East Cliff Brewing Company

21517 E Cliff Dr, Santa Cruz
(831) 713-5540

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Dietmar B.

I just left the place, and it was one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I was one of the first customers and the only one on the counter I ordered a beer and lunch while I was sipping my beer 10 minutes later somebody walked up from behind me, I never saw the person I just saw I hand put a to go box on the countertop next to me. I thought that it was food delivery from an outside vendor for an employee. Half an hour later when the bartender happens to look up from his cell phone which is all he did be on his cell phone or serve customers I ask him where my lunch was he says it's Next to you. I told him I did not order to go food, he said we're not a restaurant that's how we sell food I said how would I know that if that it's my food? He said: didn't the guy tell you and I said no...or I would have eaten it obviously. Please understand, the kitchen is not behind me I don't know why the guy came from behind me. The bartender chose to watch me sit next to this box for half an hour never seeing a word. I do not frequent bars and I've eaten in bars enough times or watched people I have never in my life been served it to go box in a place where you sit down to eat and have never had it served from behind me and next to me without comment it's just bizarre. In rereading my own review it was a one key piece of information I forgot, when I entered the bar since I was the first customer I asked him if you serve food during the day even though they had been open for half an hour he said let me check if the kitchen is operating already so I thought it took so long because the kitchen was not ready.

Joan Rennie

Friendly staff and great selection of craft beers!

James R.

What a great place! Servers are always friendly, the brews are amazing, and what can you say, it's Santa Cruz!! Love this beautiful spot that allows you to simply unwind!

Dianna Ledbetter

Really great atmosphere

Andy N.

Excellent brewery here on the East side if you're looking for a very chill atmosphere with locals and reasonably priced beer. It resembles an old diner that was transformed into a brewery. The wall decor is hip with local artists creating works to be displayed, and they have a small stage where live music is played. My friend and I stopped by for a late afternoon drink around 17:00 and it was the perfect time for us. It wasn't crowded and not super loud like at night where it may be harder to hear yourself talking with others. I definitely recommend coming in around this time if your goal is to chill at a spot where you can still have a conversation. You have the option of getting one of the British style pours where they pump the beer instead of tapping. The end result is a slightly less carbonated and more room-temperature beer. While that doesn't necessarily sound as refreshing on a hot day, I found it to be quite nice and a good change from tapped beer I am used to drinking. Feel free to ask for samples! Parking is plenty in the private lot outside the brewery.


Checked this joint out last week. Strange set-up. Seemed to want to make it an "outdoor" venue. The door was left open in the 50°F nite air. Brrr. The beer selection is good and tasty. I'm not a beer drinker so I am unable to provide more of a review than that. =!8^{ Staff is very friendly but we couldn't hear each other. The music was TOO loud. The sound system also had a incessant ground loop causing a 60 cycle hum, which was a bummer. The band kept mentioning it but the sound tech was unable to find the problem, while we were there. Their web site isn't current so the info I had prior to attending was out of date. WNR, Will Not Return.

Lenore E.

This brewery is full of character and kindness. The beers we had (wheat and dry Irish stout) were top notch. The turkey burger was great. The band setting up for a Saturday evening set was eclectic as was the art on the walls. The regulars were friendly and the bartenders were excellent. I would definitely come back here again.

Alexander Rondelli Fabris

Wonderful beers for a price buddy!

Hannah M.

Sure small brewery with a lot of character. Great bar staff, and love the regular music acts. Open seating setup, and some sweet art pieces on the wall. Highly recommended to stop by for a music night, grab a beer with friends, and chill. Sometimes there is a food truck outside for small bits.

James Pedersen

Great place. Short walk from ocean echo inn. Great beer selection. Certain nights the have a taco truck parked outside. Holy moly, they are great too. Not a local, but felt at home drinking beers with nice people. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Bought some swag and look forward to going back.

Toby Silva

Hand Pulled Cask English Ales, some of the tastiest beer.

Anthony C.

I am a big fan of traditional English Ales, which can be harder to find than DIPAs and sours. This place does them hand pulled and they were great examples of the styles. We brought our own food but you can get BBQ delivered from a nearby place. Service was friendly and the place had a neighborhood vibe, but did not seem put off by us tourists at all. I'll definitely be coming back for some hand pulled ESB.

Vincent L.

Whether it's the service or the patrons themselves, this is a super friendly brewhouse that has about a dozen house brews on tap. Even though I nodded off over a flight of six, I wasn't completely knocked out even after having visited two other breweries in town that day. Whether the Cliff Hanger pale ale, Dual Citizen IPA, Blonde on Blonde wheat beer, Gypsy stout, Bittersweet Dreams stout, or Round About ESB, everything I tried was light and easily drinkable. And yes, the vibe is very chill, friendly, and welcoming. The venue feels like a former diner or restaurant located within a neighborhood strip mall, so there's lots of space to spread out. Local artwork fills the walls and there are even bookshelves full of titles to peruse. A worthwhile visit in Santa Cruz if you're a beer fanatic like me!

Kristoffer Berg

Many high quality casks

Arthur Weaver

Great bartendress before 4:00. Very acceptable beers.

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