Taco Bell

5538 Monterey Rd, San Jose
(408) 363-8428

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Maximilian Yang

Very well organised and convenient restaurant. They provide large portions and for reasonable rates. We enjoyed the menu very much and the waiters were super attentive and chatty. Recommended.

Q Cervantes

I just enjoyed their food. I always get good customer service here. The place is clean and the workers are always kind. Highly recommended.

Joshua M.

Taste test: passMask test: passAccessibility: drive through only ( I think )4 stars for Taco Bell??!?! What?!? I know bare with me...Of course the foods not gonna taste like Martha Stewart and snoop dogg brewed it up backstage but what we can judge is overall quality of service and build based on what's given. After all it's adorable cheap sh*t food.The girls and guys taking my order are always unusually nice "hello welcome to Taco Bell how are you?", "oh I'm swell, hbu?", "I'm wonderful thank you so much for asking, what may I get for you?"Taco Bell or Talkative bell? Either way that warm greeting goes a long way and boosts the mood. The food itself is fast food quality but typically pretty well made and accurate. I'm a regular here and I think they've only forgotten my sauce once or twice in the past 50 orders or so? Not bad.Sometimes the food is a little sloppy but overall it passes in my book. An honest 4 stars!

Cheli Ortega

Just came to tacobell & let me tell u what a good customer service!!? they were fast & very respectful not rushing u thanks to the manager didnt catch her name & to the cashier Juan!! U guys did great..

Naomi Arthur

If you want to call in sick the next day, this is the place to go. Last night my wife and I picked up Taco Bell for dinner. After having it I became ill, unable to sleep throughout the night from it coming back up! This morning, my wife had to call in to work due to feeling ill from the food also. It's pretty upsetting and disappointing to encounter a situation like this especially when you've gone to a specific location more than once and have received outstanding service in the past only to receive a horrific nightmare.I've had the food from this location and have NEVER had this problem not once!! I woke up out of my sleep AT 4am from pain, nausea, and vomiting. This is the worst experience at this location. WE ARE NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN!!!

Adonis Ball

I come here everyday but today theres a problem.... if you dont wanna be at work go home..... customer service is just that.... customer service..... please talk to your morning crew on Saturdays.... they obviously dont wanna be there

Heather Gilpatrick

Great taco bell, one of my favorites. My orders are correct 99% of the time. Great customer service.

Whitney Wilbourn

They nvr get an order correct and the phone doesn't work to get it fixed smh I'll go to the one on Santa Teresa from here on.

Armando A.

Taco Bell we forget you are not a traditional Mexican but you were a racist creation that was an alternative to traditional real Mexican food. Me and my family forget that. The owner said they needed a clean version that was made for white Americans. Your donations to the Trump campaign is a reminder of who you actually are. Your food is plastic and I remember getting food poisoning from your food.

Kunal Kheeva

The morning employee was so rude today .... i was 2 minutes early and she said you can’t stop your car here .... what the heck .... i didn’t take food.... the ghing is simple if you don’t like your job then just quit it....

Nimara Jacob

The drive thru service was great, but as far as the food goes there’s a few things they could’ve done better. The “Taco Bell grande” wasn’t so grande if you ask us. The chips they used were so stale and old. The soda tasted water downed and expected us to use 3 Packets of sauce for all the items we purchased. Also no utensils were provided within the order. Just a few things to list, but over all customer service was great.

Diana A.

if i can give f***ing zero rating i definitely would! so my boyfriend gave me $24 not knowing he gave me $24. our total was $23.18 and i had the 18 cents. when i gave the girl $24.18, she counted it!! my boyfriend immediately informed me he gave $24, so i told the girl. she rolls her eyes. i immediately feel tension now.. she shuts her window angrily. she grabs the dollar out of the register and the way she decides to hand me the dollar is funny! she didn't even make the effort to meet me half way out of the window!! she made me reach out and try grab the dollar and plays with it like she's trying to take it back! so i got a important text, only takes a second to respond and she gives attitude and says "grab your drinks!" as soon as i grabbed the drinks again! makes me reach out to her window to grab the drinks so i can spill it.. then same with the food! but thank god it's a bag, so my bad in my part for just snatching the food, but seriously.. if you counted the money knowing we gave extra... that's ridiculous! count your change people & remember what you give them!

Maria D Chavez

Nice to let us use restroom with my mom locked out of her house n then we got tacos when we left

Clark P.

Ok, so I wen through the drive through today. I order TWO beef supreme chalupa(S) & a bean burrito. I drive to an appointment I have at the end of the same strip mall. Open the bag and find I've been shorted one of the TWO chalupa(S), that's after I eat the first chalupa and can see clearly there's one missing in the bag, at that point! The ONE chalupa I ate had some nacho cheese sauce instead of sour cream! So since I had to go back...I asked for two replacements. Not unreasonable!!! The manager gives me a bunch of crap and starts treating me like a liar and common crook! PLEASE I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH MY TIME THAT YOU HAVE NOW COST ME MORE OF!!! So much for FAST FOOD AND GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS!!! She grabbed the bag which had the bean burrito still remaining in it and threw it in the trash! Ok so now you have to make me a new burrito I'm addition to the chalupa you screwed me out of and the chalupa you put nacho cheese on instead of sour cream which is standard protocol! My receipt and the drive through screen BOTH reflected exactly what I ordered. I wasn't the only orders they screwed up either!

Shadow Wolf

Service is fast, the dining space is clean, and the food is... well, it's a taco bell. Avoid the restrooms at all costs.

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