Pizza Box

148 S Jackson Ave, San Jose
(408) 272-9333

Recent Reviews

yolanda palomares

Reasonably priced. Family owned

Rob B.

Great value and friendly staff, called order in and picked up. Pizza was ready when I arrived and was able to pick up an ice cold Stella for the road

Chi N.

This is our go to place for pizza when we want to stick close to home and don't feel like driving to A Slice of New York. We usually get a Hawaiian pizza along with a combo. They use fresh, high-quality ingredients and the finished product is a delicious pie. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Trisha Rodriguez

Been coming to the Pizza box since I was a child and my family and I grew up eating this pizza love it....

Esther Y.

They've been in business since 1985 and my boyfriend has the best memories of going there since he was a little boy. They have an enormous pizza option called the Uncle Sam 26" sliced into squares. The pizza us hearty and satisfying. The crusts are thick and doughy and tend to be slightly underdone (which I personally love, but I mean you can shake out the uncooked flour). Precious hole in the wall kind of place!

julio jimenez

Delicious pizza and fair price!!

Kim Rothhammer

This was a hidden gem. We've been here 11 years and I go to the nail salon 2 doors down. Well, we never thought to try The Pizza Box. We loved it. Fresh ingredients and worth the prices for the amount you get. The owner was friendly and turns out she's been there 30 years! Highly recommended!

Lani Lucia P.

Stopped by to pick up a super extra large combo pizza! Was great, lots of toppings, cheese, good crust. I also ordered a slice of veggie--which actually comes in 2 slices. Only wish there was a bit more tomato sauce on the base--this would have been a 5star if so. The shop is outdated, but takes you back to the 80s with the boot, old video games and pin ball machine. All in all, a great pizza joint and welcoming, friendly shop owners! This is located at the corner of Capital Expressway and Jackson Ave.

Eleana A.

Good, cheap pizza. In busy strip mall. Cash Only! Offers different sizes of pizza's with hilarious names. We've tried every size, and toppings vary, in-house beer selection only $3.00! Sodas' and juices, tea's available. Plain interior for in house dining along with a old fashioned Jute Box. Most take-out orders. What counts here is the great pizza, friendly service, and economical prices.

Adub 408

This place is pro. If you want get down on some good grub, I suggest you pull up

Mario Herrera

Been going here since 7th grade. Im 44 now. Awesome pizza, and always look forward to ordering by phone and hearing "10 minutes"!! ☺️

A Google User

One of my favorite locations for delicious pizza. Got there about one, it wasn't busy. Staff treated us so kindly.

Pablo G.

This place is fire. Every time I need lotsa food at a good price Uncle Sam is the Go to.

Charles M.

My GO TO spot. Great pizza and people we were celebrating beating my case. ordered 4 extra lrgs the topping were piled up like they should be on a pizza. The family who owns pizza box is always friendly and gives you what you order. The guys came over with some coronas and we knocked them all out. Go with the best


Been going here since 7th grade. Im 44 now. Awesome pizza, and always look forward to ordering by phone and hearing "10 minutes"!! ☺️

Victoria Monroe

One of my favorite locations for delicious pizza. Got there about one, it wasn't busy. Staff treated us so kindly.

Maya M

Pizza, mmm, super good. came in on a weds. i will be bringing family next time. it has a great feel to it.

natalie l.

Yo yo yo, if you're from the East side, then you already know what's up with Pizza box! Basically it's the spot, I always order a single slice which is huge, I mean if you tryna get all itailian, and act all bougie this ain't the place for you. It's In the hood, it's fast, it's cheap, it's good. Don't come with your upper class attitude. Lol This place needs major remodeling, the wallpaper is horrid, and the booths are torn down, but this place has its legacy, and will forever be a go to spot! It's also a family business, so if you're from San Jose you should support the small businesses! Also the King Kong is also a go to for big party's! It's worth the price you pay!

Martin C.

I was trying at this place probably like 1 year, I love this pizza! Uncle Sam perfect for my family events!

David E.

Loved the pizza. Went off of the reviews and I'm glad I took the chance. Not much I can add than the other 5 stars have said. There's nothing like small business pizza. Costco? Not anymore. Thanks Pizza Box--you've earned a new loyal customer.

Jad Rush

I get to eat here a lot since I work in the area. I like how their customer service is always good and they keep the spot well kept regularly. Prices are reasonable and they serve big portions.

Marcella L.

