PANINO Montecito

1014 Coast Village Rd #0725, Santa Barbara
(805) 565-0137

Recent Reviews

H N.

Clean, quick, fresh simple. Parking right in front, had option to eat in or out doors.


Made a booking for my husband and I. Service and food were both fantastic. So the arancini balls are a must, along with the magarita pizza! Food is also reasonably priced!


Great pizzeria good quality dough everybody commented on the quality of the pizza we also had some arancini and some shrimps with beans all great

Marissa DiAngelis

Best sandwiches ever

Michael M

We live in Italy part of the year, and this is how pizza is supposed to taste! And the most important accompaniment is quite frankly the friendly smile that comes with the sunny environment--you'll find it here, too. Outstanding experience!

Jennifer Nachtigall

Excellent special sandwich shop. Delicious very tasty. Quick. Italian sandwich amazing meat.


I was not impressed with the pizzas. Unfortunately, the acoustics are not good. Very noisy restaurant. Attractive decor, however. Good for families with children.

Abel Iverson

I frequently stop here for a number 27 on focaccia. Great place to grab a quick bite to eat, do yourself a favor and check them out. I have had almost everything on the menu and never have been disappointed.

Nate Evans

Sandwiches and salads that never disappoint. Quality food, quick service, and constantly delicious flavors. A go-to lunch spot for locals.

carla sanchez

Probably one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. We drive up from L.A. just to grab one sometimes. Number 10 extra sun dried tomatoes on focaccia all the way!

Joshua Gagné

This is a great sandwich shop!! My wife and I always grab PANINO on our way home from a weekend trip in Santa Ynez. Our go to sandwich is # 10 with extra sundried tomatoes! This is a must have stop for sandwich lovers!!

Eric Fulkerson

Ridiculously REAL pizza!

Ana M.

Food is great but rude stinky guy with long hair working there. I rather drive downtown to buy my staff sandwiches. I've made several complaints to his manager Jesse and he still has a bad attitude. That really makes me sad to see employees act that way.

Jill L.

Absolutely love this place. Best sandwiches around. My favorite sandwich is number 9.

n wall

Really good sandwiches. A lot if options for you to choose.

James McCully

Delicious food

daren green

Fresh and tasty sandwiches in a convenient location and nice staff.

Shannon C.

Usually I love this place, my boyfriend and I frequent there often. Today I tried calling multiple times - the phone is clearly off the hook (why have a phone number if you don't keep the phone on the hook) either way it's close enough to our house I went in and ordered. The service is always so/so but the food usually wins us over. Today I found not only one but TWO hairs in my sandwich. Tried calling AGAIN to speak to someone and let them know but unfortunately it's STILL busy. Highly disappointed and would love to hear back from whom ever is in charge.

William Todorov

Salads and sandwiches, delicious

Arch Angel

Great sandwich

Jack K.

As much as I love this place for it's food, it's service is lacking. I tried to call in an order, but the line was busy. Fair enough, it's lunch, so I'm sure they're stacked. Gave it 30 minutes and called again, still busy. Repeated two more times and the line was still busy. Gave up and just decided to walk in. As I'm ordering, the phone is off it's charger and turned off. Seriously? This has happened on several occasions so either they refuse to take care of their equipment or just don't manage their employees well. Which is disappointing, because their food is fantastic.

Randy Wilson

Very nice sandwiches, with a great vegetarian selection. My brother loves #11, the chicken and roasted peppers. The artichoke hearts sandwich was also wonderful.

Michael Stephens

Amazing sandwiches and great location

rebecca g.

Greek salad was lacking interesting stuff. Also, the chicken curry wrap was fine - not particularly inspired but fine. But the biggest problem was, the 5 people who arrived after us were served before us - which was a problem as we were driving back to LA. We THINK what happened was the cashier didn't see my husband put a tip in the jar. FYI.

Nicolas Jubert

Most delicious sandwich! !

Danielle P.

Amazing options! Loved the mixed veggie sandwich on sourdough (vegan friendly). My bf had the turkey salami on focaccia and said it was delicious. We grabbed ours to go and brought them to Butterfly beach down the street. Perfect!

Marin C.

Delicious sandwiches! We had the salami and goat cheese and the chicken and pesto. Both were very tasty and well packed to take on our picnic to the zoo. The bread was fresh and delicious all of the ingredients were fresh. The staff was cheerful and helpful, even though we got there right when it opened. A good selection of bottled drinks.

Dr. Steve P.

The Montecito location is a great spot to have a fast, tasty, healthy meal. I particularly enjoy their cobb salad. Fresh, green, and full of prosciutto, turkey, and avocados to satisfy. I'm always happy and pleased with Panino, great spot for lunch.

Darrell Lovin

This place is delicious! Since I moved to the CA I haven't been in a while and I am craving the hell out of these sandwiches and lemon pepper wings. Have never had a bad experience at this place. Sometimes it's really packed so call in an order or pull up a seat and some chips and wait patiently.

