Falafel's Drive In

2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose
(408) 294-7886

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Scott S.

I came here for a quick lunch and it was definitely quick. Unfortunately, the quality was uneven, and the value isn't great. I had a large gyro, an order of dolma, and a banana shake. My dining companion also ordered some stuff that I didn't try, and wow, the food was ready in less than 5 minutes. That was impressive. For $70 out the door though, I wasn't impressed. First, the gyro sandwich was small. It's a small pita, with a small amount of meat. And the meat is strangely mushy, without any texture. It's like soaked bread. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. The tahini taste is also very strong, which was kind of odd. Overall, it definitely wasn't worth it. The dolmas were good, served warm with the grape leaves still intact. I would definitely eat these again. The banana shake was ok, but nothing special. A bit watered down tasting, perhaps from low quality ice cream or frozen bananas? I don't know, I just know it also wasn't really worth it. If I was in the area again, I wouldn't come back. Parking is annoying as there isn't much even on the street. But they do take credit cards with a $10 minimum, so there's that.

Paula B.

I'm so bummed. We drove for 25 min to get Falafelsanswiches , as we do about once a month. I ordered 1 small and 2 LG sandwiches. Sadly mine , the small one was on the bottom. When we got home it was just a soggy mushy mess. Pitta just wet and falling apart, falafel crumbling all over the table. I could not eat it. Then the LG sandwich people, who are BIG people tried to give me some of theirs which I refused. Now everyone is uncomfortable because I was the one who was "starving" / yet not eating yet I convinced everyone to drive to SJ from Fremont. Just a bad scene. I have never had this happen before transporting falafel sandwiches.

Carl S.

The right falafel at the right place. A great old school dive, good food at a fair price. The must have? A large falafel sandwich with extra red sauce on the side Banana milk shake A meal that will be remembered Why get fast food at a chain? This place is epic

Leah C.

Fantastic community staple. Excellent falafel sandwiches and a great recommendation for anyone in need of a quick lunch bite. Parking is abysmal, but worth it for the falafel sandwiches and fries.

Quoc H.

Came for Sunday lunch and it was quite packed. There are a couple parking spots in the back lot but otherwise you park on the street. Line had a couple parties and a good amount of the outdoor seating was taken. Indoor seating was not allowed even though it is available. Ordered and food came out super quick (5-10min) for a huge order. 10/10 Special: Large Falafel Sandwich with Banana Shake $12 - Falafels on their own we're insanely amazing! Best ones I've ever had. Crispy outside, and soft flavorful inside. About 10 of them were stuffed in the sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Comes with the white and red sauce which costs extra if you want more. Banana shake was also bomb! Super creamy and smooth. Not too sweet and banana flavor was pretty authentic. Super filling meal for cheap!! 1/10 Koubby $9 - disgustingly dry! Super small portion and not worth at all. Might as well get a large sandwich. Basically a deep fried ball with spoon of ground beef in the middle. Highly do not recommend. There is also no taste/seasoning to the filling. 8/10 Baklava $2.50 - pretty good! It's thick and chewy. On the sweeter side and very flakey. 5/10 Pita chips $4 - hit or miss with some chips. Got some really stale soft and chewy ones and then some crispy ones. Chips were just ok as well. No flavor or seasoning to them. Definitely could pass on these. Overall would come back and order falafels only. They're only 50cents each a la carte so $5 for same amount in a large sandwich.

Edgar O.

Great service, great food! I was trying this place first time after so many times I passed by and it so goo!

Tony B.

Whenever I'm in SJ I have to hit up Falafels Drive-in. The service here is just amazing. I swear as soon as you order the food is ready. Everything we ordered was fresh and delicious. I tend to come when it's not busy so seating is plenty. Parking is also fairly easy you have spaces in the back or you can do street parking. If you are in the area make sure you give this landmark a test run!

Mary Y.

We may have found a cure for most evils; but we have found no remedy for the worst of them all, the apathy of human beings. Helen Keller A giant falafel pita sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and drenched in tahini sauce and hot sauce chased with a fresh banana shake cures my apathy and gets me going every time.

Syed Ashrafulla

I thought it was OK but not great. The falafel I think is actually the normal size but at this point I'm too used to the somewhat larger, moister falafel I had both abroad and at home. I had the salad too which was admittedly probably a mistake (I should've ordered a sandwich instead).I like the vibe and the diversity at the drive-in, they are very welcoming.

Mansi S.

I haven't been here in ages and we randomly decided to grab lunch here today. It was just as delicious as I remembered it. The falafel sandwich is simple but so good. It's the falafel we compare all others to. Tahini and the red sauce add great flavor too without being over powering. You have to get a banana milkshake. I'm not really a banana flavor person but their milkshakes are bomb!! This is a great no fuss spot with some outdoor seating for a casual bite to eat.

Jon B.

Really good - place is an institution. My girl got the falafel salad and I got the large falafel sandwich and a banana shake. We split some pita chips. My girl thought that the salad was kinda meh - not too much variety in there - her biggest complaint. MY biggest complaint is the shatta (the red sauce) - it's definitely more ketchup and less shatta... Otherwise, I doubt that we'll go out of our way again, but it was "really good" overall.

Allison D.

The BEST falafels I've ever had in my life. I've had a lot of falafels (granted not in Europe), but I'd say I can tell if I'm eating a good or bad falafel. Go here for their falafels and yummy sides like onion rings and fried pita chips! I'd hard pass on the chicken sadly; I don't think they really care about their chicken as much as they care about their falafels, which I'm totally ok with. If you want chicken, go to Falafel Stop for their shawarma. I've gone to Falafel Drive-in many times now, at all times of the day, and I've had to wait about 20-30 min on average every time. It's worth it, so stay in line! Lotsa outdoor seating so don't worry about having to take it to go! There are a lot of picnic tables so bring your friends and family and eat some delicious falafels!

Julia L.

I love this place whenever I'm near by the must have is always the banana shake!! So amazing. The falafel is also good. I used to work near here and could stop by for these goodies all the time. This is a real hidden gem . I'd line up any day for the shake and food here.

Jenny M.

Hands down--I LOVE this place! The owner was SO nice and made some recommendations what I should get: falafel, banana shake, and French fries. Holy crap, those were the best French fries I've ever had in my life. My only regret was that I waited to eat the falafel (by the time I got to my destination my shake and fries were GONE), and the falafel was cold. Even cold, it was SO GOOD. I can't wait to go back and eat it all there!

Natalia B.

Love the falafel! Such a yummy and fun place to stop by if you're near Santa row/Westfield mall. I had class near by and was craving some hummus. I ordered the fish sandwich, which was a mistake. I love this place, but the fish it self was flat and didn't really seem like it had fish in the patty. I bit into it and was kinda sad with the taste. We also ordered the hummus plate and the large falafel sandwich. These items were not a let down. The hummus is so fresh and garlicky. This also comes with a few veggies and with 3 large pitta bread. The large falafel sandwich was massive and so tasty. The falafel is warm and soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. This alone will fill you up and is worth the drive out!

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