Stone Stew 2

205 N 4th St, San Jose
(408) 622-1067

Recent Reviews

ehsan ghazi-moradi

Very delicious, fresh, authentic food that hits the spot. One of my favorite restaurants.

John J.

This place can't get any business without paying yelp for advertisements. They look like a wholesOme family restaurant but they are really mean to you. Also the bathroom is located outside and they Don't let you use it until you buy something. Not going in in the future.

Thai Nguyen

Great yummy food. Persian food from different cities.

Ali K.

I went there late just 15 minutes before closing. They were very accomodations and made us feel welcomed. The service was quick and friendly. We ordered the platter for two. All the kababs were too good. Perfectly cooked. Just the right amount of juices. The spice game is 100! The Laban is very rich and a must try if your a fan. Would definitely come back!

At D.

This place is fantastic. I love their food. It is simple and delicious. I took many of my friends here and everybody loved it.

Cedric Bosch

Friendly service, food is tasty but quite expensive. Stone stew + a side made for a $32 lunch for one person. That’s fine for dinner but some more reasonably priced lunch specials would be a great thing to add.

Anna Richel R.

Very delicious. They serve warm bread with butter. I ordered the Chelo Koobideh Joojeh (2 skewers of ground chicken) this came with rice and grilled tomato with a slice of lemon. The portion is big and the taste is very delicious. Thank you Yelp community for your honest review. I would definitely recommend and come back to this place.

Lucy Mirbaha

The food at Stone Stew is very delicious and quite reasonably priced. The joint is clean, and unassuming. The service was fast and corteaous. I appreciated their care to cater to vegetarians a lot, and my first experience of their veggie version of khoresht e gheymeh is one that will certainly be followed by many more. Bottom line, I'd say do definitely go there. Them folks are legit and definitely know what they are doing.

Best Friends A.

Excellent chicken koobideh kebab, juicy and well spiced and seasoned. I also had the hazrati gheimeh bademjan stew, with flavorful dried limes and yellow peas, and tangy sumac to add on top! Ordered an Isfahan koobideh kebab sandwich but haven't eaten it yet -- but it sure smells delicious! Ordered delivery, so can't comment on service, but the order was complete and came with packets of sumac and utensils, which I appreciated, as I wasn't at home. Would definitely order from Stone Stew again, and recommend it!

Jack Okada

Good food. Not cheap, but reasonable. The chicken was very tasty and not overcooked. Lamb and beef were also excellent. Complimentary bread was super satisfying also. Recommend that beings from Earth and other nearby planets visit here.

A Google User

super appetizing. nothing but enjoyable experiences here. prices are reasonable i would say.

Kamelia G.

This is absolutely one of my all time Favorite Persian restaurants in the Bay Area!!! The food is so good, and the service is amazing. My dad was visiting from SoCal and he absolutely loved the food as well :) highly recommend this amazing restaurant and will definitely be visiting again :)

mitzi m.

This used to be our favorite place for Kabobs but their customer service is THE WORST and we won't be back. We ordered food to be delivered by Uber Eats. The item we ordered as "Arak Beef Fillet Kabob with Rice". The cost on the menu is $19.99 for this item (plus all of the stupid charges from UberEats the food you see pictured came to nearly $30!!!). The description of the item we ordered included rice and tomato (and of course beef kabob) The picture shows what was delivered to us. No rice, no tomato and a smaller than normal portion of meat (we order this item nearly every week in their restaurant) 1) No one checked the order to make sure it was right before it was picked up 2) When we called...we got excuses and sass. We were told that it was Uber Eat's fault because the full information is not transmitted to them to their kitchen and that they cut off the description of the order (as a restaurant owner...would you knowingly allow incomplete orders and angry customers????) 3) They apparently routinely short the serving size for picked up orders 4) The reply back from the person answering the phone when we pressed? We'll give you a coupon for free rice next time you're in!!! Well thank you very much for giving us $20 worth of meat without the vegetable or rice!!! We'll be sure to enjoy a simple order of rice next time we're in your restaurant. Anyway.. this place is overpriced; has poor service and they short orders for takeout and don't care. They lost a customer.

Alireza Talebizadeh

Food quality was great but we ordered Kashk e Bademjan and the plate size was a lot less than we expected (maybe 2 spoons). We might have visited this restaurant at a bad time of the day but they were really busy and didn’t have time to make sure customers are happy and don’t need anything.

Florence Ryan

super appetizing. nothing but enjoyable experiences here. prices are reasonable i would say.

Priscilla O

I love this place. Next time I'll be back with my relatives.

Cheng Xu

The abgusht (ab- juice, gushy - meat) is a must have. Rare find in the states!

Zahra H.

We went here for lunch on a Saturday. We got the tahdig (crispy rice from the bottom of a pan) topped with ghormeh sabzi and another one topped with gheimeh. I loved the gheimeh but my husband liked the ghormeh sabzee more. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I got the stone stew which was very flavorful and obviously had been cooked for a while. They serve barbari bread with it, which is good for soaking up the tomato based meat broth. The stone pot is very hot and they have a special clamp to use for when you are trying to pour out the broth. It can be heavy, so ask for help if you need it. I also had the yogurt with shallots which was delicious. The chicken kabob was flavorful and I recommend it. The koobideh (ground meat) kabob was really good too. It was cooked well without being dried out. The barg kabob was okay but not as good as the koobideh. I highly recommend going to this restaurant for great persian food.

