Nothing Bundt Cakes

24278 Valencia Blvd, Valencia
(661) 291-2424

Recent Reviews

Ryan Nelson

I have been coming to Nothing Bundt Cakes for a couple years now and I don't think I have ever had a bad experience. Everyone that works there is wonderful and kind and help with everything! Also the bundt cakes are delicious.

Jennifer M.

We would go to nothing bundt cakes for everything... birthdays, holidays, to get treats for teachers, the list goes on. But we will NEVER again be buying bundt cakes from here. Went in to buy some classic vanilla, was charged, was handed the bag, and then was told that they couldn't sell them to me. I needed to pick a different flavor to swap it for. I went specifically for classic vanilla. I didn't want another flavor. Then was given attitude to have my card refunded. Because did I mention that I was charged and handed the bag? Finally got my card refunded but could not be given an answer why I couldn't buy the bundt cakes. The manager couldn't be bothered to come out of the back of the store to tell me anything. Sorry nothing bundt cakes, you lost a very loyal customer. I wish I could give zero stars but you have to give at least one. Lame.

Preston Valentine

The food was amazing. Service treated us so nice. This place has a cool atmosphere.

Trevor Kemp

Two thumbs up for this place. The staff was very friendly and kind. The prices are good for what you get. Food and atmosphere reminds me of Atlanta.

Craig Baker

In 1997, Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz joined forces to help make cakes to entertain their friends and family. The cakes they made were delicious, unlike anything anyone had tasted. As a result, their friends and family asked them to entertain more and more.

Monica T.

I love the bundt cakes here. The service is amazing and they always have samples. Totally recommend it!

M T Summers

Service is always timely even when they have a full house. The place has an awesome atmosphere.

Princess J.

The ONLY reason I gave this 1 star is because of the odd customer service I just experienced. I honestly wish I would have kept the receipt so I could have gotten the name, but I came in a little bit after 5pm on the 5th of Nov and I think I remember her having blonde hair. When I walked in I noticed I wasn't greeted at all. That's fine. It's almost closing time for them I get it, but a few moments later, a mother and daughter come in as well as another customer and they're greated warmly. I found that odd. I then quickly ordered my cake and when I went to pay, ( I gave the card to her in her hand) I reached for my card and she slaps it on the table and tells me in a cold manner to sign the other receipt. I thought that maybe it was all in my head, but as I'm signing the paper, she had already walked over to join in on the conversation the other cashier was having with another customer. She was VERY warm an inviting to them. I just left very confused. As a person that works in the food industry as well, I understand the importance of great customer service and the impression it can leave on not only the store, but the company. Let's just say it left an odd unwelcoming taste. :/ I also understand that there are times where you're not on your A game or you simply do not want to be there and I get that as well. What's not fine is taking that out on customers, more importantly picking and choosing who to be welcoming to. I LOVE these cakes, especially the confetti cake, but I'm not going to go where I'm not wanted and she made it pretty clear that I shouldn't be there. It's unfortunate that I have to let go of such an awesome place. :(

Michelle O.

I always love going here but I went there the other day and ordered 6 small bundt cakes for an event that was the next day. They were in the bag and I did asked for 2 lemons, 2 chocolate chips , 1 marble and 1 white chocolate raspberry. I remember the young girl who was working restated my order and she said it correct so I grabbed the bags and left. The next day when I was getting ready to bring them to my event I was unpacking them and saw that only 3 of the cakes that I asked for were correct the other 3 were ones that I did not even ask for! I was so disappointed and upset because these were not the ones I had paid for and asked for. Furthermore, this is not the first time this has happened to me. So be sure if you are ordering more than 1 cakes you double check to ensure you were given the correct flavors you requested!

Navigail B.

WAS never a fan of cakes or cupcakes until now. and this place is why. wow wow wow i love this place!! i always get the bundtinis. in that way, i can try out all different flavors without feeling too guilty my favorites are chocolate chocolate chip and red velvet, my son's too! we got two dozens for just the two of us on his birthday! i swear, i am never buying cakes anywhere else!

Scarlett B.

When I first experienced Nothing Bundt Cakes it was amazing! The most delicious, moist, perfectly flavored cake you've ever had. Living in Lancaster we would make special trips to Valencia just for the cakes. Recently we picked up some mini ones for a work party and something about them has changed. The taste and texture is different. We use to be able to refrigerate our left over cakes but this last time they where absolutely disgusting the next day. I heard the big cake is still the same, that's why I gave 3 stars, but I don't think it's worth the drive anymore. I will try them again down the road, in hopes it goes back to the way they use to be.

