Mortensen's Danish Bakery

1588 Mission Dr, Solvang
(805) 688-8373

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I'll admit it, I love pastries, and Solvang offers an abundance of traditional Danish bakeries. I've tried them all, and keep coming back to Mortensen's Danish Bakery. The butter cookies are to die for, but don't miss the classic Danish pastries and almond bear claws, too. The strudel is to die for!


We stopped here for breakfast and the pastries were fantastic - such a great choice - with a lovely outdoor seating area. Good coffee too


Amongst the many ethnic cultures waiting on us for Danish fare, I met one of the kitchen assistants who was actually very Danish-looking, a stunning slender lady with natural very-blonde hair and the most "ethereal" blue eyes I've ever seen. I asked if she was Danish; yes she was and smiled with a certain pride. Very warm and welcoming attitude.... Now, it's the southern nations - the dark-haired, dark-eyed ones who are considered the "warm people", e.g., of Italy or Greece, but this lady, in her own Scandinavian style, was indeed warm and welcoming. I kidded her that it was nice to see a Dane here - so rare in Solvang! She was courteous and helpful, fetching me decaf that I could mix with the caf coffee you pour for yourself outdoors. I had purchased an apple Danish. I had wanted to sit indoors due to the weather, but it was still covid-imbued "outdoor seating only". Oh well...hopefully soon things will open up more completely!! The coffee hit the spot and the pastry was one of the best. ever - light and flaky, and what tasted like made from quality fresh warmed fruit and full-bodied enriched frosting! Check it out and enjoy the pastry enthusiasm in the air of this fun bakery!

Wei Hsu

I love it! The best Danish bakery ever! The clerks were nice and explained different things for me. I bought more after I tried the cinnamon roll and biscuit! I thought these weren’t too sweet but crunchy and flavorful.

Raquel Gonzalez

We wanted to try some traditional pastries while in Solvang. This place was recommended by a friend, we did try other places but this was the best overall. Customer service was great and the pastries tasted fresh. My favorite was a square pistachio pastry, but everything we ordered was delicious! The outdoor seating was really cute and this bakery is in close vicinity to some restaurants and wine tasting.

* dnainsb

This is the best Danish bakery in town! From the cinnamon pull apart bread loaf to the cookies and sweet danishes , this place will blow your mind! Try the Krugel...omg. The people are friendly and the assortment is huge!


Think this place is overrated tourist trap- pastries were dry and the staff rude, when I asked if there was a customer toilet told to use the public convenience a good 10 minutes away! Appalling service really would not recommend .


This is not a place to buy a whole pie or wedding cake. Stop in, though, to curb your sweet tooth or to take home some Danish pastries for later. Fantastic selection, ranging from almost a dozen flavors of danish, cream horns, pistachio bars, marzipan rolls, Napoleon hats, rum balls, and much, much more. They also sell gift tins of cookies and whole danish logs. Not the cheapest bakery, but the selection and flavor are top notch.

Claudia Deutsch

These cookies are so tasty! The chocolate swirl cookies are delicious - crunchy yet melting in your mouth - with the right amount of cocoa flavor. Love the maple flavored cookies as well as the almond sugar cookies.


I've always wanted to stop by Solvang because of the joyful atmosphere it brings. I was supposed to go to Olsen's Danish Bakery but I was 5 minutes too late before they closed the doors. The next bakery on the Yelp list was Mortensen's down the street.Line was long but went by rather quickly. I enjoyed how festive it looked inside for the holidays. Not sure what it is like outside or holidays. I'll admit, I don't eat European pastries often but I do love pastries enough to order a whole box full. I picked up a variety of danishes and other pastries but they were a bit sweet for my liking.I kept seeing people recommend pistachio squares so I got 6. Boy was it a mistake. I must be out of the loop but there was no hint of pistachio anywhere. It was neon green and all I can taste was almond extract.WARNING: If you're allergic to nuts (especially almonds), you may have to skip out on here all together. Every pastry I had contained almond.

Cici Green

Florentine and cinnamon crisp were delish! Nice sunny patio. Very beautiful and tasty looking unique bakery items.

Cherilyn Jones

Excellent Danish bakery.Great selections. Fast service.We got a few items: raspberry owl eye, cherry danish, and chocolate almond danish. All were fabulous.I enjoyed my owl eye with an earl grey hot tea…perfection.We enjoyed live music by the Dana V Wines patio while savoring our goodies.


We were walking around in Solvang when we came across this bakery. There was a line to get in. Once inside we ordered many different types of cookies and danishes. Loved their almond danish and their cookies. Did not care for the pistachio-flavored pastry though. The staff was friendly. The goodies are slightly expensive but so worth it. They have an outdoor seating area. We loved their almond pastry so much that on our drive back from Santa Barbara we went out of our way to get some to take back home.

Ash GR

Sugar rush, there's so many types of Danish pastries and desserts. I got completely confused, not knowing where to begin. The staff was kind to give me some recommendations and some samples, pairing with some hot coffee, one can complete indulge with Danish views and food. I was in a different world all together!

Dvorah Levin

Wonderful place. Delicious pastries , great chocolate. The owner came to us in the patio with cookies and a big bowl of water for the dogs. She is a wonderful lady. This place is pet friendly They love pets. I highly recommend it

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