Little Caesars Pizza

2071 23rd St, San Pablo
(510) 237-7499

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Nice service and good pizza ??????

Yamilex Hurtado

Good pizza ?

Eduardo c.

I ordered 3 pizzas for delivery and only recieved 2. I tried talking to the manger and they made me go get the other pizza after I asked all 3 for delivery. I don't recommend this place. They have terrible customer service. If you wanna be upset this is definitely for you. If not don't.

Julian Manzo

Today I went to buy a cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza and the cheese pizza was over cooked it was kind of hard and both of the pizzas weren't cut correctly. the pepperoni pizza was half cooked. Never coming back to this location. who ever made the pizza was mad they was working. I will be spending my money at the el cerrito location

Jocelyn F.

Great customer service was very nice and polite . Took my order very thoroughly and didn't make any mistakes. The food is also good it was hot and fresh

Linda Martinez

Delicious good well recommended

Tia T.

They have Great Chicken Wingz?

ANgeleS ObaNdO

I love pizza ❣️❣️❣️

pedro carrasco

Is a good little Caesars pizza and fast food.

Manny Manny

Good pizza fast prepped!

Sincerly Kimani

My pizza was not cooked correctly . I wish they’d prepared my food more properly . Iam pregnant so I am pretty frustrated and hungry ?

Jacqueline F.

I ordered from here to pick up in the morning and I was told that I should expect an extra 1/2 hour, so instead of picking up at 11 am for my class party, I had to pick up at 11:25-11:30 because there were so many order. This made sense because it is the end of the year, and pizzas are very popular for class parties. But my class was over at noon and I wanted to have the pizzas in my class as close to 11 as possible. I ordered the pizzas from the El Cerrito location and called to change the time of the pickup to 5:30 for my evening class. I called four times and was kicked off the line. So I went to them after leaving the class. I'm glad that they were open til 10 pm. I was able to change the time of the pick up easily, but it bothered me that I had to go there physically to make the change. I chose to pick up with them up. Again, they were ready and I paid and walked away with two pies. My students liked them, however, my problem is that my name was mispelled on the box. I wish that the person who took my order would have checked with me. I also realize that having a Spanish surname through my marriage, she may have assumed the Spanish spelling. But, the people were totally nice, got my order and again I didn't have to pay ahead of time. I would order from them again for my evening class. I live in the area and planned to leave the class party at 1:00, go home and pick up the pies on the way to the evening class party, but that's not what happened. I had time on my hand, went to get gas for my car, went to a couple of stores for some pumpkin pies (for the party) and then had to go all of the way to 23rd street from Albany. It was long, but I got there and my pizza's were ready, so I was very happy. I'd order for my class if in the area, but if I need to travel anywhere, I will order from El Cerrito.

Maria Stevens

Came across a coupon for Little Cesar’s for small pizzas for the grand chickens, er grand children.... I also ordered an 8 slice Hawaiian pizza for myself. It’s not a high class epicurean delight, it’s Little Cesar’s. Not a lot of variety to the pizza but for the price ~ $10, it’s perfect to fill your belly. If you’re looking for comfort food, warm, fresh and filing.....well, this is your place. Give it a go !!!

kev cox

As usual fast and easy

Michelle A.

Great price, fast service! Friendly Staff and online ordering is good and very convenient!

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