Matt K.

Stone Stew was catering for a work event today and there were lots of leftovers to take home. Normally I don't take leftovers with catering, but Stone Stew is different! The food was great and really well priced. My coworkers loved the beef koobideh kabobs and I had the Gorgan and Yazd Chicken koobideh, salad, hummus, bread and rice and loved it. I will be making the trips to downtown SJ to explore the other menu items. What an upgrade to the shady taqueria joint that was here back when I was at SJSU.

Sam Attar

Great ambiance.

saeed heysiattalab

Really great restaurant if you like Persian and middle eastern food with excellent and friendly service. My girlfriend loves their Zereshk polo and I live their abgosht!

Camila Osborne

The staff was very friendly and attentive. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Atlanta.

Persian P.

I have always hoped there would be an amazing Persian Restaurant in Downtown and Stone Stew delivers! First of all, the ingredients, method of cooking and presentation of the food here is excellent. The portion sizes are large, the meats are mouth watering and the desert (especially Sholle Zard - Persian Rice Pudding) is top notch. The location has ample parking up front, and even though inside the restaurant is a bit small, it has a beautiful charm and decoration. We had a blast at Stone Stew and can't wait to go back for the amazing food :).

Mary S.

Awesome!! Awesome!!! We are visiting San Jose and found Stone Stew thru online search. The food at this restaurant is so delicious!! A must visit!! A must try!! Don't miss the rose pistachio ice cream! Can't wait to go back & eat more of their awesome Persian Food!!!

shahram kouklari

Great dizy with nice amenities.

Mitra F.

Very good dizi (stone stew)and chicken kabob. I also liked the toranji a lot. I googled persian food while in San Jose and came across this. Hit the spot.

Tony Radi

Excellent food and service

Good L.

So good this is the second time I ordered the combo plate. Rice and portion and kabob all very respectable. Really good place if you are looking for high quality Persian food. You can tell they put effort into their kabob. The flavor was great I will be a repeat customer . Hopefully I can try other items from menu but the combo plate is so good i don't know what to do. Thanks for the awesome food.

Archimedes A.

The food here is excellent Persian food but he service here is close to terrible. I have been here on two occasions where the service is just very bad. First time it was just one Hispanic woman who was busting her butt but waitressing 6-7 tables all by herself. She did good but I don't know why they couldn't have another person helping out, maybe they are too cheap? The second time was the owners themselves (they were sitting and paying bills). They were super lax, didn't wait our tables even though they were working and seemed like they didn't care that they had customers. My family loves this food but I think I'll pass unless I'm REALLY wanting Persian food.

Anna M.

Great experience here too (because I've been to the other location too) and equally yummy! They really do a nice ghorme sabzeh and variety of kebabs. It's a bit on the heavy side so I would definitely go to enjoy when you have a bigger appetite. The service here is exceptional too. While we were picking up our order, we were offered house tea to-go. Definitely recommend checking out this or their other location on Saratoga Ave.

Moe H.

Food is fantastic. Very tasty and nice portions. I want them to up their service. You can go without a water/soda refill for the entire time you're there. Check with your patrons more, see if they need anything instead of disappearing for long periods. Also why doesn't your Dizi have tomato? Dizi is supposed to be reddish color which comes from the tomato. It tastes great but lacks tomato, please add.

Quoc V.

tue kabobs were good. the lamb chops were okay. the rice was disappointing, there was barely any yellow saffron rice. this place has zero ambiance though. it feels like a place to sit down for a quick meal and go.


Very nice and neat. Of course we had a great meals. If you like Persian food and here is a good place at San Jose Downtown and no worry the parking.

Eric S.

Their koobideh is the best. So amazing, so flavorful. One of San Jose's must try things. Let me put it this way, if there were a food festival where each culture represented in the Bay Area has to offer one culinary item to the world, the clear cut winner for our Iranian community is the Stone Stew koobideh. If you go to Yas, which is owned by the same people, the koobideh is very similar in taste, but the one at this place is the best.

Neal N.

I've gone by this place so many times not realizing what it was or that it was even open. What a mistake. The koobideh has a little more bite and structure than I'm used to, more like an uncased sausage or gyro texture, and is a little oilier but it's flavorful, beautiful, the portion is huge and it's reasonably priced. Plus free bread and butter! This is a much needed change of pace vs. the other stuff available in the neighborhood and I'm making it part of my regular rotation.

Peter T.

I have had Persian food in many different places across United States, East Coast and West Coast or even middle America. By far this place Persian food was so different from others you could taste the patience and love in the food. I highly suggest to anyone Iranian, or non-Iranian if you're a foodie person you should really try this place. Ask for Charlie such a great guy.

Farah H.

Great restaurant! The food is delicious! It's one of my favorite place to eat in San Jose!

Mohamed Riyaz

Stone Stew's second location is open around downtown SJ. We had Tourghabeh (platter for two), which came with skewers of two beef koobideh, one chicken and a lamb. Tried an appetizer with eggplant and eggs. Both the orders were very good. They served the thick yogurt and it was one of the best we've ever had. Will definitely go back, when in the area.

Sophia R.

Nice Hummus. Not as dreamy as Oren's Hummus, but it's nice. Price a bit on the high side.

Daniel L. Anderson Jr

Never had Persian food before but I am definitely hooked. Everything was DELICIOUS. Definitely opened my eyes to the wonders of different cultures