3320 San Pablo Dam Rd, San Pablo
(510) 223-9226

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Cecilia N.

After working out or if I'm just having late night cravings, I always turn to McDonald's. The food is always consistent, fresh, delicious, and fast. They were very ontop of health regulations for COVID here which I greatly appreciated and the staff were all young but very mature and focused. The bathroom was very clean and the janitor was always cleaning it after someone used it. It's a great place to go if you're having some cravings or just want to grab something quick to eat. What can be improved is when they bring me my food that it isn't like a huge mess. There's always fries all over the bottom of my bag, burgers getting squished, or they forget some sauces I asked for but it happens to everyone.

Rodolfo Gomez

I have proven once more that no matter which McDonalds you go to they got a bunch of Dotards working there. Went to this one in El Sobrante and everything was wrong from the cashier who got my order wrong to making me park while they brought my order and still was missing items. God dam retarded employees?

Lucky's Science Channel

I always come here but as of today i will not go back i found a bug in my coke soda not good at all im so glad i took off the lid due to they didnt give me a straw so be careful when going here

Deemster aaa

It's McDonald's, I didn't eat there I just parked there

Michael Hakes

Great food and staff. Love this location

Javier Ochoa

They're doing construction at moment and play ground is no longer there too. Fast food and Starbucks right next door.



Javier OchoaBieyra

They're doing construction at moment and play ground is no longer there too. Fast food and Starbucks right next door.

Cassandra Dews

Burger was cold served very messy

ChrissyNmartin E

The people here at not friendly at all. Sure they are fast but friendly far from it. I don't expect people to bow down at me when i order but this location lacks service if you visit jack in the box down the street san pablo dam and appian they have great service and they are fast also. Mcdonalds in elsobrante is just sad.

Vanessa Johnson

Food tastes much better than the location near contra Costa collegs

Phyllis Jackson

I love it.

Kim Candelaria

It was clean and mask were worn, good job

Roger LaClear

Had to park and wait for the hash brown

Athena O.

I normally don't write reviews, but after how I was treated here I will, sorry if it's a bit long. I went today with husband and kids, for the McGriddles but they didn't have any. Ok, fine under stable, but then the woman at the intercom was being rude and rushing me, and again still understandable it was a busy drive thru. Got to the window, she ignored for a good minute or so as she was still taking orders, didn't say hold on or anything, eventually she came to the window, told me my total again, and I gave her my debit card. I seen she ran it twice and noticed she wasn't paying attention as another employee started talking to her, I seen she presses a few buttons and I assumed she voided it. Gave me card back, but no receipt, I tried to ask her for one but again she ignored me and looked to be talking to someone out of sight. By then I noticed the line was getting longer and I was getting annoyed to be ignored and not told anything of what's going on. Then, out of nowhere I'm assuming the manager showed up, replaced the roll, both ignored and didn't say anything of what was happening, finally after another 3-4 minutes they noticed I was still there the manager asked if I wanted my receipt. I said "yes, please" still trying to be polite and patient. Neither handed it to or said anything else and the manager just walked away. After another minute, the lady taking orders told me it was at the other window, I still being polite said "thank you", I drove to the second window and she didn't say anything either no apology no sorry for the wait nothing, just handed me my food, then as she was handing me my drinks which I seen she said my receipt was right there and to have a nice day. That was it. Like wtf. So, I told my husband when we get home (since the boys were getting cranky and wanted to eat) that I'm checking my card online and making sure the food is correct. The food is correct, and delicious, but I noticed I was charged double on my card. I thought she had voided that but since she didn't say anything and neither did I she probably assumed I didn't see it, well I called them and no answer, sent to voicemail which I left them, my husband called and same thing. It's been 3 hours and still no call back. So, I said "f it!" I will do the survey and tell them what's going on, I will give it one more hour to see if they call me back if not I'm calling cooperate. I'm usually a pretty patient person, but the way I was treated and talked to, being double charged with no explanation the entire time waiting there, I will not be returning there no matter how convenient the place is.

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