Pho Bowl

5316 Monterey Rd, San Jose
(408) 281-8288

Recent Reviews

Lance L.

The nem nuong cuon is spam and the cucumbers in it were more soggy than an old dude in a hot tub...

Steph N.

We love their bun bo hue and pho! Owners seem way nice in our experience. We will order more dishes next time. Found out about this place during covid 19 times.

Trung Ngoc

Vns noodle soup. Large place, big bowl, full calories with cheap price

Tran N.

My husband and I were both sick so we came for some pho to warm us up. We shared a large bowl of pho and fried rice noodles with seafood (hu tieu xao do bien). The pho was pretty good, standard but good. I was going to give this place 4 stars until I had a bad bell pepper in the fried rice noodles dish. The bell pepper was SOUR. I'm pretty sure they used bad bell pepper for this. Other than that it's a pretty standard Vietnamese place.

Tony Yeung

Really really Good! Especially the egg roll. The crab, pork blood & tofu noodle (Bun Rieu) is great and different from other restaurant in San Francisco. Ice-cream is bonus.

Angela Nguyen

The pho was good. The addition of ice cream was delicious too. Would come again.

Hannah H.

Delicious pho & quick service. Each meal is served with a complimentary cup of green tea ice cream as well. A nice touch that most other pho places don't offer. Don't let the exterior of this restaurant fool you, the food speaks for itself.

Joe Winifred Poobalarayen

The place where this is located might seem a bit creepy at night but as far as the food is concerned it's good.. the owner always gives us this matcha green tea ice cream as a compliment.. small bowls cost 10 and large bowls are 12ish..

Fernando Ochoa

I use to like this place until one occasion, They were super busy and I ordered for pickup, once I arrived the employee was very rude and I asked for more hot sauce and he rudely said NO! and told me they were too busy.

Sebastian Talma

Super authentic pho/thai restaurant, EXCELLENT SERVICE, food was good even got a delicious ice cream and warm water to wash it down (also because it was cold). I definitely recommend it ?

Kyle Garsuta

Excellent customer service, and good food!

K. R.

Was in the area and spouse was not feeling well, so I offered to get us Pho To-Go. I called and placed 2 orders: 1 chicken soup, 1 wonton noodle soup. I asked the woman taking my order what the total price was going to be, and she didn't want to tell me. She wanted me to drive to the restaurant to tell me my total. Upon arriving (7-8) min drive, she told us to sit and wait until the food was ready. The restaurant's exterior had graffiti wooden boards that were just sketchy, the floors looked sticky and dirty and mind you the place was completely empty- just the worker and us. My husband asked for the bill while we waited, and we noticed there was a .50 cent Togo fee, one soup was $1 more expensive than the other. We asked her how big the bowls were and she said one size only. Our total was $30 for 2 soups- no drinks, etc. I felt like it was too much for a low end restaurant offering pho. We politely said thank you, and left, explaining the total was a bit too much. (The food wasn't ready yet). The woman got upset, following us to our car and writing down my license plate. LOL. Anyways, I had asked before I placed my order what the total was going to be and I (as the customer) didn't want to spend too much on soup. ‍ (Don't know what she needed my license plate for? Maybe to ask every customer from now on what their license plate before they order?) Never going back. Rude worker.

Emilia Reyes

The best Beef soup I've ever had.

Gina N.

This place used to be bomb. I just left my full bowl of food because their soup tastes like water and their meat and seafood stinks and tastes rotten and old.

Sales Dept.

Where do I start? I had a very rough day at work today and I guess it showed on my face because the gentleman at the front told me to sit down and relax he was very friendly. I had asked for my soup to go but after and join the super warm environment I decided to just stay and eat it there. When he saw that I had changed my mind to take it to go he approached me and told me that he would set it up for me properly as if I was just eating in... After about a couple minutes he came out with the bowl all set up and warm and told me this is the right way to eat it and just smiled at me. I thought their customer service and friendliness was amazing but my soup was even better, it was honestly the best one I've ever had. Try them out you will not be disappointed!

bee dia

The food here is good. I had the small special combo pho. My son said that they have the best grilled pork chops. I couldn't finish the small bowl. The portions here are big. Also at the end of the meal they give you a scoop of ice cream. The guy at the register said that's what they give after meals. The service there is awesome!


This was perfect for a rainy day very generous portions, excellent excellent service. Be sure to try their green tea ice cream with nuts for dessert. The hot tea was awesome for .75 charge.. Ginger, orange? it looks like a little hole-in-the-wall until you get inside very nice.

Arthur Gray

From the first moment you step in this restaurant they give you an excellent feeling. Very courteous hosts, it is a good place to go out with your friends or with your date. Excellent cuisine, qualified chef de cuisine, competitive price and excellent service. Highly recommended.

Gerald D.

Yum! Finally found my new go-to pho spot since moving from Sacramento to San Jose. Pho tai has very flavorful soup and great quality, pieces of meat. Bo luc lac was so flavorful! Finally was surprised at the end of the meal with very tasty complimentary green tea ice cream! Prices are very reasonable and the restaurant and decor is very spacious and clean. Was not expecting to find such a great restaurant in this little plaza. Can't wait to come back and try out the rest of the menu.

Bobby K.

