Pho Element

2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo
(650) 212-1166

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Eva L

I can't stop thinking of this place's pho ga! My family's favorite is their #19, chicken and giblets noodle soup. Their beef dishes aren't shabby either because they're all made with high quality beef. The amount of protein in each dish is generous enough to last the whole meal and their noodles are so silky smooth! Getting take out is extremely fast - a less than 5 min. wait and you'll be on your way again. Or if you're like me and like to eat it fresh in the car... which you can do easily since their take out bowls are large enough for all 1 quart of the soup!! Can't praise this spot enough and can't stop thinking of when my next visit will be.

Shirish Gupta

Great vegetarian Pho. The noodles are silky soft and melt in your mouth. Same with the tofu. The large bowl is big enough to share. Friendly service.

Steph D.

Takeout was super easy, I just called over the phone, and it was ready in ten minutes. It's a little tricky to get to as it's right on el Camino but usually you can find a spot in front.

This place serves northern style pho so thicker noodles, not vermicelli, and only jalapeños and limes as garnish. I ordered the chicken pho for pickup and it was so tasty. The broth was clean, the chicken was super tender, and it was a great bowl of soup for a cold day. The prices are reasonable and they package the noodles and meat separately from the broth. Pho is a hard one to get right with takeout but this place was incredible. I can't wait to go back and bring my family!

Marisa U.

Why did I wait so long to try this place? It's SO GOOD. The pho comes in huge bowls, and they are high end delivery bowls, they don't fall apart. I got tons of delicious vegetable broth and a huge bowl of vegetables. My husband got the filet pho and it was super delicious. One of my favorite foods is sautéed pea shoots and they have them! All hail pho element.

Larion L.

Love this place for their always fresh food!
I understand that chicken pho is simple dish and there is only one recipe for it but this pho tastes better than any others.
Last time we tried their famous tofu, I don't like tofu, I almost never eat tofu, but I ate half of the plate of this tofu.
Vermicelli rolls were good too: fresh, crunchy, flavorful.

Stephanie Cheung

Ordered to go. Contactless payment is available.Our to go place weekly/bi-weekly.Hainanese rice, Rare beef noodle, bun rieu and satay noodles are really good. Highly recommend.Crab season is available don’t miss out on it. Crabs are meatier & sweeter. Must try at Pho element.

Steven G.

Pho Element is a must! We found this Pho place almost 2 years ago and we come by quite a bit! With COVID the takeout takes about 20 minutes - they distance + have sanitizer available.

It has two parking areas, street parking in the front and parking in the back (6~ spaces).

Some of our favorite dishes:

Rare Beef (Filet Mignon) Noodle Soup - Obviously the Pho! It's a great dish. I like the basic Pho with just the beef, but my wife likes it with the Brisket as well. Keep in mind Pho doesn't takeaway great so if you do decide to get it togo I do suggest eating it right away (they do separate all the ingredients for you). Still very tasty! Good portions for everything.

Hainanese Chicken with Rice - Delicious! The rice is very nice and if you like Hainanese Chicken you really can't go wrong with this dish!

BBQ Pork with Rice - Really a solid rice dish, the BBQ Pork is awesome and has a nice texture and flavor.

Shrimp/BBQ Spring Rolls - Again, just solid dishes! Great taste and fresh ingredients.

I highly suggest giving them a try and there are a lot more great options that I'm sure I didn't mention!

Desiree P.

My husband and I tried this spot and we loved it. I ordered the rare stake pho and my husband ordered the pork rice plate. The broth for the pho was so flavorful!! I didn't have to add anything to it to enjoy it. The only thing I didn't like was how thick the noodles were. My husband loved the pork rice plate. It was well seasoned and not dry. Will definitely come back again.

Karen M.

Likes: chicken pho delicious, food take out service efficient

Dislikes: wish they had bean sprouts too but someone told me their region doesn't have bean sprouts in their pho. Is that true? No idea. Either way the pho is still good

Gemma C.

We ordered a combination pho and bbq pork with rice. I would give BBQ pork a 3 star and pho a 4.

Decided to round down because, first, the rare beef that come with pho is directly put on top of the pho, and after 10 mins drive home and all the prep, the soup is not hot enough to cook the meat. Tried to microwave the whole bowl but still didn't get meat done, then tried to take the meat out to boil it. Second they don't use the kind of rice noodle that we normally get even though we asked for small thin rice noodle. This noodle is round versus the regular one is square. But the soup is quite flavorful so it's still worth trying.

Sarah A.

Yum! We had take out from here a little while ago and I was happy to see things like bun rieu on the menu. Seems like there's also a mix of Chinese dishes like veggies too. The kids liked their fried rice but it was a little salty. I had the vermicelli with BBQ pork and imperial rolls which was good and also che ba mau, one of my faves. I love Vietnamese food so I'm glad we have an option nearby. I'll definitely want to try other things like their pho and curry. Thumbs up!

jenni k.

This is our fave pho place in the peninsula. We typically get the chicken pho, beef brisket pho, and the bun rieu (crab + pork meatball w tomatoes).

It's consistently really good and they are usually quick. Staff is always really nice as well.

Venus L.

Such awesome food. Seriously, I can't believe it took Covid and my family to get me to try this place out.

Things I care about:
-spring rolls
-chicken pho - regular size is enough but go big for $1 more

I've ordered via DoorDash a few times - some for take out, some for pick up. Flawless process regardless. Prices are decent for the amount of food you get.

Dae Jin K.

Had the filet and brisket pho. Broth was really good and hearty, something I really needed for the cold weather. Their Togo packaging was amazing. First pho takeout where the size of the bowl actually makes sense for the amount of food given! Will definitely be back.

Only thing they don't give are bean sprouts and mint but for the quality not a deal breaker

Honglei Zhang

The noodle is good, but the choice is slightly limited

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