Nicholas Mays

Astounding! Some of ther best cake I've ever had in my entire life! Do yourself a favor and pick up a few...or 10.

Isa The Producer

Friendly staff and great cakes. What more could you ask for?

Shannon G.

YES. Yessssss. Yes. I freaking love this place. Such a cute store set up and the cakes are amazing. I like their little bundtinis the best. Helps me from over indulging and more to share! :)

Ashlee R.

I live this place! Always great service and friendly people. The cakes are always moist and delicious

Michael A.

As I was finishing my treat over by Yogurtland, I immediately went straight to this unique cake style called nothing Bundt cakes. There seemed to be many women coming in and out of this place and after walking in, I knew why. Most of the stuff inside the store are catering to children and family. The vibrant colors and decoration all over was peaceful. Then, came the menu with all its prices and types of cake. The cake has white frosting that come down from the cake in a wormlike pattern which I thought was unique. They have cupcakes, 8 inch cakes, 10 inch cakes and different assorted accessories like cards, cups and other Saran wrapped goodies. Personally, I feel the value of the cake is very expensive. Although the cakes are unique, I wish they would lower the prices. The 8 inch cake was approaching $30 and we all know that Porto's is definitely way higher quality than this at the same price. Then after that, depending on the customization could reach 60-70$ which is crazy! The decoration was nice, you get to try samples of the cake of the day in a small area to the corner of the store. The taste is what I call bizarre. It has a texture of eating a sponge but with a very sugary flavor. Similar to eating angel food Cake, but strong sweet flavor. The frosting just overkill's the sweetness and I just can't really eat more than a nibble of it. The flavors and the texture don't match along with the quality and price tag. There are plenty of choices you can choose from a variety of different customizations, but at the end of the day, you get the same design with an odd outlook of just white frosting worms dripping down from the top. I find this unique but also strange. Pictures will be shown. No bathrooms, no WiFi and no places to sit inside. Overall, I'd say give it a shot but don't be surprised if the Cake is super sweet. Customer service was also average. The employees didn't smile or greet me when coming in.

Jerod Mayer

If you haven't been here and love cake, give it a try. No disappointment here. My tastebuds were immediately was drawn to the sweet tasty morsels of cake with cream cheese frosting. We've been going here for a couple years before they made their way out to Santa Clarita. The service, staff, and quality of the finished product is top quality! Every time I walk in the door I gain a couple pounds just from the smell of this place. Keep up the great work Nothing Bundt!

Emily G.

Never tried something I didn't like from here! not a big fan of icing but I love theirs (I still take just a little off, but thats just me)

Lex Hack

awesome people, with amazing smiles great costume service. Cowabunga!!!!

Jami R.

Not only does this place sell the most amazing cakes in The Santa Clarita Valley, they also have the most amazing customer service! I have been a loyal customer since it's opening. If you have a special event coming up or just need to surprise a teacher... there is nothing better than Nothing Bundt Cakes! On average I probably purchase 5-6 cakes year along with surprise teacher gifts. The gluten-free cake is amazing too! A+ nothing better!!! Thank you!!!

Diana G.

First of all, I am never buying cakes anywhere else for any occasion. I am new to the area as my job opened up a few stores down from this gem and I cannot stress how ridiculously delicious these cakes are! I had the pleasure of trying Nothung Bundt Cakes a few weeks ago when my company opened it's doors and the owner herself came by to welcome us to the neighborhood and personally delivered a cake for us to try. First of all, WOW.. how nice of her! She brought us back (what tasted like) a lemon cake and it was TO-DIE-FOR. The bread was so soft and it literally felt like it would just melt in your mouth the moment you take a bite. You HAVE to try to understand. I am just looking for an excuse to come by and take one home but they are dangerous. I feel as if I would gain 100 lbs. I want to eat one every day! A message to the owner who I terribly forgot her name: Thanks again for letting us try your heavenly cakes!

Mignon S.

Planned a last minute Easter luncheon at home with the family and needed to get dessert. We purchased different flavors of their bundlet cakes so we can sample each: chocolate chocolate chip, confetti, lemon, marble, and red velvet. All were moist, yummy and delicious, but my hands on favorite is the lemon. Staff was friendly and helpful. Even though they are a little pricey, would definitely go back. One thing to remember is that they are closed on Sundays.

