582 Haight St, San Francisco
(415) 558-8019

Recent Reviews

A.S. Alonzo

Punk rock bar, except they replaced their old jukebox with a digital one and the selection sucks. Cash only, cheap prices.

Paul Funk

Rude bartenders. Terrible service.

Owen Miller

Great dive. Everyone is always welcoming and friendly. Great prices compared to most of sf.

Kevin Bruce

Love the hosts, b-tenders, and people that frequent this place - extremely diverse and inclusive. I really can't find the words to explain how welcome I feel when I come in. tysm!

Christopher Riddle

A dive bar indeed. Place where the patrons threw out a wearer of Google glasses. Pool, cheap drinks, outdoor seating.

carlos sepas

Great low key bar in lower Haight. Good pours . Good people. Cash only, hit the atm

Jane Burn

Excellent old school dive: not v friendly, dark, kinda dirty, older patrons. Don’t come in here w main character vibes. They have 2 pinball machines.

Jaztyne L.

EXTREMELY UNWELCOMING AND UNPLEASANT STAFF!!!! Was harrassed loudly by the security person at the door, the bartender, and several patrons consecutively in the 15 minutes my partner and I were in the space. WITHOUT EVEN CHECKING MY ID AND VERIFYING THAT I WAS OF AGE, I was yelled at made a spectacle of by the staff and the patrons for looking younger than they expect.

Jamie M.

Drinks are strong and cheap (even cheaper for happy hour) which pairs great with loud music. Entertainment consists of a pool table that sits in the back and pinball machine in the front. Low-key punk vibe with a lot of character but CASH ONLY.

Andrea Mogensen

Dark and edgy. Good prices. Cash only.

Rachelle Black

Had drinks here on Christmas Eve. Good music, friendly folks.

isaac harney

I don't want to tell you about this place, because I don't want it to be too crowded next time I go. This is a neighborhood bar for regulars. We loved it! Tip the bartenders generously, and make a point to be social with the locals if you go invade this space :)

Debi I.

Great ambiance. Good drink and place to chill. The bartender is great, she made a virgin margarita on request cause I don't drink but wanted to fit in lol (thanks babes). It's also pet friendly if you wanna bring your dog!!

Gavin McGee

Had a good time. Like the pinball and bartender

Chuck Stephanski

Great dive-ish bar. Still on the 'do not fly' list for certain bar wizards.

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