Baja Fresh

1464 Madera Rd ste f, Simi Valley
(805) 520-7301

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Happy G.

I live close to this Baja. It used to be my go to for a burrito. The quality is there but they increased their prices (like everywhere else) but are giving less portion sizes. I paid almost $15 for the smallest steak burrito today and was pretty disappointed. I gave 2 stars because of the quality and taste. Don't think I'll be back unless they fix this.

David Delgado

What happened guys? To give context, I’ve been coming here for years( about ten) and I would say if you wanted some healthy Tex mex, to come. The food used to be fresh , flavorful, clean, and delicious. Lately this place has been failing to live up to that previous standard. Yesterday I ordered a steak Baja burrito. My steak tasted old and my stomach got sick from it, the guacamole was bland. My wife ordered a chicken quesadilla and that was alright but the guacamole was still bland. The place looked dirty and messy. The mango salsa was thick and tasted more mango than salsa. It was very disappointing. Last time I was there my chicken was dry and more. It’s sad. This place used to be so good. Please put heart into your food. I want to support this establishment but if there’s no change I will not be coming back.

Kaylyn S.

We have had great experience ordering from Baja Fresh's when traveling. The food is good, consistent, and fresh. This Baja must be the exception to the rule. First, our order, through a delivery service, to a hotel, came without utensils. is pretty clear that orders to hotels will need eating instruments. Fortunately, the front desk had some for us. The problem came later that night with the food poisoning. It was a long night for one of the people in our group. He's the only one who had cheese in his entrée, so we can only guess that the problem was there. A group of us travels to Simi Valley a few times a year for business and we've all agreed to stay away from this Baja from now on.

Steven Haas

At Baja Fresh the food is always consistent and good. Have been going to this one for several years and the staff always does a great job. Good job in cleanliness. The staff is competent and friendly.

Raquel Cardoso

The place was clean and the food was made fresh. However, even though we told the lady it was our first time there and asked for a minute we were rushed. Would not recommend eating here because it's just not good food either.

Jeanna A.

I hate to say it, I love sharing good news. This was not- maybe a one off experience. I live near the very first Baja Fresh ever which was in NP, it was amazing!!! So much has changed, the franchise should have required a name change upon transfer. It's just simply not the same brand or quality of food... at all. However, I have had some decent experiences in other stores going forward. Mind you, none like the original. In any event- a recent trip to Baja Fresh in Simi was especially disappointing. From one of the staff members to the food all was equally disappointing. The woman near the grill spotted me, the only person in line... toiled about... ate a few bites of whatever she was eating and finally Moseyed over to ask what I might want. Awkward... I took a chance and ordered what I normally do when I come to these franchises and ordered the steak Baja Insalata with vinaigrette. Nothing difficult. The steak was cold and dry and quite frankly it tasted like horse meat... Read my other reviews I promise I'm not mean! This was simply not good at all!! Never going back.

Alexander “Sadtiric” Van Kampen

I've been going here for years with great food and service, but the burrito I had tonight was the best they've ever made! Will definitely keep going and am glad they're so close to my house.

Michael Koppenhaver

I'd give a 0 star review if possible. These wanna be Mexicans don't Even have Carne asada/ or steak. They made us wait 45 min to tell us their management is incompetent, and couldn't order enough food to run the store. Absolute losers

George C.

I used to like this place but it has really slipped. The food was missing the key ingredients - I ordered the chicken ultimo burrito and it was mostly vegetables and very little chicken - this is the 3rd time I tried with the same result. I thought it would get better like it used to be, but I was wrong. My wife ordered a chicken fajita, which she gets every time we go and it had about half the chicken it used to have. This used to be a good place to eat but not now. I'm done trying to support a local Baja Fresh - never again

Craig&Bella Jones

This is the best Baja Fresh! The people are very friendly and helpful, the food is fantastic and fresh. Whoever is running this location is really doing a great job. Hang on to your staff because they're the best, from the front counter to the back kitchen. We have another location closer but we come here.

Jeff M

Good burritos, full of flavor. The roasted salsa is a must, can't get enough of it. Burrito Ultimo w/ checker with chicken is my go-to.

Ethan Smith

Hadn't had Baja in years. Went with low expectation. It was just as tasty as ever. OMG how is this place not still packed like back in the days

Jessica Hayden

I ordered online for pickup. The online system charged my credit card. I show up at the store to pick up my order and the door is locked there is a sign on the front door that they are closed for maintenance (a little hard to read b/c curled on the sides). If they are going to close and lock their door, the least they could do is not accept orders and payment on the app. I am furious and my kids are disappointed and hungry. (Edited to add that I ‘ve since discovered per the Ventura County health department website that they were in violation of health codes and cannot reopen until resolved).


Ordered food online went to go pick it up at 7:58pm … The food was supposed to be ready at 8:06pm and the place was closed and they had charged my card!! totally shocked and can’t believe this happened, going to be calling corporate tomorrow. Says on their website and on the door that they don’t close till 9pm??

Jessica H.

I ordered (and paid) online using their own corporate app and when I showed up at the designated time to pick it up just now (4:20pm-ish on a Saturday) the door was locked and there was a sign on the door - "sorry we are closed for maintenance" There are many issues with this - first of all- they clearly should have not allowed orders to be processed and pre-paid on the app when closed, and secondly it was dark inside and from what I could see did not appear to be any maintenance going on inside. I know times have been hard on restaurant businesses with COVID. I wonder if there's some other reason the doors are locked such as a staffing shortage or something else? The other online reviews also leave something to be desired lately. Might want to explore other options... Editing a week later to say that I received an email from the company that they are refunding my order. No apology for my time wasted, but happy I got my money back.

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