Gulzaar Halal Restaurant & Catering

1880 W San Carlos St, San Jose
(408) 292-2786

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Worst chicken tikka pretending to be south asian food! These guys DO NOT know how to cook south asian food, period! And seating was cold and ordinary. All Reviews must be fake because there is nothing noteworthy about this restaurant.Parking: Hard to find parking

Fakhrul Islam

Everyone in my office loves their kabuli polao… but for my taste the rice is too sweet but the shank itself is good.

Jannet Hays

This place is a hidden gem! Their baba ganoush was wonderful! We ordered biryani chicken tikka with beef kebab… VERY GOOD! The spices and the flavors are just perfect and the meat was very tender! Definitely recommended! This will be our fav go to restaurant whenever we’re around!

Neda Mandegaran

Chicken tikka biryani was good.Chicken tikka masala was OK.Kanafe was THE worst!! Cheese was not the real cheese! Noodles were the lowest quality.I requested beef kabob wrap to be not spicy at all. I could understand that the spice inside the kabob cannot be removed, but they hadn't paid attention to my comment and had added extra hot sauce inside the wrap, too!I had added "tandoori naan" to my chicken tikka masala, but what I got was a thick stale bread (afghan, barbari,???). Definitely not naan.


We ate Beef Sandwich and Chicken Sandwich. Chicken Sandwich was the best. The sauces were good. Zataar is one of the best unique dishes of Middle eastern food. They also had Lebanah with Zataar. That was also nice. Beef Biryani was also good. Chicken biryani and Chapli kebab was also very good.

Swapnil Saha

Ordered the mixed plate biryani and baklava. Meat in the biryani and the baklava were awesome but the rice was bland. However that's how most middle eastern biryanis are..

د خان عبداصمدخان شهیدغورځنګ لوی افغانستان پښتونستان

Worst food and very expensive , They charged me for two pieces of bread 2.75 and biryani Rice with chicken Tikka for 15.75 the total after tax was 20.16 , The food didn’t worth it , Also the restaurant does not have a parking space.

Momin Hamdani

This may be the best afghani restauRanti’ve ever had, I had a bad experience with afghani food before but now i’ve come yo learn that it was a fluke. This was an amazing experience from the place to the serving to the food. I recommend the Kubli pilaou and Chicken Tikka Misala.

Shahina Tariq

Food is always on point. Same taste everytime. Their sandwich is one of the reason we drive down there from Fremont

Richard P.

This is a must eat place when you are looking for an amazing taste and filling food at reasonable prices. The owner is a wonderful man too and is always friendly and cares deeply about his customers. The food can range from mild to mouth on fire, just ask. The chicken samosas are wonderful with that crispy shell and flavorful fillings. Lovely hot or cold. The biryani dishes are so exceptionally well done and bursting with flavor. The chicken is some of the softest, most tasty we have ever had. Their chicken tikka massala is wonderful and one of my wife's favorites. NEVER had a bad dish from this place and long time customer. Drop by and treat yourself to some outrageous food in a very humble appearing hole-in-the-wall looking eatery.

Muzaffar Khan

Food was Delicious. I ordered Biryani with mix Kabab and bottle of water. Spend $22. Small place. Good Customer service.

Samir S.

Great customer service, great tasting food, the Hummus and the lintel Soup is the best I've tasted by far. Definitely would recommend and definitely will come back.

Razor T.

We get from this place regularly, lovely food each time. We usually get the biryani rice with chicken tikka. It's pretty good! One thing to keep in mind is it's not typically Hyderabadi Biryani, this is Afghan style Biryani.

Kevin T.

Absolute hole in the wall, but absolute deliciousness. It's just a travesty that I've walked/driven by this place so many times not knowing what I was missing. This place has a really solid spicy kick (medium is a spicy medium), things are beautifully seasoned and staff was hospitable to me and everyone I saw. I'd say you can't go wrong supporting this local Middle Eastern restaurant. Parking appears to be street parking only, though there are some parking lots behind the buildings on San Carlos St. Seating inside was not too extensive, likely from COVID precautions (5 tables of about 4 each) and no outside seating. Though I went in to place a take-out order, the person up front was quite courteous in his manner and even came outside to update us and bring us our food after we decided to wait outside. Even overheard him offering somebody else to wait inside cause it was hot. Had two entrees for dinner: Mix Plate with Biryani Rice (medium spicy) and Kabuli Pulao =Mix Plate with Biryani= This one was legitimately spicy, which was a pleasant surprise for me, but not for my brother that originally ordered it. Comes with a beef kebab, some chicken tikka, salad, and a refreshing yogurt/mint/cilantro(?) dip. The salad, though otherwise simple, did have julienned carrots with a lightly sweet pickling that nicely complemented the meal. The meats were all juicy and very well seasoned. The rice was well seasoned and moist (with some lentils I believe). =Kabuli Pulao= The lamb shank literally fell off the bone after a light tug with the spoon, which was a great tender start (see photo). Needless to say the lamb was quite tender. This dish was not as "in your face" as the mix plate, but still very tasty. Carrots and raisins made for a much sweeter fragrance, but is very well balanced. I note that they have sandwiches and the like for lighter lunch-y fare, and had a display case filled with baklava and kanafeh for the sweet-tooths out there.

Ali A.

Is not really tasty and expensive Restaurant prices ! I understanding everything be expensive but this restaurant is very very hot

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Gulzaar Halal Restaurant & Catering

1880 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 292-2786