Los Pericos Market

21400 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 713-5842

Recent Reviews

Ann Peters

So disappointing to lose Black Point to yet another taqueria.

Donna M

new owners? I love the variety of products this market has. Craft beers, variety of drinks, lots of options for chips and other yummy items. Went there last week with a friend because I was bragging about how good the food was here. Not sure what happened, maybe new owners but the food was awful. Ordered a chicken quesadilla and the meat smelled foul and there was only cheese on half of it. Also ordered the hippie chick and it was missing half the ingredients after waiting 30 min for 3 items. Then returning it after noticing that the order was completely wrong.

Talisa Rodriguez

Used to love this place, but in the past 6 months/year it’s really gone down. The sandwiches are different and slightly worse each time I order. Please pick up the quality again, stop serving old food, and toast your bread!

Bebe D.

so, we're staying at a nearby hotel. not many places to choose from for dinner within walking distance. shopping at the black point deli is a trip & pretty uncomfortable due to the tall, long fingered young man at the register. he may be autistic. high as a kite. or recovering from something real heavy. but at the register is not where he should be. the sandwiches we got were actually pretty decent but the kid should not be in charge of money OR customer service. #tickingtimebomb

Marine Lagrave

Amazing sandwiches and just an overall friendly feel to the store.

Jodi L.

This neighborhood market offers a nice variety of pantry musts. Although you might characterize it as Bougie, this shop is pretty down to earth. Lately, I've been loving the breakfast burritos and veggie sandwiches. And their young cook, Nate, comes up with some extraordinary delights! Thanks for being a cool store in the neighborhood. Don't change!

tom B.

All set for awesome breakfast burrito today 8/25. However walked right out when we saw NO MASKSon customers OR staff. Very disappointed.

Kathleen B.

Walked in to order our food and saw in front of us an unmasked customer and the cashier was also unmasked. We promptly left. Food service providers who don't follow the indoor mask mandates must not care about the safety of their customers. Will not return.

Jdioahe Dhshej

Amazing place food is excellent and the young man running this place is so kind and great. Go see this place for the best burritos.

Duncan W.

Nice place- good people. Great amount of food and "stuff" to supply everyone nearby with necessities. Note- Cash only!

Lewis C.

We've gotten food from this market twice now - the sandwiches are great and so are the breakfast burritos. I love the fact that they put roasted potatoes in some of their breakfast burritos. It adds an extra bit of goodness that you don't get from a lot of other places. Their California Cobb salad is also excellent with lots of yummy fresh ingredients, including a deviled egg. I'm a fan!

Macy C.

This place is great, they have most anything you need for a good beach day. Their sandwiches are tasty, except they are made differently each time so you can't really count on it being the same (yesterday my Ruben was covered in ranch or something weird and it dripped all over, and didn't taste as good as usual. And occasionally you have to wait a pretty long time, I recommend calling way ahead of time to order.

Malakai Ward-Hager (Mali)

I had no idea that there was such an extensive menu here for a high quality lunch! A must try for anyone who's interested in this store /restaurant:fried calimari... Delicious ?

Jason Abraham

Hippie Chick is where it is at! This sandwich is so good! Messy, but so good and healthy!

Food L.

The hippie chick is all the hype. Delicious and healthy. I will get this every time to ensure I look and feel good at the beach. I was handed the sandwich, no bag or napkins so make sure you ask. Especially bc it's an extra messy sandwich. Next time I'll be sure to pick up napkins, fork and plate. It'll be easier to eat bc it's so messy. Friendly service.

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