Turtle Bay

1301 Fremont Blvd, Seaside
(831) 899-1010

Recent Reviews

Shanaia Franklin

The food here is phenomenal. Everything tasted fresh and our fries were extra crispy. Our server Andrea was so polite and attentive. I definitely recommend this place - some of the best service in town.

Manfree Sanchez

really bad food ..supuesramente es comida oaxaqueña pero eso no es asi nada que ver

Luz Plascecia Granados

delicious tortas de quesillo mis preferidas son las cubanas recomendado

Monty Ray

This is by far the best seafood in Monterey.You have to stop by and try out everything on the menu. I have travelled far for good seafood and I was blown away by the portion, quality and service for the new restaurant.The team was great and accommodating. Feel free to just walk in and grab a table. I had a wonderful server and the owner even bought us a round on the house. What a great time.I will say this is a 10/5 If I could and I can not say enough about this place. Love it and it's my new favorite on the Peninsula.I hope all the best for the new Beer Garden! This place is a Monty Ray 5 Star Home Run!

Ginger Williams

It doesn’t exist, we went there last night, this is deceiving.There is a restaurant there under a different name and it’s not a taqueria, the menu had pasta dishes.

Cat Corazza

One of my favorite restaurants since I was a kid. Everything is good. Shrimp nachos and AMAZING. The best salsa ever. Delicious carnitas burrito, fantastic seafood burrito, great quesadillas all of them. The mole is soo good. Overall just bomb food and great people

Nicholas Duque

I got the chicken burrito and more than half of the burrito was pickled salad

Obdulia de González

muy buen servicio .y variedad de postes y unos platós te atienden rapido

Håkon Karlsen

Delicious tacos! Right amount of food, short waiting time, great customer service, clean place and fair price.

Camilla M

Amazing service and great food. I personally recommend the Chicken Belize bowl

John Martinson

The absolute best Mexican food in Monterey. Real Mexican cooked by real Mexican people. Yumm to the max!

nate males

First experience was a tad dissapointing. Food was good and service was very friendly. The first thing that was odd is you had to pay for chips and salsa, generally a freebie item but what you paid for were oversalted tortellia chips and a very small container of pico de gallo. We ordered the fried fish tacos and the Al pastor tacos. Neither had a suace on the which you typically see an avocado salsa, they were flavorful and pilled high with lettuce and tomatoes but the portion of meat was actually dissapointing, especially at nearly $4 a taco. Maybe my standards are a bit unreasonable having just came from the taco capital down in San Diego. I'll give it another shot, but as of right now, not my go to taco shop.

Misty King

I love this place, always take my pops!!!❤❤❤

food jam

Good fish tostada's

Harold English

Dont like it at all fishwife is next door and it's way better one of my favorites on the coast trust me on this one.

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