333 Jefferson St, San Francisco
(415) 346-9100

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Jeffrey T.

Horrible workers. I was trying to pay when one was complaining about previous customers. I have to repeat every step of my order 2-3x teach time because the workers keep having conversations or complaining about something. Won't be coming back anymore.

Dr Spoonivich

The air conditioning is wack my pp started to sweat


The server is not kind and she called other person during packing my sandwich.I don't understand her attitude. I will never come back this store never ever!

Stephen LIoyd

Great staff and great samwhichs

shersingh bisht


Chad Isnor

Service was quick. Ingredients were fresh and when I asked for some "extra" veggies they put on a generous amount. We were very happy with our order.


The worst subway I ever visited. Customer service is very bad. I hardly got water. No customers service.

Joe Silvas

The employees were rude and my steak and cheese wasn't fully cooked.

Anthony Prinze

Not much seating inside. But it's clean. It's a Subway sandwich, not much can go wrong.

Lynn Shin

I like their wholesome sandwiches but the vegetables can be more fresh!

Christian Junge

Convenient and consistent!

Joshua Feinman

A good fast food alternative. As usual the bread was fresh. Subway needs to start offering better veggie options and healthier dressings.

Leonardo S.

Worst Subway ever!! Nasty Unfriendly Very dirty No water for the customers Not recommended!!! Stay away!

Enrique B.

This is one of the worst subways I've been. The slowest workers ever, the floor was all messy, and bad customer service. Not worth it.

Oscar H.

If I could rate it negative stars, I would. I don't recall his name but he really took a break when there was only him and one other employee working. The whole is dirty. There was only 2 types of bread. Do they not have the time to make bread?

Reagan Franklin

Meatball sub was ok


Subway never disappoints! Purchased a sandwich here after a full day of sightseeing. Fast service and great sandwich!

Victor J.

The service we received was excellent! The lady was very friendly and made a nice healthy tuna melt for me! :-)

Gianni L.

This lady was on her phone in the back while we were waiting to be served. The only good thing out of this was that she was making the next sandwich when the other was being toasted. However, she was very rude to us & didn't even properly thank us or greet us goodbye. Very upsetting. Plus, we ate outside because we didn't feel comfortable eating inside and suddenly we start hearing screaming and arguing from inside. Maybe they should look for a new job instead of scaring off potential customers.

legind 5

It's okay very small could be better



333 Jefferson St, San Francisco, CA 94133