Mr. Green Bubble San Mateo

2986 S Norfolk St, San Mateo
(650) 358-0352

Recent Reviews

Monish Prabu Chandran

Just a flavored water. Nowhere close to Tpumps or happy lemon boba tea.


Honey Rose Milk Tea hot with boba was good. 50% sweet was a bit too sweet for me


No concept of order priority. Ordered just 1 drink and snack that took 20 min. Two parties that ordered after me had multiple snacks and drinks and got theirs before mine. Definitely not returning.


Love there drinks great service

Vanessa Campos

Drinks were great and came out super fast. Chicken was on point. Not overdone and the spices were delicious. I’m so sad the other South Bay locations closed.

Nick Mosh

Hit and miss on service but the mango blaze smoothie is great and the spicy chicken is too.

nicks random vids

Hit and miss on service but the mango blaze smoothie is great and the spicy chicken is too.

Erica Lin

Very good! My favorite is the Rosy Kiss and the popcorn chicken is very good!

cali mm650

Great and delicious drinks awsome service

Aidan O'Leary

Love this place a hidden jem

Carlos Sidijaya

Great tropical drinks

Kei Y.

So I ordered from this place tonight via door dash and got the calamari. I put in the instructions to please not over cook it. I got my order and it is over cooked. I don't know if they got offended or anything but I'm sorry if I did offend the people working there. My mom is going to eat some of this and she has mild dysphagia meaning she has difficulty chewing and swallowing. I don't understand why they are like this now.

Cynthia C.

This is one of my default boba places in San Mateo. They're quick and open late. Also has a lot of options. I typically get the roobios tea and it always hits the spot! I'm trying to eat my sugar and not drink it so haven't tried many of their sugar drinks. But hubs likes it! Hope they can make it thru this! Go support them!

Mike K.

I ordered the passion QQ today but didn't pay attention when picking up the order. I later found out there's no boba or jelly in my tea, it's basically tea only.

Jennifer N.

I was surprised to find this SuperCue here since the rest in the Bay Area seemed to have shut down already. This location is in a pretty busy plaza but was able to find a spot after circling around one time. It's tucked away behind a pho restaurant. I got the house milk tea light sweet with no toppings and I honestly wasn't impressed. It was about $4 with no toppings, which is on the cheaper side for a drink nowadays, but you get what you pay for.

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