Sister House Thai Fusion

26879 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita
(661) 263-9911

Recent Reviews

Kristina N.

Craving Thai food, we ordered the Green Curry and Beef Pad See Ew to go. Wait time was an hour, but the staff were really nice. The Pad See Ew was good but the curry was quite watery. Everything was fresh and portions large.

Jana F.

I've had Shrimp Pad See Ew here three times as a take out. The food is truly delicious, there are plenty of shrimp, the portion is fairly large. The meal always tastes the same, it's never a hit or miss but a steadfastly great performance. The lady taking my order over the phone sounded calm and kind, she even wanted to know by what time would I arrive so she'd make it right before my arrival and the food wouldn't just sit there. I would definitely recommend this place, A+

Susie C.

My neighbor recommended this place so the hubster and I decided to try it for takeout. No regrets!! We ordered the shrimp Tom yum soup (mild), shrimp fried rice, chicken pad Thai, and fried wonton. Everything was delicious. We ordered over the phone and picked up in 40 mins. There was no wait and my food was ready when I arrived. Definitely adding it to our list of local businesses we want to support!

Emily G.

Always amazing service and food. Our favorite dishes are green curry and pad see ew. And of course with a large cup of Thai tea to wash it all down. You really can't go wrong with their fresh ingredients and kindness. Kindness is something you can't fake! We always order take out and pick it up. They're always early and ready for us.

Laurie Barrett

We love this restaurant! We had Panang chicken, pad thai and Ruby curry- all were delicious. Their curbside delivery was great- phone was busy but they came to restaurant door to confirm our name. Will definitely go back.

Erwin Hermann

Had the best Thai food in Santa Clarita when it was open. Unfortunately it appears to be closed indefinitely. Ordered online using Google Maps EatStreet, showed was ready for pickup in Google Maps. Saw pending charge on credit card- Arrived to find front door chained and padlocked. No answer at phone. Do not use Google Maps to order!

Dave K.

This has always been my favorite Thai in the area. Good luck during these difficult times.

Cesia Ceballos

This place is seriously one of my top Thai places! They h selections and I nor my family haven't been disappointed with any of them. We love there chicken chow mein, orange chicken, Ive had there pad Thai and loads more. We've been coming for years so we have tried a lot. Lol So bomb! And there Thai ice tea is so delicious! If it's cold outside try one of there soups They also have really good desserts too. I normally don't ever have room for dessert but when I do, I like there mango sticky rice. If your looking for a little hole in the wall that has bomb fresh ready to order food. This is definitely your spot. Love you ladies thanks for the great service!!

Rosa Washington

Just ordered Friday night dinner. It was so yummy. Chicken Pad Thai & a spicy order, pork & rice, chicken fried rice... everything was delicious.

Ryan M.

This is the best Thai food in Santa Clarita. I drive across town to come here passing several other Thai restaurants. The selection of fried rice is amazing and the spicy powder they provide I could eat for days. I have literally eaten here 5 days in a row without getting tired of it. Could not recommend enough! The food is amazing and the service is great too!!

Kristin S.

Always amazing service and food. Friendly and fast! We had Thai fried rice, spicy pad Thai and orange chicken. Delicious!

Ione C.

If you love Thai food you need to try Sister House. Very nice atmosphere and most of all great food. The coconut curry is absolutely wonderful. We have tried several of their menu items and have never been disappointed. You need to try it for yourselves. You

Olivia C.

I came here with my husband at the tail-end of lunch time. One of my favorite Thai inspired dishes is Thai BBQ ribs, so I was very excited to get those. We started by ordering cheese wontons and the BBQ ribs. The wontons were very tasty, however we were not served the ribs. Instead, we were brought a marinaded beef dish, and told that the ribs aren't served anymore due to people complaining about the fattiness of the ribs. The beef tasted fine, but it was disappointing that I was basically going to pay for a dish I didn't particularly want. I would have rather been told when I ordered the ribs that they aren't served anymore so I could have picked a different appetizer. For our main entrees, we got cashew beef, orange chicken, and Khao soy (a curry egg noodles dish) with shrimp. The cashew beef was very delicious, though it was mostly veggie, and only a lil bit of beef. No problem though, I took the rest of the veggies home to add to my own beef! My husband was disappointed with the orange chicken because it tasted too sweet and sugary for him, and he wanted the citrus undertones usually found in orange chicken. The chicken tasted fine to me, just a lil too sweet. The curry noodles were almost perfect! I prefer my curry sauces to be thicker and creamy, so I was sad when the curry sauce here was very watery, but that's my only complaint! It had just the right amount of spice and went very well with the shrimp served. The lady who served us was very friendly and nice, and even recommended me some tips when adding beef to the cashew sauce at home. Overall the food wasn't bad, just didn't hit every mark. This could have been our fault for being the last table at lunchtime though.

