Monterey Halal Market

825 Hamilton Ave, Seaside
(831) 392-1100

Recent Reviews

Stan Williams

As much as I wanted the food to be good, it just wasn’t. Overcooked and flavorless. I’ll have to try to order other things from the menu.

Mohd Zairan

Got my halal chicken, meat, lamb and groceries here. Also serve freshly made chicken/beef/lamb wrap and gyros platter. A nice portion with best price. ?

Abu Md Zafar Sadeque

Delicious food in very reasonable price. Very nice and friendly owner. Will visit and eat there again. Highly recommended.

Ayaz Ali

Amazing food. Loved the chicken shawarma. Very tasty rice chicken and lots of sides. Owner/chef is great, gives a lot of info

Norton Lin

This place is truly an undiscovered gem. It is well hidden and you have to be looking for it but the effort is well worth it. It is a one man show by the owner/chef/cook. We got the chicken, beef shawarma and the lamb/beef gyro. It was all delicious and the tzatziki sauce is insane. Watching the chef prepare the food proved to be a symphony of motion. The owner was friendly and provided great service. We came close to closing time and he ran out of hummus so he gave us an order falafel instead and it was delicious. The portions are truly generous. What a great find for delicious food! A must try in Seaside.

Muhammad Saeed

We stopped by this place for a takeaway. Food was freshly made. We ordered chicken and beef/lamb gyro platters. Was better than halal carts in NYC. The shop also sells middle eastern grocery , bread and halal meat. Near to the beach.

Rachel Wonnacott

This is the best food I have had in Seaside/ Monterey yet. I had the chicken platter and my husband had the lamb wrap. They have vertical meat and it is spiced to perfection. As soon as I walked in I could not help but say , “wow, it smells amazing!” The gentleman that made my food was very kind and I felt immediately comfortable.Don’t sleep in this place. It’s a tiny spot with a lot to offer.

Shaharyar Khan

The only available halal items market in this area probably . The place has a decent clientele and lot of capacity to improve

Asad Asghar

We were driving through town and decide to try this place, ordered take out and drove it back to our apartment. We got the chicken shawarma plate and the gyro plate. The huge portions is not an understatement, it was honestly too much food for me and my wife. Everything tasted great and was prepared quickly. Highly recommend.

Ella Baugh

It’s always the hole in the wall places that are the most delicious.

Sebastian Meid

It is borderline criminal this place doesn't have more attention. The food is delicious, the prices are great, and the location is in plain view. I had a massive plate of chicken shawarma with rice, hummus, dressed salad, tzatziki, 3 pieces of flatbread, and a mixture of greens next to the salad that was mixed phenomenally with everything. Food was served fresh and fast beyond belief, I am a changed man after coming here.

Nadim Assaad

Very Fast service, excellent food quality, and generous amounts of food for each person. Really suggest this place.

Jaylen Stein

I was in the area and this was just a place that came up, based on the reviews I knew I had to try. It is a hidden gem in the city of seaside. Mike the owner is such a nice guy, I got the chicken Shawarma and it was the best Shawarma I’ve had, moist perfect sized chunks of chicken flavored in numerous spices, the rice was SO flavorful, not sure what the rice was flavored with, maybe saffron? It comes topped with a delicious sauce, I didn’t catch the name of it but it’s some sort of yogurt sauce and it’s also so flavorful. Paired with the Shawarma was a fresh salad with perfectly balanced the heartiness of the Shawarma. Of course it came with pita on the side.And the portion size was HUGE especially for $14 out the door. I had to save the rest. I plan to come back again and again from now on.

Chris Sebastian

The owner was very polite. You get a very healthy serving of food for the price and the chicken shawarma is FIREE. I ended up giving him another 5 on top bc the food was so good. I'll definitely come back when I'm in town!

Claudia Clemtzel

Amazing tasting food and great portions !

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