Wawona Gates Outdoor Dining with Full Bar (United Irish Cultural Center)

Parking lot, 2700 45th Ave, San Francisco
(415) 661-2700

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Dominic A.

Rigged events held there. Music too loud. Messes everywhere. Not tidy enough. One sided events for the locals.

I. W.

The music is too loud.I can hear it a block away.On voting day they had an extremely loud bible thumper screaming with amplification.Voting should be in a neutral setting.I reported them to the election part of San Francisco government. I will do a foloow up call to see what happened.They need to respect the people nearby.

Maureen Sweeney

Enjoyed Gasman and the Jimmy Buffet Tribute band. Sang. Margaritaville with band! So much fun!

B H.

#ROCKSTARS. My beautiful mother passed away and we needed a venue for a reception. Given that COVID restrictions haven't been fully lifted, it was a bit challenging. The Irish Center saved the day. They set up a venue tent with tables and chairs out back. Like any good Irish funeral/burial, many stories and some laughter had the service go later than expected. We called and gave them a heads up we would be an hour late...no problem. They gladly served appetizers to those that were there prior to the family's arrival. Anything my family asked for was "of course" and "no problem." The food was delicious and they kindly wrapped up and separated the leftovers for the family to take home. They had plenty of hand sanitizer and the staff wore masks. When celebrating the life of a extraordinary woman, it can and should only be held at a place that extends grace, kindness, and true care...The United Irish Cultural Center. Thank You!

Dennis McNamara

Great place!!

Thomas Smith

Love the music and the people

Roberta R.

Still no word yet on a memorial brick for my son. It has been a year and a half. I thought you were going to get back to me?

Sophia Tercero

I come here once a week with friends. It is fun, clean and well managed. The staff are volunteers who are cheerful and very accommodating. It's very well sanitized and Covid safe. The food and drinks are delicious. I've been to restaurants for outdoor dining but none have come close to the positive experience I have here and in the best neighborhood in San Francisco.

Tracey A.

Got lemons? Make lemonade. This must've been the thought that ran through the heads of those who run San Francisco's United Irish Cultural Center (UICC). With indoor dining and drinking on indefinite hold, the UICC turned their sizable outdoor parking lot into an attractive and welcoming beer garden. Finding myself in the Outer Sunset, the weather had me craving an Irish Coffee and after spotting Wawona Gates a snap decision was made; this would be my first bar visit since before the shelter-in-place orders of early March 2020. UICC has thrown open the gates to their parking lot and outfitted it with umbrella-adorned picnic tables, each placed a pandemically approved distance from the other. In the far corner sits a shipping container repurposed as a bar; this is where one goes to order drinks and food. A few steps away is an al fresco Irish Store featuring products one might want to consume with their drink or bring home to use in that evening's dinner preparation. The whole thing feels like a thoughtful response to the situation we all now find ourselves in and it was obvious that many of UICC's regulars are just happy that their favorite place is open. Weather in the Outer Sunset is perpetually chilly and foggy and doesn't naturally scream "beer garden" but bundle up and get the alcohol flowing and it's manageable. The food offerings seem particularly appropriate given the weather. On the afternoon of my visit they were serving hearty Spaghetti & Meatballs but past day's offerings have included Shepherd's Pie and Corned Beef Reubens. With Guiness on tap you can well imagine how satisfying this all might get. It is even more satisfying knowing how seriously the UICC is taking things. A woman manning the gates told me everything I needed to know about masks and distancing requirements then asked for my contact information. I assumed that would get me on the UICC mailing list for life but I assumed wrong: they were gathering this information for purposes of contact tracing, should that become necessary. I was impressed with the way they were managing our new reality. I didn't get a chance to eat at Wawona Gates but it was nice to once again enjoy a drink outside my home. Whether people will still want to drink outside in San Francisco mere blocks from the ocean when the pandemic is under control remains to be seen. For now though, Wawona Gates is a fun answer to the problem that is plaguing us all.

Moby W

We tried to go here and it is now closed. They open for special events and member occasions only. According to the very helpful person i talked to on the phone, they are closed for a year to reestablish their liquor and restaurant licenses from for-profit to non-profit. I think......... Pleas contact them and find out when they'll be opening again.

Guido D.

F.Y. I. The UICC bar and dining room are no longer open on a daily basis. It is now strictly an event center.

Barbra P.

My Church group has been doing business with UICC for 45 yrs or so and we always had a fine relationship until this month. We had a contract for an event in April and they told us prices were changed and basically, too bad. The prices they want are ridiculous and they did not even call us to let us know this was happening! They are charging a lot for very little. Service is awful so I would say, no loyalty and bad service, give it a miss.

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Wawona Gates Outdoor Dining with Full Bar (United Irish Cultural Center)

Parking lot, 2700 45th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 661-2700