I grew up in NYC and was so disappointed with the pizza in the Bay Area... until I went to Pizza Box. Legit tastes like real New York pizza and the decor brings me back to my childhood in the 80/90s. It's my home away from home. I will say for some odd reason the slices taste better than the pies, but maybe this is all my head! The owners are super kind too. Def recommend this place!

leroy young

It has that nice "HOLE IN THE WALL / MOM&POP" vibe. Which is exactly what I like. The staff are what's up and oh yeah, the pizza is the beez knees.

Tracy Tarin

Great prices. And u can order by slices to ease the whole family

Maria Garibaldi

Huge pizza that's really tasty... our family even enjoys left overs!

Alex L.

"Let's try the pizza! Just a slice" we said. We ate the whole god damn pizza. The Pizza Box serves thin crust, cheesy pizza with a variety of toppings. It's delicious and a huge slice is 4 bucks. My first time, me and my girlfriend got a medium pizza for around $16. We got it to-go but decided to try a slice in the store while it was still hot. The pizza was calling me. 20 minutes later, we finished it. We couldn't help it and just said "F*** it". Needless to say, it was amazing. Service is A1. The cashier was super friendly and joked with us. "That's a really big slice." The Pizza Box is one of the hidden gems of San Jose. Bring cash.


Great food and better service. Food tastes fresh and portions are generous. The staff is nice and helpful

Nohemy Cecare

I mean, where else in the south bay can you get a gigantic pizza that feeds 10 adults for under $40?! I recommend calling it in and don't forget it is cash only.

Christina Martinez

I have 3 boys ages 14 - 20 who can eat so buying the uncle Sam guarantees they will be full and won't be asking me 2 hours later what's to eat. The pizza here is good. I've been coming here since I was a kid.

Jude Stone

Usually when I eat pizza all I can think about is how bad it is for me but when I'm at The Pizza Box that thought never crosses my mind... it is AMAZING! The most creative pizzas you can think! Tons of ingredients, typical and unconventional alike. Ready by the time you sit down and absolutely delicious! Not too hard on the wallet either!

Nohemy C.

I mean, where else in the south bay can you get a gigantic pizza that feeds 10 adults for under $40?! I recommend calling it in and don't forget it is cash only. I love their pizza because they don't hold back on toppings, has the perfect amount of cheese to hold it together & medium crust. I ordered a combo Uncle Sam (their largest size) which is cut into multiple pieces not just slices, perfect for a party! I also ordered a vegetarian which was delicious but it had a bit too many olives for my taste. They don't do things like GF crust or wheat but it is delicious & high quality for a super affordable price!

Tony S.

If you know... you know! Childhood pizzeria growing up and till this day my favorite pizza spot in San Jose. Small joint located in east San Jose with all the retro feel from the 80's, not much has changed except for maybe adding a larger size pizza to feed a small army. The pizza is absolutely amazing with crispy crust and great sauce. I usually stick to the smaller size pizza because I love the triangle slices... once you get to larger size pizzas they cut into squares. Come try this amazing spot!

carlo ortega

Pizza box. Never fails. Been here forever. Try the Mexican pizza. King Kong pizza great for large crowds and for cheap

Hector Moreno


Cin-Yee S.

Somewhere between this location and the current incarnation of the Milpitas location exists the heavily mourned and missed Milpitas Pizza Box that I have loved for the last 25 years. If only I could combine this place's cheese, and sausage with Milpitas's sauce, and crust - that's the dream. Service is very friendly and the slices (and pizzas) are an incredible value.

Eric T.

This place is a staple in San Jose. Been coming here for over 10 years and pizza is always on point. Usually order a slice when I pop in and have a beer while I wait for it. Consistent fuckin pizza!Bacon, sausage and jalepenos!

Cuong P.

Yelp brought be here. Decided to try it out. Pictures look really good. And im sure the pizza will be too. The front desk guy was really nice and chill. He gave me a free beer on the house while i was waiting. Great pizza. Highly recommend.

Lizeth Beltran barajas

The best place to eat pizza!! I’m from Texas me and my son always visit on the summer !! Our first stop is the pizza!! So good and delicious!! This our 8 year visit this place !’ I wish we could have it close home!!

Carlos Cortez

They make the pizza slices to order. Portions are really big so take that into consideration when ordering. I can eat quite a bit but one slice here is good enough for me.

Catherine Cohen

One of my preferred places for quality Pizza. staff is always super even when they have a full house. the staff was helpful and kind. prices were average for the menu. feels like a place in los angeles i liked.