Lumpia N Desserts

13993 San Pablo Ave, San Pablo
(510) 255-7680

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Johnna H.

Sooo Delicious and very nice staff, They have many different items to chooseand all soooo delicious!!

Yun C.

I've been here several times now, its so great to have a place to grab filipino food nearby!!! So them taking over the Chinese restaurant was certainly a great addition to the San Pablo community. I've been here during SIP only so it's always been a takeout. My only complain though is that you have to wait around 40-45minutes for your food to be ready, which means that it requires some planning to get food from here. The good thing is that it means their food is always fresh! My favorite items from them is definitely the lechon kawali. It is not for everyone since it's deep fried, pork belly, and could be a bit dry to some, but I love it so much! I also like their chicken adobo, they come in wings pieces, btw, so if you're not a fan of wings, sorry... the beef steak is also good, though it is on the sweet side, which hubby loves! ( hubby's favorite).Lumpia, turon, come in several options. You just have to ask them what they have available that day. They are good too, and always freshly fried! The best thing about this place is that they package the food really really really well! Have you ever experienced coming home with all the sauces of your takeout, spilling all over the bag??!!! Yeah, it happens to me all the time! But Lumpia & Desserts actually shrink wrapped your food! So no leakage!!!! Yay!!!!!I have not tried their silog plates, but if you want bang for your bucks, certainly get their combo plates because the portion is generous. Btw, their halo2 is legit too and good to share! Come check them out if you freshly prepared filipino food! Yumm, I'm hungry now.

Jeanell J.

This is a great spot for lumpia, and I like that they also have vegetarian lumpia. Although they tend to run out of vegetarian lumpia by dinner time. They have a great selection of turon falavors, but I tend to stick to banana. I wish the turon wasn't so thick and a bit sweeter, but none of those are deterrents from my repeated orders because they are good. Plus, when I ask, they will make them sweeter. Oh! They have excellent customer service. Very helpful and accommodating.I've ordered a few of their meat dishes and they taste okay. They are not as flavorful as I am accustomed so they are not my first choice for meat dishes.

Tia N.

Wanted to try this place because I love lumpia! So while running errands I stopped here to see what was up with their large lumpia. Once I park, I get out to go to the door where you order and no one is there. So I wait, browse the menu, and rang the bell they have tapped to the desk. No one came. So I came back to my in an attempt to call them. The # on the menu doesn't work. Seen another number on the building, called and no one answered. Guess I won't be eating here.

Kenneth Gipson

Great service, prompt, and professional. Authentic Filipino flavor. I ordered beef and pork lumpia. Should have gotten more, they went too fast. The adobo could use more vinegar and onions but other than that it was spot on. I also had the pork bicol express which was also delicious.

Erica R.

I ordered chicken and shrimp lumpia, chicken adobo, chicken pancit, fried chicken wings. The only thing I will come back for is the lumpia and chicken adobo. Pancit was super bland. No flavor what so ever. Worst I have ever had. I feel like they just cooked the noodles, boiled some chicken and stir fried a few veggies and threw it together. No seasoning no flavor! Horrible.Chicken adobe was good. Flavorful. Only problem was they charge separate for rice! I wanted a regular size abobe and I had to pay for rice??? I don't get that. They had an option for a "combo" but it was less adobo because it was half rice and half adobo. For the PRICE of a regular adobo you should include rice that's ridiculous. Anywho it was good though will definitely get it again.Chicken wings- ehh they were ok but I can get better chicken wings. They were small party wings and for the price I just will not get them there. Lumpia- great. I'll be back for that!! Not really much to say but for a dollar and some change, try one or two or six! Good customer service nice lady taking orders. I really wanted some good pancit. If anyone knows a good place let me know! I hope they fix it.

Lennox Morris

This restaurant offers great service as well as delightful meals. One of the best place in town. The meals arrived quick and the rates are fair. Recommended.

Edmund Haynes

Absolutely a place worth trying, the food is fantastic and well prepared, the pricing is convenient and it is regularly well organized here. Highly recommended.

Ichigo N.

I was like happy to see my food. Then tasting it was the problem. The pork Tocino was so sweet all you can taste was just sugar couldn't eat it. It was diabetes waiting to happen. Next was the lumpia hhhmmm was ok just a little to salty but, can still eat it. Me I am a very big fan of garlic rice. But, this it didn't taste like Filipina garlic rice. It taste like they just took the rice and topped it with garlic powder. The only thing that taste good on this plate was the eggs, spam and hotdog. I'm a Filipina and traditionally we eat with our hands but, really they didn't supply no eating utensils or napkins... My 9 year old daughter can cook better food than this. I had to throw out the rest of the food. Hopefully next time the food will be better. Will try them again a year from this post...

Jon P.

Off the beaten path for someone like me. Driving on 80 east and has a craving for some Filipino food. Lo and behold google maps lead us to this establishment that provides us with the best lumpia in the bay. Adobo is so, so and the above average prices I don't agree with. Over all, friendly staff, good Lumpia cook to order in 15 minutes during Covid-19 season gets a .

Tim P

Good food but corona conditions impact hrs too much

Left Alone

DO NOT EAT HERE!!! Pancit/no color just white noodles. Bistek/too oily beef still rough. Inside is decorated in chinese culture.. Makes me question the authenticity... Is this real pinoy???

Tiffany C.

They are doing great work here! It seemed like they were stretched pretty thin but still took the time to call me and see how long it would take me to get there so my lumpia would be as fresh as possible. And it really was. I got the beef and pork lumpia ($30 for 2 dozen). The pork lumpia is pretty sweet on its own so I prefer the beef only slightly because it pairs a little better with the sweet chili sauce that comes with your order. Both were good but I am really happy with the service at this place and I hope they get more business! Love supporting small businesses? Try this place

Reece Eaton

This place is excellent! Reasonable rates, big dishes and the employees are constantly very welcoming.

nia chappell

Delicious Filipino food! Very kind staff.

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