Mountain Mike's Pizza

2885 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 544-2828

Recent Reviews

Matt W.

First time I ever had them and it was great! Prompt Delivery and charming personalities. Only upset was We wanted cookie pizza for dessert and received cinnamon thing... All good but I can't help but wonder if they mess up or change orders on the reg...

Michael T.

My wife was given a gift certificate for $25.00 credit towards purchase. Used Google to look up Mountain Mike's Pizza SANTA ROSA Avenue menu. Decided to order a 50-50 large pizza. Internet add for Mountain Mike's Pizza has printed 1799 for a large pizza. When asked at female on phone and she said that , that wasnt there price without any explanation. Arrived to pick up pizza and was charged over thirty dollars. Was told that the price . Still no explanation. Then arrived home to find a pizza that was uncooked and lacking alot of toppings . Bottom was brown but pizza dough was like uncooked pancake batter. This was a real disappointment. Sorry but I am going back to my old pizza family. We wasted a gift certificate $25.00 and extra cash for disappointment. Sorry but just being honest. We feel we are due a refund since we feel that if you cant do it right the first time .... Went back today to explain and get refund , but management said they don't give refunds . Said they don't issue gift certificates like i presented to them . Yes sing on counter say they do offer . After about 30 minutes I call my Atterney and they seem to want to settle by giving me a new gift certificate. It Turns out that the certificate that I gave then, suddenly appeared after being thrown away the day before. Suspicious activity. Also told me that they could produce a credit receipt either. I was told that my credit would be listed under my order phone #. No thanks . THIS ESTABLISHMENT IS SHADY AND THERE PIZZA IS NASTY . FINALLY GOT MY EXTRA $13.41 that they tried to keep also. Price was $ 33.41. What a rip off.

Mick M.

Never eat here worst customer service ever. Filthy dirty. Not everyone was wearing mask. People touch their faces and then food. Brandon the shift manager is rude and has zero customer service in him. There is a reason Mountain Mikes has 3 stars... should be zero... keep your family safe...Go someplace else.

Steve F.

Decided to give them a second chance and once again over 20 minutes late from the delivery estimated time and the pizza was cold.

Andrea K.

This restaurant will mess up your delivery order through DoorDash and then blame DoorDash for their mistake. Don't order delivery!

Angelique S.

Came here for dine in. After waiting almost an hour we finally asked when our food was going to be ready. It was sitting on top of the overnight the whole time. All boxed up like a take out and cold. Never going back.

Tami Voris

This was the best service and most delicious pizza we have enjoyed in a long time!! So good!!

Sue C.

I order my pizzas from here 99% of the time. Why? Because they are delivered hot and delicious. They deliver a consistently great product. (One time my pepperoni was less than ordered but the pizza was still delish. Just not smothered in pepperoni like I like LOL) I truly enjoy their pizzas and the heart shaped Valentine's pepperoni pizza was out of this world. Their pepperoni pizza is unreal. Thank you Mountain Mike's on Santa Rosa Avenue

Suzanne A.

I had a pizza from here 3 weeks ago and we really liked it. Perfect crust and amount of sauce etc. We ordered "regular "crust and it was good ,not too think. Last night ordered again and the crust was super thick. It had very little sauce. So it tasted like a soggy cheese bread. Disappointed. Perhaps a different chef, but it should be more consistent.

Darrell O.

The owner of this location is a very cool guy he has helped me out when my order took too long and their salads are awsome. I like to order a small pizza and a salad and a few pitchers of beer. I would recommend it to anyone trying to get over the Covid blues.

Shawn M.

I walked in tonight after shopping at Costco and was greeted by who looked like the Manager. He said is name was Don. He was super helpful and took my order with a smile and enthusiasm. I was told it would be a 15 to 20 minutes wait. This gentleman took about 4 different orders after mine and then disappeared into back and 10 minutes later came up front and gave me my order. The girl upfront already had my cheese peppers and other condiments in a bag. I could tell they were busy and the entire staff seemed to work together. The pizza was great and I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good pizza. Thanks for being open in New Years Eve.

Thomas H.

They delivered the pizza and left it on the front porch without ringing the bell or knocking the door. So it sat there for a long time. Result: Cold pizza.

Jared L.

No goshdamn plates or bags for spices, and now there's damn pizza all ova my brand new bmw. Thanks mountai mikes.

Julie H.

Raw sausage in my combo, I think I ate some too. Hope I don't get sick. The cheese pizza is ok, but my combo had raw sausage.

Hannah D.

Unfortunately I can't recommend this pizza shack. They made my order incorrectly and when I politely asked for the issue to be resolved so I could recieve the order I spent $50 on the young individual handling the phones declined to help me and offered me no alternatives. This is simple customer service and I can't believe they chose to argue instead of make it right. Take your business elsewhere, there are many other pizza restaurants in town that have kind, helpful staff.

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