Alexis Fitzpatrick

The duck red curry was wonderful

Ayla G.

This place probably has the best Pad Thai that I've had in SCV. I've tried Pad Thai at probably 5-6 places out here and I think for the price, portion, and flavor this place takes the crown. I have gotten this for lunch and dinner. The dinner portion is huge it is the whole styrofoam container filled to the brim. The price for dinner (with no meat) is around $10-$11. Very decently priced for how much food you get. The best part of this restaurant is the lunch special though. For $10 you get one vegetable roll, white rice (fried for $1 extra), a side salad, and a large portion of Pad Thai (with chicken!!!) The lunch portion of the Pad Thai is about half of what you would get for dinner... but still, plenty of food considering all of the extras that come along with it. If youre ever in the mood for Thai food, I would check this place out!

Sheila F.

This is the first time eating at sisters house Thai fusion and I have to say that I will be coming back. We tried several dishes and all of them were delicious. I would recommend anyone to give them a try. I also liked the service and friendliness the waitress was. If I could give them more stars I would. What we tried was the orange chicken, Pad see ew, pineapple fried rice, golden curry and loved the fried calamari.

Richard F.

WOW... very good Thai food at a very good price... and the portions are a good size We're definitely going back...

Jeremy G.

I've eaten here several tImes since my good friend introduced me to them sister house, the food is always good and the seer I've is as well! I'll continue to come here time and time again. 10/10 recommend

Clifton D.

Another amazing meal at sister house! All of our dishes were freshly prepared red and delicious. Come for the new golden potato shrimps, that are awesome!!! Service was great tonight too with hot food served promptly.

A C.

Doesn't have the real spice or texture of real Thai food. Curry was so soupy with less than 4oz of chicken. No spice or heat.

Annis A.

Love this place. They were a tad understaffed but that's alright. This is possibly some of the best Thai food we have had in LA. We ordered the orange chicken, fried rice, pad Thai, and spring rolls. Everything was perfection, hands down. But the sister fried rice and orange chicken were the absolute best. Updating this review because we tried other Thai food places in the area. This is still number 1 for the Santa Clarita area in my opinion. Amazing Thai food

Camille G.

Super good! We got pineapple fried rice, regular fried rice, chicken satay, papaya salad, lettuce wraps, and kids orange chicken. (Family of 5) it was really good! The customer service was great and friendly. We'll be going back!

Shelly S.

Probably the most fresh, authentic Thai cuisine in Santa Clarita that I've tried. I really enjoyed their papaya salad and pad Thai the last time I came in. The service was great, the owners seemed to really care about providing great food and service. I love this little family business!

Andrew G.

Surprised at some of the recent reviews here, I thought this place was incredible! We went here with my entire family, which included 2 vegans. The vegans even loved the food. We ordered the Roast Duck Curry, Tom Kha Soup, Thai Fried Rice, and a noodle dish (I cannot remember the name), and their spicy tuna appetizer. The Roast Duck Curry was excellent and so was the rice. They offer a spicy fried rice as another option that might be the obvious option who do not like regular fried rice. I thought the Thai Fried Rice was unique in that it had a sweet flavor to it, which I noticed someone complained about in another review. Personally I found it to be unique and delicious. My girlfriend is from Thailand, so we eat Thai food all of the time. We both agree that this is the best Americanized Thai food we have ever had on the west coast!! If you like americanized Thai food (99% of Thai restaurants), this is the absolute must try spot. What a random treat in Santa Clarita! Also have to mention the owner who has an excellent, and more importantly real personality. In a world full of fake social media and insincerity, she is a breath of fresh air. Try this place out if you are nearby, where else can you go!

Aura C.

