Good Seed Coffee Boutique

1607 Mission Dr, Solvang
(805) 693-2132

Recent Reviews

Jamie B.

Great coffee spot in the heart of Solvang. If you're a drip coffee person, no sugar and no milk, then this is your place. The coffee is exceptional. Also surprising was the pastry. This is Danish pastry town but I will never pass on their scone when I'm in town. It's a must try. Casual atmosphere and really pleasant staff. It's not much of a stop and read type of place even though there is some seating. If you get a chance, sit in one of their beautiful wooden chairs. Very stylish and comfortable.

Erich L.

Great small coffee shop. They made a delicious almond latte with turmeric. The massive cinnamon roll was delicious. It's more than enough for 2 people. Super friendly and helpful staff I can't praise them enough.

Monika O.

My family was recently in town for a 2 night stay and I was not keen on the hotel coffee so my loving husband who is very well aware I'm a beast without my caffeine found this place on yelp and decided to give it a try based on the reviews. He proudly returned to the hotel with our flat whites a couple cinnamon rolls and a few cookies for the kiddos. The kids loved the pastries and my husband survived to see another day so I obviously enjoyed my coffee. Being the smart man he is, he woke up bright and early the next day to bring back the same thing. I didn't visit the shop myself but he says everybody that helped him was lovely and very helpful.

Ming-Jou C.

Saw Good Seed while driving towards Paula's Pancake House and made note of it. Good thing I did because the wait for Paula's started out as 30 minutes and turned into an hour. This gave me a chance to walk down the street to grab a cup of coffee. There are a few seats inside and the store is clean and minimalistic. My son and I were greeted by the barista, who was really nice and helpful when I asked what she recommended. I told her I mostly drink iced Americanos. She said their espresso is really good and that there's also a single origin. I went by her suggestion and it was really smooth. They have simple syrup on the counter for you to help yourself. Overall, great coffee shop and even better, my Americano was only $3, and not overly inflated due to the tourist area.

Sherrill H.

Took a walk with my dog and found this place. Convenient location right in the middle of cute town called Solvang. The staff is very nice making it a pleasure to go here. Stay a while as the place is sweet and clean. Great place to study or just relax. My husband and I are celebrating our Anniversary and went back the next day. Sat down with a cold coffee drink and enjoyed our time together. It was like being young again talking over a cup of coffee and laughing about funny things. Sweet moments made. Thank you Good Seed! Pick up a gift for a friend or your self by shopping from their merchandise. Coffee, tea, cups, mugs, hats, seaters and more. And they are dog gone friendly as long as they are on a leash or contained. Come for the coffee and leave with blessed memories.

Caro F.

Had a latte with ganache and it was excellent, the milk foam was so smooth and the chocolate flavor gave the latte a bold aroma that was pretty unique. The place is cute and nicely decorated. Apparently they have a lavender flavor in summer that people are raving about so I'll come back to try it

Jana Johnson

I had one of their super food lattes, and it was delicious! I also loved the ambiance.

Andrew G.

Cute fancy ass little coffee place. Has all the hipster stuff I like. For real though everything we got was delicious and they were so nice. I'll come here every time I come back.

Leana Urwin

I look forward to visiting Solvang just for this coffee! I've personally had their lattes, americanos and chocolate chip cookie for a pastry. All amazing. They also have really nice merch available for purchase. Would highly recommend trying.

B Farnworth

I love this place❣ Not just for the coffee, but also for there tasty gluten-free treats. Did also have their bread that wasn't gluten-free...husband got to enjoy that.

Sheryl S.

Outstanding little coffeehouse that is worthy of a big city. Thank God for this place, it has saved us. Insanely delicious baked goods to die fur and friendly service. A plus: they are obeying the mask mandate. Thank you for that.

Yulia N.

Small, cute little coffee shop. Price is very reasonable. Place is clean. Employees are very helpful and friendly. Great selection of coffee and pastries.

Aptos K.

This is a great little café that has beautiful furniture inside. The service was very friendly and welcoming. And most important of all the coffee was very good. Huge selection of pastries including many vegan and gluten-free ones. Since I'm a vegan I had a slice of bread with some jam on top and it was great Highly recommended.

Micaela Morgan

Best coffee I've had and always consistent. The most amazing people too. And the treats. Oh my!

Christina S.

okay so this place is unlike any other coffeeshop i've been to. I'm definitely a coffee lover but since they had superfood lattes, i had to try one. I opted for the turmeric latte which I expected to be bursting with flavor but was actually very very subtle. I did not get any additional sweetness into it. THe lattes come with whole milk and if you want any other milk, skim, oat, etc, there will be an upcharge. that's right- even for 2% milk which is not alternative milk, there is an upcharge. I don't quite understand the reasoning for that when the baseline prices are already pretty high. Be prepared to wait in line for this coffee shop. They do prepare milky drinks with beautiful latte art.

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