Wally's Liquor & Deli

3088 Marlow Rd, Santa Rosa
(707) 527-0151

Recent Reviews

Pheb's W

The sandwiches are yummy

Jamie Herrala

Wally's is right in my neighborhood the staff are wonderful, the prices are fair and they always have everything I'm looking for.

Joel Alexandre Seeley

Big store nice place

Andrew Peterson

Wally’s was bought by Sam’s a few years ago. Most of the staff was replaced.The quality of the sandwiches went down. The amazing potato salad is gone.Worst of all, they close randomly early by 15-30 minutes!You can get there at 11:35 on a night they are scheduled to be open until 12, and they will be locking up, or already long gone!The staff is great mostly. Nice guys.But they close early.

Kristin Estevane

I usually stick with five-star reviews and leave other places alone. This is an actual warning to people. It's grimy in there. I mean it's straight up gross. Even besides the sticky floors and the horrible smells the candy is expired I didn't even bother looking at chips or soda I honestly was just happy to get out of there and go sanitize myself. On the way out I noticed there's some weird plastic crate cage wall sort of thing that they built between the counter and where you are supposed to pay. I don't know how they think that's helping but okay.

Christopher alan Tafoya

Very hard to find but very lucky for lottery

Kev Agil

Had some inconsistencies in price due to them having a few new employees, went back and spoke with the owner and he made it right for me. genuinely seems like the guy really cared about making it right for me. and that was enough for me to edit my initial review and earn back my business

Victoria Sabitini


Sammy The Dog

Great selection of stuff! Reasonable prices. I have been a customer at this location for the past 20+ years. My issue is that the foo-foo-haired cashier has a major attitude and often refuses to look away from whatever he's watching on his phone to do his job. There are plenty of other nearby mini-marts in the area with much more attentive cashiers. I will not patronize this business any longer.

Hundred Percent Steve

I don't think I've ever bought anything at Wally's but I park in front of it and eat my Jack in the Box from time to time and I love watching the clientele go in and out it's a mixture of homeless people, alcoholics, Chainsmokers, and tradesmen.

The Glass Man Chris

Been going to this store since I was 11 years old. I would spend my entire allowance on candy. Now I buy "other" non-healthy things😁 good prices and selection.

Adrianna Starr

Good classic deli sandwiches at a decent price. Don't forget your free 16 oz. drink!

Ursis Aquis

Great just dosnt stay open real late.....actualy has a good deli....bombn sandwitches

Ranch Obrien

Kid that works there is nice

Yushan Chen

Terrible service. I called in to ask the price, one of the employee said the price is not clear and hang up the phone.

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