I'm confused as to why this place has good reviews. We usually drive to the San Fernando Valley when craving Thai food but we decided to give this place a try. That was a mistake. We couldn't finish the food. Steak on the salad was rubbery. The noodles and rice lacked flavor. This is probably the worst Thai food we've had.

Anthony P.

This restaurant is run by some amazing Women! The food grade A quality. I make it a habit to come as often as I can. I can't stress how fabulous the customer sieves is! Come in for the food and stay for the friendly conversation!

Sam O.

Driving back from Mammoth and craving for Thai food. Searching up in yelp so decide to give them a try ... All I can say it's WOW !! I was born and raised in Thailand . This place makes me missed my hometown .. Please do me a favor !! If you are passing Santa Clarita it's worth to stop by and give them a try . Pad see ew & Fried rice are the bomb !!

Pao P.

I came to visits friends in Santa Clarita and wanted Thai food and we ordered delivery from sister house, we ordered fried rice and pad see ew it was very good and it was togo and the meal was still nice and warm and the noodle is nice and soft this place is one of the best Thai restaurant in Santa Clarita I highly recommend to come try this place it will meet your expectations

Andrzej P.

Orange Chicken, overcooked and rubbery. Golden and red curries ver soupy with few vegetables. Skimpy cucumber salad. Chicken satay yummy except for last piece, gristly.

pauline arnold

thai food... so delicious. Arrived at six, it was not packed. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. I can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

Casey B

A favorite location for delicious Thai food. Service is always prompt even when they have a full house. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service.

Katherine F

Thai food... yummy. i like it here always quality food & service. looking forward to coming back with my coworkers.

Tony D.

Seated and given menus. No service after that. Waitress never came back to even ask about drink orders. Told wife let's give her a few minutes. Then another group came in and she was side tracked with them. We got up and walked out. First and last time there. Went to Thai Chefs instead. Much better service received there

Terrance P

thai food, yummy. It's so savory. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. I see why this place has a lot of positive reviews.

Danny T.

We decided to try out this place after seeing the high reviews. Walked in and waited at the door for a couple of minutes with no hostess or waitress to help, no big deal, they both were busy in the back. After getting our table we promptly looked at the menu and ordered 3 dishes. The first dish came out within 5 minutes and it was not bad. Then it went down hill from here. After waiting for 20 minutes with no sight of our order we asked the waitress about our order and she said our order is coming up next. Another 10 minutes went by we saw they bring out two dishes, thinking it was ours, but the waitress walked right past us and said she lost our ticket and placed the dishes at the table of another party that came in after us. I was thoroughly confused how we got 1 item out of 3 if our ticket was lost? At this point I took out my credit card and said I'll just pay for the soup because we needed to go and the waitress, I believe she might be the owner, said "it's my fault, just go, you don't have to pay". I was surprised at her non apologetic demeanor and just pointed at the door. My family just got up and left feeling thoroughly disappointed by this experience.

H T Valdez

A top place for quality thai food. Great place to meet and catch up with friends. The service was very helpful and observant.

tyrone alvarez

Nice location for tasty thai food. i give this place double thumbs up. i'll return with my coworkers. it has a nice interior. makes me feel like i in nashville again.

Sue W.

MUST GO! Wow if you want authentic Thai food. This is your place. My husband and I love Thai food and we have been dining at many Thai restaurants in SoCal. This place will be one of our top 3 Thai food to go place They have awesome service and great authentic Thai food. The owner two sisters were super friendly, great people and they made us feel like dining at home. The food was so good and they have variety of beers, wines and tasty Thai tea. We ordered pad woon sen, Lad na and grilled pork. We are so glad we tried this place and their food is out of the world......Yum!

Matt T.

This place is amazing! The only thing that outshined the already amazing food was the service. We were seated immediately by Donna and she was so funny and made us feel like a part of the family. We ordered Thai tea (the best), the spicy pad kee mow, spicy eggplant with beef, and the ruby red curry. At the end of our meal (we could barely finish all of it!) Donna took care of us and made sure we had all of our leftovers packed up and ready for the inevitable midnight snack. I love her and want to move in and be her best friend. Will definitely be back for the food AND to see Donna!

Javier M.

The food is as awesome as the hospitality! I got the spicy eggplant extra spicy and it was so good! The red curry was also super delicious. Also best Thai tea I've had. The owner Donna was so nice and made us feel so welcome. My friends and I can't wait to come back!