I felt so blissful with every bite. The tortilla they use on the burritos is so incredibly soft and almost pillowy but not. It's also really thin but strong enough to hold the contents together. It's what makes the burrito so special! You can really taste the freshness in the tortilla. The meat inside was pretty tender and and the toppings tied the whole burrito together. The burrito is small and pricey but it tastes like quality. There is a line but it moves fairly quickly. There's a lot of seating so you'll most likely get a spot once your food is ready. It's also cash only, so be prepared!

Matthew Perry

The menu and service were ahead of our expectations. I absolutely loved the vibes of this place. Awesome place to take the family out for lunch.

Justin L.

La Taqueria is one of the most famous taquerias in the US, spawning legions of followers and influencing various other restaurants (ie: Dos Toros in NYC). California-style Mexican food is certainly amazing even compared to its mother cuisine, so visiting SF I wasn't passing up the chance to try the best of the best. We went at lunchtime because we heard lines were worse at dinner; there was still a line to the door, however it moved very fast. The inside was exactly what I would expect from a taqueria back home: loud, clean for the most part, lots of smells, and a very well worn space. Counter staff was friendly and organized despite the craziness. Getting a seat was also ok, as people were courteous enough to move along when others needed a seat. I ordered a carne asada super burrito and an order or tortilla chips with guacamole. The burrito was surprisingly balanced rather than some of the gut busters I've had, with a nice balance of ingredients on a quality tortilla. I got mine Dorado style, which has it cooked on the grill--this turns the burrito effectively into a grilled cheese. That was by far my favorite part of the burrito, even if it might've made it slightly oily. Maybe it wasn't the absolute best burrito I've had, but it was definitely up there. The blackened chili peppers were a nice touch as well. The tortilla chips were even better. They were perfectly fired, fresh crisps of goodness. The guacamole was super simple but very good and a generous portion. Paired with the salsas (roja and verde, along with pico de gallo) this made for a hearty and spicy lunch. Luckily I got horchata which did its job well as a spice killer. Would definitely try La Taqueria again next time I'm in town. There's a hell of a lot of history here. Kudos to the owners for not cashing in on their fame, and for continuing to be a stable of the community over here. This place is the real article.

Dhanya Ganesh

Amazing quesadillas. Taco was pretty good. The whole place has a hole-in-the-wall vibe to it and feels authentic.

Jodie M.

La Taqueria was featured in one travel foodie channel and it claimed that it's the #1 burrito to try in San Francisco. I've lived in SF and I regret not going here sooner. They are known for their mission-style burritos which means no rice. El Dorado style is a must especially if you want the burrito to be quesadilla-like crispy. I know this is legit because it wasn't even 11am on a Sunday (their usual opening time) and there were about 25 people standing outside in line. People swarmed to save the tables as soon as it opened, and went straight to the cashier. So the way it goes is you pay first to order, they give you a number, and wait for your # to be called. This is a cash-only establishment so make sure you bring at least $20. I had the carne asada burrito and it was nothing I have ever tasted before. Make sure to get it Super so they add all the 3 cheeses, sour cream and avocado. It costs me about $13 for the burrito alone so bring more than $20 cash if you want to order more. If ever i have visiting friends out of town, I would definitely bring them here

Amanda H.

After coming from Mexican food-deprived Seattle, we were so excited to visit La Taqueria again! They are famous for their mission-style burritos here (which basically means no rice but still comes with the classic meat, beans, pico). I typically order the "super" carne asada burrito. "Super" comes with cheese blend, sour cream, and avocado. Make sure to get it El Dorado style, which means that they toss it on the grill before serving, giving the burrito a quesadilla like crisp. Ugh so flavorful, juicy, delicious, and filling. Plenty of meat and generous with the avocado. Cash only, comes out to around $13-14 a burrito including tax. The green hot sauce is spicy and oh so good. We came Saturday morning at 11:40am and there was no line. Always a pleasure to look forward to whenever I'm in Mission!

Kevin D.

Wow! What a pleasant surprise. I wanted to try a New Mexican place in the city and boy am I glad I decided to come here. The tacos are huge! I got a carnitas taco and a chorizo taco. The carnitas was ok, would recommend getting the chorizo though! Super flavorful. One thing to note this place doesn't have al pastor! We also got a carne asada super burrito and that was the best for me. The carne asada was a soooo juicy! Something that bothered me at first was how soft the tortillla is but I soon got used to it. ALSO, this place was awarded the James Beard award (one of the best food awards outside of Michelin stars)!!!

Jessica Lu

The line was long and out the door, but if it’s a nice day that shouldn’t be a reason to not eat here! I had the chips with salsa & guac and lengua tacos which was all super tasty. There was a live mariachi band when I went, and the cashier gave out roses which is a nice touch. This place is CASH ONLY

Madeline Field

It's rightfully a legend run by amazing people. Be sure and order your burrito grilled for extra texture and flavor.

Warren K.

La taqueria has been serving some of the best Mexican food in the Bay Area for years. I have been coming here for what is in my opinion the best tacos I have ever had. I gave La Taqueria 4 stars because I was disappointed with my last visit has the tacos were not how I remembered them. But despite that this place serves up the freshest high quality ingredients and they keep it simple. But if you go here your most likely gonna have to hunt for a seat and it may be chaotic inside the restaurant has this place gets packed. Check this place out if you want some of the best tacos in the Bay!

Chyna C.

Bring your cash and your appetite! Eat a bit of SF history at La Taqueria - who knew that the popular Chipotle-style burritos we are all accustomed to were invented in the Mission district in the 1960s? La Taqueria on Mission St made our #10 on our Top 10 Must Eats in SF (check out our YouTube channel two BIG bites for the vid). A dorado style carne asada burrito with avocado - yes please!!

Samantha D.

Came on a Wednesday afternoon at around 2pm. Despite the rain, and it being a little bit later during the lunch period there was still quite a line. Definitely one of my favorite burrito experiences. I got the regular carne asada burrito with avocado and dorado style, in which they basically grill the burrito after it's been assembled. It was amazing. The tortilla reminded me of a thinner version of naan bread after the grilling. The carne asada was tender, and the burrito overall was so delicious. The burrito was super filling as well. It got a little bit messy as I was eating it as the were running out. The atmosphere is nice, very cozy. The owner was friendly, talked to people in line and asked people how they were enjoying their food. The place is cash only. It's self-seating. You grab your food when your number is called at one of the stations. Throw away your trash yourself.


We did enjoy our burritos here but just wasn’t as good as El Farolito. Overall still recommend the wait in line for it.

Jeanette Jane G.

Tacos here are legit! I always go for some tacos dorados (hard tacos) and I recommend you get all the fixings! You may be in a good coma afterwards and it will be worth it. The place is always lively and getting a seat will be hard, yet you cannot pass up the wait!

Ayush Sinha

Great affordable food. SF people claim it as the best Mexican place in town. However, I wasn't blown away by the tacos. Cash only though :/