Creekside Cafe

239 Boyes Blvd, Sonoma
(707) 996-8062

Recent Reviews

Alicia Rice

We go there a lot.I always get to California yum yum yum with eggplant red pepper feta cheese.My husband always gets the hamburger.Great mimosas!Food: 5/5

Tom B.

Classic and friendly diner. While in town we eat there two days in a row! Will be back the next time in town.

Jen Yee

Solid brunch place, little bit out of town but worth it for sure

Nancy C.

The cafe was attached to the Sonoma Creek Inn where we stayed so we had to go check it out. And I'm so glad I did! The staff was so welcoming and helpful. Loved the food! Cute and homey feeling!

Bob R.

Excellent breakfast and terrific staff. Mike knows how to do it in this off the beaten track gem. Lots of regulars and out of towners enjoying the place.

Olive M.

The service and food is great everything taste likes it home made if you want something warm in the morning 100% come over and try out the chili or blueberry pancakes

Natalie A.

So yummy! And great staff if you are ever in Sonoma and want a good breakfast with great service.. come here!

Haley C.

Amazing good. From thick cut sourdough crispy French toast, to eggs Benedict with amazing hollandaise sauce, to biscuits and gravy. It's a gem.

Annie Torres

Great food. Hot and delicious. Nice staff!

Henry M.

I mean it when I say it but the pancakes are so gosh darn tootin good!! I came here with my four kids and oh my, we have never had such immaculate pancakes. After my wife passed I'd been missing her amazing pancakes, she made them using only the greatest Safeway pancake mix. The sausage reminded me of my great grandmother and the effigy we have of her in our living room, she was an even bigger fan of sausage than I was haha!!! Anyways the drinks are really refreshing, ordered a nice coke for the kids and eight glasses of red wine for myself! I'm so glad I decided to come to Creekside Café, will recommend to all my friends! I wish I could give it six stars haha!!!

Lindsay A.

Just like the other reviewers shared, the chicken fried steak is delicious! It's not fair that I can't give 4.5 stars to bump my review because the "ding" is due the fact they don't have shredded hash browns as an option. All in, solid start to a day!

Kary A.

Came here for brunch with my parents. Their chicken fried steak with gravy is so delicious! Cooked very well juicy but crispy. The gravy is very flavorful. Potatoes are nice and crispy as well. Staff is always very friendly & welcoming. Prices are very reasonable. They always have a white board with specials always check that out they have some great specials all the time.

Elisa K.

I've lived in the area for 10 years and this was my first time here. I don't know why, out of all the meals I love the most, it's breakfast! And they serve up a great breakfast here! I had the chicken fried steak which was crispy but still tender, and the gravy was delicious (although I always put hot sauce on mine, and they has it readily available). This was accompanied by breakfast potatoes,with peppers and onions - which could be cut smaller for my preference - but everything tasted great. Sourdough toast and blackberry jam rounded it off. I will be visiting here again soon. Ps you can tell there are tons of regulars here as they are greeted by name. Apparently one of them was missing from a group, and the owner/manager (?) noticed it and mentioned it. That is a great community to be part of! Next time I'll remember to take a picture.

augustine jees

Food was oaky.I would say, coming from a big town, it is easy to see how slow the entire experience could be.Food tasted good but communication was terrible with the servers. I asked few questions regarding our orders and they did not answer well.Coffee was good which they served. Pancake was good too, but be mindful about how many you want since 2 pancakes was too much for one person.The speciality menu which I ordered was great and filling.

Don M.

Visiting for a wedding stayed at creekside inn right out around the corner from this place. If you aren't interested in common courtesy or conversation this is a good place. No "hello", no "can I help you" etc. "How many, you can sit there or there", "ready?" "Are you done". Etc. but the food was a good and quantity was good. Most likely will try another place next time.

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