Zimatlan Bakery & Deli

1291 Fremont Blvd, Seaside
(831) 899-1540

Recent Reviews

Sabrina Hernandez

Great Pan and Tacos are so good!

Ginny California

Great Mexican pastries and food. Our favorite are the handmade corn tortilla tacis

Tarzan Boy

Very nice lady working there. Offered me a tray and tongs to self serve a large selection of bread on multitiered trays. Extensive menu of food dishes with pix on wall. Dining area not too big to accommodate large groups. Gotta come back to try some of their dishes since hours are 6am-10pm.Got the flan, thick and not too sweet unlike some places.

Tynweo Sixque

The croissants bro..the croissants. So good we drove 3 hours to get them. Came back for 2nds and lone belong the cops were here investigating two ladies who robbed.. you guess it, the croissants.

Jenna K

The mole rojo, handmade tortillas are incredible

Danni Mestaz

Grab a tray, a pair of tongs (snap them a few times for good measure) and then raid the pan dulce cases! Day or night! Do it!We keep meaning to indulge in the savory Oaxacan cuisine, as it's one of my favorites, but keep filling up on the divine pastries! We will come for lunch and I'm certain it'll be just as fulfilling.

Adel Camac

So delicious ?. My super favorite place to Eat.

Mark Krus

If you’re here for food, save your money. There’s more places in Seaside that’s exceptionally better and way cheaper. Worst tamales I’ve ever had (literally THE worst I’ve ever had, I can’t stress this enough) and the burrito is minuscule. The green sauce is the only redeeming factor. Go to Mi Tierra or Zarapes for food and you’ll save time, money, and your taste buds.

Norma Moralez

I found this bakery on my trip and I absolutely loved the pan dulce and the food! I definitely recommend them.

Carlos Vallin

Good sweet bread great food

Reginald Cortez

They need to improve food, service was great food about 4 of 10 stars.

Tony Grado

Had some Mexican bread (Pan Dulce) it was really good.

Rosario Javier-Diaz

I enjoy the fresh bread

Tiffany Manjares

No one makes donuts or pastry like them

M Delah

Fresh baked mexican pastries are good, food here is ok

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