2220 Bridgepointe Pkwy, San Mateo
(650) 341-0734

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Ana Toouzardt

Best Starbucks ever! Inviting, professional, great energy ! Made my drink just the way I wanted. Thank you Starbucks ! ? best team ever!

Mari C.

I didn't want to write this review but I tried calling the Starbucks in Target directly and when you choose the Starbucks option, the call gets disconnected. I tried calling three times to be sure. After a quick shopping trip, I decided to treat myself to Starbucks on my way out. I ordered two items- drip coffee with creamer and Splenda and egg bites. It wasn't until I was driving away that I took my first sip of cold coffee. Cold! At the first stoplight, I took my first bite of the egg bites and it was cold in the middle. What the heck??

Lisa Del Fante

I love Starbucks. Is the best place to relax and destress .

Helene Babych

Coffee in not good enough.

Adam R.

I went there during their business hours. Starbucks employee said they were closing early and could not make my drink. I said I was in line during their regular hours and they agreed to make my drink. I requested a cold blended drink. They said not only did they not have mocha but also they had already cleaned their blender and could not make another blended drink. Poor customer service. I did not purchase a drink from them. Would not recommend this location.

Owen L.

I ordered for a salted carmael hot mocha a while ago. I came back because the staff lady wd curly hair didnt make my salted caramel coffee wd salt and caramel. When i told them that i want that they gave me an attitude telling me dont come back there anymore said "Henry" the asian young dude. I am wearing my mask and they told me im not wearing it right, who are they to tell me im not wearing a mask when i knew thats a protocol. He choose to say that just because i asked them to make my coffee right the way it should be. He told me not to come back there thrice. I will not gonna come back wd the kind of service the curly lady and Henry provided to me. This is my 1st time experiencing such a rediculously rude customer service they provided, they dont have to tell me not to come back there coz i will not spend my money for bad service. Horrible Starbucks in San Mateo Target. If i could give a zero star review,i would! These idiots just lost a lot of business bc of their unprofessionalism! I cant believe that the store owner doesnt change and train his employee despite of all negavtive reviews they getting because of their rude service staff.

Josef Kennedy E.

I've known Starbucks for its positive customer experience, but this was not the case at this Starbucks. Before we were even in line, the man in the photo immediately began yelling at us- we were trying to adjust our baby in his stroller because it got tied up in his arm, and there was no one in line behind us, but he, with a loud voice, exclaimed "If you're not going to order then leave the line". We moved aside to fix our babies straps, then went back into the line. Once we reached the point where it was time to take our order, a very nice young lady was the cashier and the rude man was barista. I asked the cashier how they make the pumpkin spice cold brew to confirm how much dairy it contains, and the rude barista doesn't give a chance for the cashier to answer, yelling from across her shoulder to us "we don't have any more of that pick something else". Then I asked for a grande in a venti chai, to which he again interrupts the kind cashier and tells us they can't do grande in a venti, I have to pay for venti. As a starbucks gold member, I'm pretty sure this isn't true as I frequently order grande in a venti to make room to add milk. I didn't argue with him and just let him charge me for a venti. He places our prepares drinks on the counter without saying anything, and when I approach the counter trying to read the drink to see if it's ours, he says to us loudly as he tosses things around the sink "that's obviously yours" Finally, towards the end of our visit, our baby throws up on himself. I take a quick seat at the empty lobby away from other people so I can quickly clean him up and get moving, but this rude man is quick to leave the barista stand, follow us to the lobby, and yell "you can't sit there! you have to leave!" Extremely horrible starbucks experience facilitated by an awful human being. I hope management takes notice of this terrible employee.

Jacklyn B.

The barista with the fake lashes who worked this morning is a SLOTH. I honestly don't see why she was hired. Awful customer service. Don't waste your time going to this one because all you're going to get are kids working and a watery cold brew.

211 MOB

Coffee always tastes burnt.

David Brucker

Good customer service and coffee.


This place is crazy but the baristas are pretty epic


Open super early. Friendly branch. Usual selection and service. Pls fit of indoor seating but not huge. Also plenty of outdoor seating if the weather is better. Perfect if you are visiting the nearby stores

felix zhai

Poor attitude


Located in Target Store and purchased a ham croissant that looked nothing like the display sample, after it was heated. Servers not very interested. Not many healthy food choices.

Louise B.

This used to be a great Target. Since remodeling, I dislike attempting to shop here. (1) Music is too loud. Makes me want to just get out of the store, as fast as I can. (2) Difficult to find items. Items listed on web are not in the section of the store as listed. (3) Difficult to find and employee(s) to help. (4) Lighting is now glaring. It used to be more pleasant and less harmful to the eyes. So....... Go back to some of your old ways that made you so great, and made people want to come into the store!! (1) Turn off the music. (2) Change the lights back to non-glaring, non-led lights. (3) Hire more helpful, Intelligent employees with customer service in mind. Otherwise, you have lost customers........ might as well go to Amazon.

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