Megan S.

Never trust a sandwich shop that has NO PICKLES AND NO DELI MUSTARD!! I opted for the chicken southwest soup since they can't do a proper sandwich. Let's just say it was canned bean and corn soup.

Sasha H.

I love Panino! My favorite is the avocado provolone sandwich, best sauce as well, I don't know what it is but I could have it forever! Amazing sandwich place and make sure to get the focaccia bread! yum!

Jenna G.

To be honest, not my favorite sandwich place. It was totally fine, but I wouldn't go out of my way to tell someone "you have to eat here it's amazing" Staff: Everyone there was super nice, looked like they were in high school or college and were very friendly. Food: I got a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich on sourdough bread, which is what I get at Bay Cities in Santa Monica. It might have been the bread, but it just wasn't that amazing. The other bread choices were unappealing, foccacia (too soft and bread), wheat slice (usually not that good). I tried my friend's turkey and brie which was definitely better, but again the bread wasn't that amazing. And bread is such a big part of a sandwich, so that was a little disappointing. Overall: I wouldn't NOT go here again, I just wouldn't go out of my way to go here again.

Jonathan Wells

By the name I assumed we might find pressed panini sandwiches here, but no hot sammys at all. Disappointing.

Meg W.

Stopped for lunch here today. The name is misleading. In my mind when I think of a panini, I think of it being hot from a panini grill. Not so Panino. They have a great selection of COLD and DRY sandwiches but that's it. Quite disappointing. They need to invest in a good panini maker and realize their potential. Won't be back.

Heather E.

A business where the owner clearly cares about staff and clientele. Cute, clean and very tasty salads and sandwiches. Stopped by on a whim while visiting family and will return on subsequent visits and the family who are local go there a lot. After the way the owner handled a delicate situation, I know she won our loyalty. Plus it's just plain tasty. All fresh and very aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well.

Leticia D.

Awesome sandwiches if you wish to pay a la cart prices. I had the pesto chicken sandwich and it was full of flavor and delicious!

Misty Z.

Honestly, best sandwiches I've ever had come from this place. And I love sandwiches. My favorite is the curry chicken on focaccia. So good and unique. It's the place I look forward to visiting most when in the SB area.

Brandon C.

I was the recipient of a delicious roast chicken with basil and provolone. It was desperately needed as I was feeling a bit under the weather and needed something to keep my strength up. The bread was soft, chewy and sinfully carbtastic. The chicken and provolone were perfectly warmed and melted together with honey mustard. It was a great sized portion and I was definitely full when finished. The quality was great and I felt like I had eaten well and was happy. Panino in Montecito is definitely on my "go-to" list from now on.

Cammy M.

As my daughter was eating a turkey sandwich at Panino, a piece of a slimy tomato fell out, as did a slimy cucumber. How long does Panino keep their veggies? These were not freshly cut. And olives should last a long time, but I had to spit mine out of my Greek salad, as they tasted foul. This is Montecito, and I expected more from them. But I'd have been better off going to Vons, buying some organic lettuce, some bread and the fixings and making my own lunch. Or better yet go to Pierre Lafond Market & Deli at 516 San Ysidro Rd.

Jim D.

Great Little Sandwich Shop! I tried Panino for the first time yesterday. I was not familiar with this particular restaurant or the chain, but it's a popular place among locals and Westmont College students, as evidenced by the line to order! From what I could tell, your options are sandwiches, salads or a soup selection. There is a wide variety of sandwich options -- probably 15 to 20, including several vegetarian options. You also have a choice of four or five bread options. I chose the Cobb sandwich on Focascia bread and an iced tea. It came to about $15. I made a wise choice. The bread is soft and flavorful. The sandwich consists of "Sliced Roast Chicken Breast, Prosciutto, Fresh Tomato, Basil, Sliced Red Onion, English Stilton Cheese, Avocado topped w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette and Organic Greens." For me, it was just the right blend of Stilton, avocado and balsamic. The sandwich sounds like it would be huge to accommodate everything, but it's not obscene. :-) Very manageable. My friend ordered the Turkey with Brie half sandwich with a cup of Artichoke soup. She was pleased as well. She has been to this location several times, tries something different each time, and said she's always been pleased. Four things to note about Panino -- or at least this location in particular... 1) Drink cups are small, but they do refills if you ask. 2) This location has about six tall tables with four stools at each inside and two outside tables. When I went at lunch time, I got the last table. It forced a couple of people to share tables with others or just leave. I wouldn't describe the seating as comfortable; this is a sandwich shop where you come, eat, and leave without wanting to linger. 3) Parking is a little bit of a challenge, since this restaurant shares a parking lot with Vons. 4) It's a great stopping point if you're heading to Chumash from the San Fernando Valley. It's right off the freeway, and after lunch, it's only about 45 minutes to Chumash. I'd definitely recommend this location of Panino for a quick bite. And I'd recommend getting something with their Stilton!