Mason Liquor

530 Mason St, San Francisco
(415) 956-8976

Recent Reviews

Justin Do

Do not come here. 60$ for a fifth of espolon. Insanely overpriced.

Tara T.

I studdered a bit. I don't drink very much. I was having a rough day of grief. I wanted one can of cider. The cashier (Saturday, June 10th) said I was too drunk to buy one single beer?? I was not asked for my I D. I also have proof of disability, the cashier would not allow me to show him. I guess I am too autistic to shop here...

Scott F.

A block from our hotel makes it easy for us to stop for a bottle of wine and the fixings for an impromptu picnic on the roof top terrace. Several selections of cheese and salami are here along with many other things to enjoy. A great addition to any neighborhood.

Chuck Northrop

Almost adequate selection of beers, booze and wine (severely lacking beer variety)

John S.

$30 for a 12pack shame on you for charging and shame on me for buying. This place is a total rip off Reid other yelp reviews before making your selection. Having no prices on items when you come and Leeds to misrepresentation.

your daddy

The place is clean, as far as prices go. This is SF people I mean they are reasonable considering the location. I mean you are half a block away from union square, plus I shopped around. Most liquor stores around are about the same price. The lady working there was very nice and helped us pick out a bottle of wine for our anniversary. They have rare expensive wine bottles that you can't find just about anywhere. I recommend it.

Kamila Rumjan

Extremely overpriced!!

Isaiah Ardina

Seems like these reviewers hit it right on the button. No class. No decency of prices. No hospitality. Jesus Christ.

Cynthia S.

Too expensive. Depending who you are they will charge you more. In the morning it's a 5 dollar minimum for your card in the afternoon it's 10. I tried buying some pills that cost 1.00 for 2 pills and a also got a pack with 4 pills for 4.00. When I realized the small pack of pills cost 4 dollars I asked her to take off the 4 pack when doing that my new total was 3.50. She litterally raised the price of the pills right in front of me. THEY ARE RIDICULOUS! DO NOT COME HERE!

Amit Uchil

This place is more of a corner store selling liquor rather than a real liquor store. The store is small and cramped. As a tourist, we visited the place to buy some liquor (other than wine) that is unique to CA. We wanted some rum, vodka, bourbon or other alcohol that was unique to CA. This place didn't have a single item that was brewed in CA.

Brian Andersen

They've got what you need

Brandon Aki

Prices were OUTRAGEOUS!! You should probably stop by just to get a laugh–I did! Lol

Nebiyou S.

Will never go to this store ever again. They will absolutely rip you off on the price of alcohol. I realize that its at the heart of the city thus priced accordingly but the degree to which they will surge charge you is just ludicrous. STAY AWAY is an understatement.

Jon Robertson

Worst liquor store in SF hands down, and this is coming from a native with over 27 years living here. Everything is overpriced and they are extremely rude. STAY AWAY.

Maeve M.

Average and over priced selection and ridiculous credit card policy. Bought a $30 bottle of prosecco and paid with visa. On my way out the door I noticed bottles of water selling for $1.99 and asked to buy one. $10 credit card fee and the woman behind the counter had absolutely no interest in making any kind of accommodations: either letting me return the prosecco and purchase again with water or just letting me buy the water with a lower credit card fee. She also never got off the phone the entire time I was in the store.

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