Chipotle Mexican Grill

2019 Chess Dr, Foster City
(650) 539-3638

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D.M. T.

Are you kidding me Chipotle? I ordered a super burrito and received something smaller than a homemade sandwich. I was also charged for extra meat and got no meat at all. This thing they called a super burrito was actually a vegetarian freaking sandwich. Do yourselves a big favor and just CLOSE down already.

Darya M.

I work in that exact store, and trust me. This place is horrible. One of the managers is actually b***h(Alondra) she never did her work and always chatted with other coworkers. And the food, they actually use the food that was from day ago. And it's disgusting. And the portions sizes, omg all other chipotle had bigger portions. So guys don't waste your time here, and don't work here either, especially if u 16-17!

Jojo D.

Terrible customer service. Stingy with the portions. Workers had attitude when helping customers. I got a salad chicken bowl with hot salsa and guacamole. I felt like I was drinking the salsa with greens. And where was the chicken? It wasn't enough. This location is sort of a joke. Go to another chipotle location elsewhere for better service and food you'll actually enjoy.

Jacob B.

I heard this was the worst Chipotle location in the area, now I can see why... Very small portions and my food was drenched in hot sauce. Also got charged extra for a "free tortilla" without being told I'll be charged.

Sankalp Goyal

The staff is not well trained. The girl who made my bowl didn’t seem to know that their menu has a supergreens salad which I wanted to order. Then she just put lettuce in my bowl and was completely unaware of what I was trying to order. Very cold too. They should be a little friendly. Also, half of the food items were not fresh. Specially the guacamole and chicken. This has happened in the last 2 out of 4 times to me. Also they seem to put very small portions of everything. Not coming back here.

Wendy L.

Stingy on their ingredients even though I offered to pay more, looks like they just want to get me in and get me out. Asked for a cup for water at the cashier and they forgot about it literally a second later. Poor service, but at least the food was standard. Won't be coming to this Chiptole branch in the future.

Jan V.

Terrible service, small servings, unfriendly, they need to upgrade this location. Used to come consistently,but after my last experience I won't come back for a while

Kirsten V.

Worst service ever!! They are so stingy with their ingredients and didn't give me any fork to eat with my food that I bought or napkins!!! Also they made me feel rushed when I was ordering. DO NOT COME HERE!!!!!!

Lisa strickland

Placed an order through doordash. Tried to cancel or modify, chipolte refused.

Amit Thakkar

Food is ok! The service is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! No one behind the counter wants to work there! Worst of the worst. They need to seriously do something!

Venus L.

You guys ever view a place on Yelp and see all the bad ratings, but still come through thinking, "oh god, let me be the exception?" I know it's Chipotle. not some fine dining restaurant, but I was a little bit concerned with all the 2-star reviews I was seeing. What could be wrong? The food? The atmosphere? The staff? Can I survive this experience? I don't know.. but I was craving Chipotle one day and this was the closest location to me. Y'all... I was in and out of here in like, 5 minutes tops. There was no line when I came in. Got attention right away from the worker. Carnitas bowl with everything I wanted (except somehow cheese got added and I didn't want cheese?)... paid and left. My bowl was exactly how I remembered it.. high school me was pleased. They're in a plaza with Home Depot. There's plenty of parking.

Tom May

Great service lines move very fast. Food is always perfectly prepared.

Calvin Qian

Ordered on the app and didn’t get any rice, fajita veggies, or double meat portions that I ordered. Worst chipotle order I’ve ever had so far.

Vidhi Goel

POOR service. Ordered food through app at 4pm to pick up at 5pm. Food wasn’t ready even when I arrived at 6pm. Then they started to prepare it, which is fine as usually it doesn’t take long. I ordered two meals and each of them clearly says what I want.First order, the guy in the front added rice and beans and passed on the bowl to the second server who poured ton of rice again. She did the same with the second order, again filled it up with rice. If that’s not enough, she added beans to my second order when I specifically said NO BEANS. And when it was the turn to put barbacoa, she put so little of it. I was like how hard it is to follow an order step by step and make it right. I am disappointed in how much attention they are paying to customers’ orders.


Very nice folks working. Great Dinner Thanks

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