My girlfriend and I decided to try this place out since we always drive by it. I remember when it use to be a dim sum restaurant and a mayflower. Wow, this place was surprisingly good. We got the pho beef combo and the chicken pho. The beef pho bowl was very bad. It was very bland and lacked any basic seasoning, salt and pepper. I'm trying to avoid it, but I ended up adding a bunch of hot sauce and fish sauce to make up for it. She got the chicken pho, and it was fucking delicious. The broth tasted very full and it had that specific sliced chicken breast flavor I like. It was fully seasoned and I didn't even need to add anything else. I definitely want to come back since the portion size was appropriate to $10+ price tags. I'm a fan now.

Jessica V.

THEY GIVE YOU FREE ICE CREAM AFTER YOUR MEAL. I repeat: FREE ICE CREAM. This is the first in my life To ever receive such treatment, and I'm Vietnamese who has eaten at a countless number of pho restaurants. Food is solid. Definitely coming back.

Sunyoung Yang

Worst viet food ever. Pho had no taste

Ariana S.

This is my favorite pho spot, mostly because of the exceptional service I get whenever I go in! The woman who is always working, assuming she is an owner, is the absolute sweetest. Every time my friend and I go in, she greets us with a smile on her face. We always get our food to go, so she makes sure to give us the green tea ice cream with peanuts (so good) while we wait for our food. We are always pleased with our pho and the thai tea is great too.

Tina L.

Seeking a yummy bowl of pho for lunch and my friend recommended this place. We walked in and were welcomed and asked to sit wherever we liked. We got our menu shortly after and I looked at the different options. I really wanted a beef meat option and chose one from the menu and the lady said I could get a combination of all the options or just pick the ones I liked which I was surprised by (usually it's one meat option and extra for other meat options). I ordered the pho with flank steak and meatballs. We also ordered an order of Egg rolls. Our food came out quickly and I began chowing down. The noodles were tasty, the broth flavorful, the meatballs had a good consistency. I wasn't a big fan of the flank steak. The pieces were very small and had a lot of fat. Overall, the Pho was delicious. I really enjoyed eating it. I was a bit disappointed at how small the egg rolls were. I finished them in two bites. Very crispy and delicious. After our meal the woman taking our order brought out a green colored ice cream and asked if I wanted peanuts (glad she asked in case I was allergic to peanuts). Complimentary ice cream always hits different ehh.. lol. Jokes aside it was really yummy. The peanuts added a delicious crunch to the ice cream. Not sure if it was green tea but YUM! Towards the end of our lunch it was interrupted by a man who walked in and serenaded us for charity. (not sure if this happens here often but it was very unexpected) Our overall meal was delicious. A couple of tweaks I'll make to my pho next time I visit as I now know what I like and what I don't. The service was welcoming and our server was always smiling and friendly. I'm glad to have found this fast, delicious, convenient lunch spot.

Amir A.

I've been always ordering from Doordash from this place. This time I was close and decided to come in person. The owner was wonderful. Offered me free ice cream while waiting for my take out to be prepared. Will definitely visit more often.

Son Huynh

broth was very flavorful definitely will come back!

Miao M.

Good restaurant with tasty food The price is also good lollllllllllllllllllllllllll

Matthew lawrence

Decent Vietnamese food with great customer service.

Jae-Young Lee

Made me remember the last night of my business trip. Thank you for your kind boss.

Amy P.

Good pho, lots of options. Small, large, or to go prices. Also had Thai iced tea with boba. Lots of seating, free parking. Free green tea ice cream was a nice touch.

Steven W.

Horrendous sanitary conditions with bad service. The food is also pretty poor. There are definitely fraudulent reviews to boost this restaurant.

Eric Alvarado

Probably my favorite Pho place in the area. I've only had excellent service here, and they give free ice cream while waiting for food. The prices are reasonable and the food is pretty decent. I would recommend giving this place a try.

Emily Kuehn

This was my first time and I wanted some quick pho takeout. The customer service was great, water while I ordered and ice cream while they ran the card. The portions are more than generous and I should have had a friend help me with one pho! They also package a lot of veggies for you to add. Overall I was happy and full.

jennifer ayala

Really nice people food so good my overall favorite pho place

Andrew D'Angelo

Best pho I have ever had in my life! Wow

Murphy T.

Typical Asian restaurant, did not honor the time. It saids open at 10 but doors are locks

Minh D.

Food +1 Service +1 Portion +1 Price ~1 Atmosphere +1 This place gets a 4.5 rounding up to 5 It's either a hit or a miss with me and this place it's definitely a hit. This place is pretty authentic and tastes great. Definitely recommend, especially the "Bun Cha Dong Xuan"

Nick H.

This is the best pho ever. The service is great. You can tell that the owner puts in a tremendous amount work and love in her soup. My daughter is very finicky about food but found her favorite dish on the menu, veggie egg rolls. Tried the spring rolls with the peanut sauce. Amazing!

Sharon G.

Not sure how this restaurant has a 4 star rating; pretty deceitful as it's not "4 star quality." We should have taken an empty restaurant as a sign. No offense there are many many many other pho places with better quality food. We ordered 3 bowls: seafood, chicken, and beef w/ meatball. Meat portions are scarce and the noodles were still hard, but bearable to eat. The free ice cream tasted better than the meal itself. The beef broth was salty and chicken soup was plain. The lady who seated us and took our order was nice.

Vivian D.

Great service! Interesting location, I wouldn't have guessed a pho restaurant to be in this plaza but lovely staff and good food. Plus points for being open late!