Pho Element

2216 S El Camino Real, San Mateo
(650) 212-1166

Recent Reviews

Honglei Zhang

The noodle is good, but the choice is slightly limited

Ruth Nelson

Best steak in the Bay Area. Hands down. You'll spend some cash so opt to take your time and order cocktails, wine and three courses.

Christine Wilkins

Better than the other SF steakhouses I've tried (Alfred's, House of Prime Rib). I think I saw Judge Smails and Spaulding in the booth next to me.

Ignacio Wagner

I've tried most of them and I think this is the best steakhouse in San Francisco. I remember the sides being really excellent, but most importantly I remember the steak being really great. My rib eye had great taste and was perfectly crusted. Definitely a winner. I'd put 4.5 if I could.

ches wajda

Pho Element is the place we order from when we've had a bad day or are in need of some comfort – which is now at least once a week!This place is the real deal. Each soup is unique and delicious, with depth and character. They cook with care and love. We feel lucky to have this place so close to where we live.

Lauren D.

I love that this quarantine has me branching out and trying new spots. Found my new pho spot! Food is so fresh and delicious! Speedy delivery through door dash as well which is an added bonus.

Ally P.

This place has the best vegetarian pho I've had. It's sooo yummy and fresh and there are tons of veggies. It's a 4 star only because they use MSG. But otherwise this place is great. Service is great. Price is great.

Hieu P.

I came here multiple times. Big fan of the hainanese chicken rice. The sate pho is good too, but the broth is not hot enough to cook them, so the beef is always pretty raw.

Ayisha Minter

The pho is really good here I haven’t preferred take out since COVID but I love this place!

Sergiy G

Used to order from this place couple of times and always found their Pho good. Today, unfortunately for them, the unforgivable happened, which makes me look elsewhere for my future Pho orders. I ordered as usual through DoorDash and they accepted the order. After that I have received the phone call from them. They were claiming that they cannot fulfill my order and that they can offer me something else if I want, in addition to a saying a lot of things I didn't understand. Long story short - they couldn't give me what I ordered. "Ok, things happen, Not a big deal" - I said. "I do not need any substitutions. Cancel the order then, since you (restaurant) cannot deliver what I ordered". I would normally let it slide and would not hold it against them (even though I left hungry for the rest of the evening), but the next events just made it worse. After I declined their weird offer to substitute meals , they started to ask me to cancel the order. They called two times trying to make/force me to cancel. They knew that if I cancel, they will get all the money for the order and that I will be charged without a refund. Such a shady practice. I would suggest to check the inventory before accepting the orders, and take responsibility for your actions, without attempts to scam your customers.

Maguy LC

Average at best. Chicken curry was full of chopped up carcass with hardly any meat on it. The imperial rolls were the worst I ever had. Will not patronize this restaurant again. Sad because I really love Vietnamese food.

Julia Chang 장은영

A solid pho place. Not bad service during Covid. It seems like lots of people are doing take out. Their peanut sauce was probably the best part of the springs rolls at least.

Notebook B.

Been going to this place for a few months , but just ordered takeout today, and they included a separate to go bowl similar to ramen takeout. This bowl is a game changer ! Much better for eating logistics experience. Instead of typical Chinese to go box where you have to go home and find a pot to heat the soup and assemble noodles that were already squished in that box for 20-30 min. and then transfer it all to your own bowl all the while praying it retains its noodle firmness as you wait for the "noodle brick" to loosen. Also, pho ga portions are quite generous and the soup is tasty and soothing as usual. Definitely worth a five star review !

Karina W.

A consistently great restaurant. Loved this place for sit-in dining (a reliable go-to with friends and family); but during this new COVID era, Pho Element is also the absolute best for delivery/takeout. This place gives generous portions, the food tastes great, and they prepare everything super quickly, so it's perfect if you're really hungry and want to eat as soon as possible (my food was ready for pickup within minutes of putting in my order via DoorDash)! The beef they use in their pho bowls is always really tender and flavorful, and their noodles taste really fresh. Pho Element is my favorite Pho spot in the Bay Area. Also: The Saigon butter tofu is one of my favorite appetizers (love the spice palate they use with this dish), as are their shrimp spring rolls. My family and I have been pleased everything we've tried on their menu.

Oliver Q.

The food got here quick right after we ordered. Kinda bummed they didn't have egg noodles as that's the kids go to Pho, but they still liked it. The rice plate was good and the carpaccio was really good but felt for the price I didn't get enough. Overall the food was good. I would definitely want to try eating here in person instead of ordering for delivery. I recommend to try this spot as its prob one of the best around the area.

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