Ernestine Lobo

Highly recommend this place....... Strawberries and cream was so delicious.... moist and not to sweet.... you could actually taste the Strawberries in it.....

Yvonne Y.

I love it how I'm close to this yummy little bakery. I came here 30 minutes prior to closing time and there were a line! I got to try their strawberries and cream cake and it was good! I loved it and all their cakes are pretty good. Loved how fresh and moist their cakes are and they have just the right amount of cream cheese frosting. I got 3 that day. Red velvet, marble and strawberries and cream flavors. All were very good! I love how they have samples every time! Cute little bite size samples for you to try. I would eat all of it since it's so small!

Ashley G.

Theeeeee best Bundt cakes I've ever had. They are always so perfectly cooked and the store is always stocked. I wish they were open later so I could get them more often after work. So yum!

Allie Z.

Oh my lord do they have the best little cakes. The strawberries and cream is always my fav but it's seasonal. White chocolate rasberry is second fav. Fresh homemade moist little cakes. So gooooood!!!!

Michael Anderson

My wife turned me on to the cakes,I love them!!

Paula F.

First time here. Didn't like the crowd but loved the cakes. This shop is located in an outdoor strip mall with a big lot in the center. The lot was busy but I was able to easily find a spot. This NBC was adorable. A handful of displays were spread out on the floor and the front display case was filled with a great assortment of yummy bundt cakes in different sizes. I arrived at around 11 a.m. and there was already a line. The line moved relatively quickly but I felt slightly rushed when I was up. I didn't want to hold up the line. Instead of choosing my flavors, I ordered the baker's choice dozen bundtinis which came with three flavors (chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry, and red velvet). The cute box came out quickly and I was on my way within 15-20 minutes. The bundtinis were perfect for the small gathering I was attending. The presentation was great and the taste was amazing! The bundtinis were the perfect size to try more than just one. White chocolate raspberry was a favorite but they were all moist and sweet. Customer service was super friendly and helpful. I will definitely be back.

Joshua Maddux

Well..... Got another one tonight.

Sherri White

Here from the central coast visiting family. I have never eaten anything so delicious in my life!!! Give me 1 of everything please! I'll definitely be back the next time I'm here:>

Yesie U.

Amazing cakes!! Great customer service! Efficient! Friendly! ....& tasty too! Same day pick up! Cute decor! Love the mugs and other gifts for sale...

Zulema F.

This review is solely based on customer service. My husband and I are regular customers, and always enjoy their cakes. And although their cakes are delicious, this last visit left a bitter taste. Yesterday, we were checked out by Isabell. I don't know if she was having a bad day or she is racist, but Isabell did not make us feel welcome at all. She never, not once, smiled at us, she appeared bothered and forced to help us, and it seemed she couldn't talk to us. What really upset me was that I handed her my credit card and rewards card on her hand, but when she returned them back she threw them on the counter. How rude! Isabell needs basic training and needs to learn customary courtesy and manners.

Marsha W.

These cakes are so moist--- I think that's what a bunds cake is all about. The flavors are yummy too. Love the icings.

Andrea A.

Delicious moist cake with outstanding cream cheese frosting! The decorations are done beautifully for any occasion. This is my go to place for desserts for a gathering!

Dee L.

One of my go to place for cakes. They always hit the spot when I'm craving something sweet and delectable. Family fav are the red velvet and chocolate chip. Tip: if you like their decorations but hate that you don't have space in your fridge, you can buy the decorations and decorate it yourself on the day of your celebration. You can have the cake in the box for easy storage in your fridge. Then decorate later when you're ready.

Rick L.

The staff is great! The dessert itself is also quite good. I believe in their customer service as well. We've had issues with some of orders in the past and hey always made it convenient for us to make it better. 4 stars.

Adam A.

Cakes are amazing. Soft, moist and plump and begging to be squeezed. I have only sampled one flavor, but hope to try all of them soon. The bundt cakes are great too.

Christian B.

I love these [email protected]*% cakes! Favorites are the Lemon, Confetti, white chocolate raspberry and Carrot cake. If you haven't stopped by then do so ASAP

Pauline D.

Love their red velvet bundt cake!! My boyfriend and I called in an order of their red velvet bundt cake to bring to our thanksgiving dinner the day before thanksgiving! There was a really long line when we got to the store but thank God they had a separate line for "pick ups" was in and out in just a couple minutes! Also tried their confetti cake- so good!!!

Alicia Molina

Many people finish work at 6:00 pm I had never being able to make it . try to close at least at 6:30. :/