333 Jefferson St Suite B125, San Francisco
(415) 346-9100

Recent Reviews

Thomas V

We stopped here for the big sub sandwiches and took them away with us. There was a big selection and the quality was good enough.


The person making the sandwiches was an old man who clearly didn't want to be there. He was very aggressive and rude and I don't think I'll order from this specific place ever again (:

Binjee Rai

I don't care about service in Subway, but this older lady at cash is racist. I have never entitled this to anyone else but she differentiates her customer by their look. We asked for the code for restroom and told we were going to eat here. But she yelled "order first" to my brown skinned boyfriend.

Jackie C.

Never met a staff that was so opposed to making a sale. Avoid this rude staff! They obviously are allergic to money!

Lauren R.

I come here every other week and the staff here is just purposefully not friendly. They don't even say hi to you, they just stand there and wait for you to order. There is always a woman in the back doing something and not helping her coworker when the line is 7 or 8 people deep, which from a customer service standpoint should not be happening. Today my parking sticker that they gave me to validate parking was coming up as "invalid" when I scanned it so I had to reverse out of line, re-park, and walk back in. The woman in the back saw me come back in (I hadn't spoken to her at all earlier) and purposefully walked behind a pillar to try to hide herself. I work in customer service so I know she was trying to avoid helping guests so I said "excuse me can I ask you a question?" She moved to the side to look at me and didn't bother coming any closer. I told her the validation sticker didn't work and she said "it's not expired," followed by silence. I said, well who can I talk to? And she said "the parking guy." I told her there was no parking guy out there and that's why I came back, and she was silent. I said "okay...what can I do?" And she shrugged. I said "is there a number to call or an office?" And she said, you can go to Safeway. ?? I go to Safeway and explain the situation and in true Safeway fashion they were very nice and said that with the sticker Subway gave me I have to scan the original ticket first, then the Subway sticker (this is a different method than Safeway, where they just scan your original ticket and you're good to go). I thanked Safeway for helping me. It's ridiculous that the subway employees would be so painfully, purposely unhelpful and not know how their own validation stickers work. The woman who is always hanging out in the back and never making sandwiches should not have a job with customers.

Yu Chen

Here are only one employee working, and it’s too slow to order food, we are staving and have been waiting here for 20 mins, but we still waiting, the employee have to pickup phone calls and order foods.

Jaskarn P.

Very rudeness costumer service. Never gonna come back this place . Fuck this subway

Abgail Nidia Córdova

Food are good But the service was aweful AND the huy was rude

Ricardo Alfaro

Probably the best place to go for a quick bite if you work in the area or are strapped for cash. Be nice to staff they're busy, complicated orders should tip :p

Naveen Nagaraja

I feel the price at this place is expensive than other sub ways. They didnt honor the coupon and said we don't accept at this location. Not sure why even though they are authorized subway dealers.

Jasper van Duijnhoven

Staff speaks in sentences with one word only and the sandwiches are not what I'm used to from Subway

Lennart Benoot

Impolite and rude staff. Food handled roughly and without respect. Difficult to understand their questions (actually their barking). Sandwiches not insufficiently heated. Bad experience of the first class.

G berkey

Just found out they were in this location. $2.99 special sub was good

John Notte

Good as always! Workers are terrific, working in very hot conditions!

Jeffrey T.

Horrible workers. I was trying to pay when one was complaining about previous customers. I have to repeat every step of my order 2-3x teach time because the workers keep having conversations or complaining about something. Won't be coming back anymore.


The server is not kind and she called other person during packing my sandwich.I don't understand her attitude. I will never come back this store never ever!

Stellar Phenotype

Great staff and great samwhichs

Dr Spoonivich

The air conditioning is wack my pp started to sweat


The server is not kind and she called other person during packing my sandwich.I don't understand her attitude. I will never come back this store never ever!

Stephen LIoyd

Great staff and great samwhichs

shersingh bisht


Chad Isnor

Service was quick. Ingredients were fresh and when I asked for some "extra" veggies they put on a generous amount. We were very happy with our order.


The worst subway I ever visited. Customer service is very bad. I hardly got water. No customers service.

Joe Silvas

The employees were rude and my steak and cheese wasn't fully cooked.

Anthony Prinze

Not much seating inside. But it's clean. It's a Subway sandwich, not much can go wrong.

Lynn Shin

I like their wholesome sandwiches but the vegetables can be more fresh!

Christian Junge

Convenient and consistent!

Joshua Feinman

A good fast food alternative. As usual the bread was fresh. Subway needs to start offering better veggie options and healthier dressings.

Leonardo S.

Worst Subway ever!! Nasty Unfriendly Very dirty No water for the customers Not recommended!!! Stay away!

Enrique B.

This is one of the worst subways I've been. The slowest workers ever, the floor was all messy, and bad customer service. Not worth it.

Oscar H.

If I could rate it negative stars, I would. I don't recall his name but he really took a break when there was only him and one other employee working. The whole is dirty. There was only 2 types of bread. Do they not have the time to make bread?

Reagan Franklin

Meatball sub was ok


Subway never disappoints! Purchased a sandwich here after a full day of sightseeing. Fast service and great sandwich!

Victor J.

The service we received was excellent! The lady was very friendly and made a nice healthy tuna melt for me! :-)

Gianni L.

This lady was on her phone in the back while we were waiting to be served. The only good thing out of this was that she was making the next sandwich when the other was being toasted. However, she was very rude to us & didn't even properly thank us or greet us goodbye. Very upsetting. Plus, we ate outside because we didn't feel comfortable eating inside and suddenly we start hearing screaming and arguing from inside. Maybe they should look for a new job instead of scaring off potential customers.

legind 5

It's okay very small could be better


Sandwich was ok but not worth the long wait in line. The place needed to be cleaned up. Maybe we just hit it at its peak hours and they had a hard time keeping up.

Gabriel Bucur

Worst Subway i ever visited. I work nearby ao from time to time i eat there but like others said... Employee's are rude and sandwiches are poorly made and sometimes even when you clearly say what veggies you want they still get it wrong and become angry at you.


This is another chain restaurant with no flavor. Go to Lucca's on Chestnut for a real sandwhich. Trust me - you won't regret it!

Lisa O.

I wish I could give no stars. When you show up at 8:30pm and they close at 9pm. But they are already close. Bad customer service.