Happy Diner #2

1931 N Gaffey St, San Pedro
(310) 935-2933

Recent Reviews

Dave D.

Excellent food and service. Great breakfast lunch and dinner type selections. Not on the menu no worries they will make it!!! The service was outstanding.

Sean D.

I've read some of the negative complaints and can't believe people complain about the smallest, dumbest things. This is a pretty good diner. Wife and I go here all the time and food and service is good.

Charlene H.

This is one of my favorite spots to come and enjoy a meal. Always ! With my family and they all love it too! Never unsatisfied. Know and love the people here as well. We travel just to eat here too. Can't go wrong here guys Enjoy!

Robert C.

A busy diner on a Sunday morning. The counter seating area was open with six stools available. It was not offered as an option. The front counter lady started a wait list with our party of two. I should have asked for seating at the bar though figured that they were not using it due to Covid. There were also three open tables for two each down the hallway. One party of two that arrived after us were seated at the counter and another party of two were seated in the hallway. Another person then told us that the wait for a table in the main area would be some time and offered the hallway. After being seated down a hallway with no view, along with a dirty table and incomplete silverware, we then chose to seat ourselves at the counter. After all of this waiting we then waited another fifteen minutes at the counter to order. One of us ordered coffee which arrived in a mug with dirty coffee stains on the outside and chipped porcelain at the base. When the food arrived the order for my wife was incorrect. Sausage was on the plate versus the bacon on the order ticket. Hunger and the length of the wait justified not asking for it to be corrected. It took some effort to obtain a refill for the coffee. When queuing up to pay the bill, another customer came to the side and paid their bill while I was still waiting. The customer in front of me was offered a copy of the bill. Upon paying the bill and signing the receipt, such an offer was not made and I was left holding onto the bill with neither of the employees in front standing nearby. They both walked away. I finally obtained the attention of another employee to ask for a copy of the receipt. The food was fine. The service was poor. The communication was worse. The organization was poor. The true test of any business is how well they handle the busy periods while upholding their standards. Unfortunately, this business failed to provide a standard that was enjoyable.

Michael G.

Awesome experience and great food. Staff is amazing and work really hard to make the environment fun and memorable

Karen B.

Hole in the wall cafe in a strip mall. Super friendly staff, tasty food, served quickly. Can't ask for more than that! My go-to place for breakfast when I'm in the area. When you order fresh fruit as a side it's a very nice variety...not the typical melons that most places serve. Today was strawberries, pineapple, bananas, apples, watermelon, and grapes.

Nichole Malea

After passing by this place so many different times I finally got a chance to stop by and I was really craving a Cobb salad and was very disappointed a Cobb salad is supposed to have blue cheese crumbles they gave me cheese that look like Jack and cheddar confetti not to mention the avocado it just was black it was green on one side and black and brown on another side and they flipped the black and brown side over onto the salad so I don't see myself giving it another try I thought about it but I can't ?

Paulette D.

Happy diner get's five star from P.S. Tours we had lunch for 45 people. The staff was great, the food was delicious we were in and out in a little over and hour. Our hat's off to the staff. We pre-ordered the Cheese Burger, Tuna Melt, Chicken Club, Shrimp Salad. My favorite was the Shrimp Salad the shrimp was to the best I have ever had. Our first stop was Point Vincent Interpretive Center. We were on our way the the Point Fermin Lighthouse and the Korean Friendship Bell. Lots of choices and pricing is good.

David Vogel

Great local breakfast place. No fancy decor just good food and friendly staff!

David Steinitz

This may be one of the best deals around for food in the San Pedro area. Nice outdoor seating. A very good menu. Very nice people that are very attentive and the best is there is lots of parking. We try to get by there once a week.

Damian Bożewicz

Big selection of good. Mostly Mexican. Decent prices. Nice and friendly staff. Clean in overall. Not super crowded when we walked. We went there for breakfast and we were not disappointed


I had a very pleasant experience eating here, great service since the moment we arrived, I had a great Mexican omelette with awesome coffee. Parking is limited but definitely worth it!

flor ramos

I got chocolate chip pancakes & some hash browns & it was so yummy!! Definitely recommend

Charles S.

The hot chicken omelette with spicy Mayo is amazing. They pack the to go good with the very thing you could possibly needs napkins utensils sauces etc....friendly staff

Janis G.

Fantastic food and the portions are large. My favorite is the Home Fried Potatoes that come with most breakfast items or can be ordered as a side dish. There's nothing like home cooking!

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