375 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 873-8183

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Thu Tran

ICE CREAM WITH PEARLS!My Cholesterol alert is blinking but I was blinded by this sinfully good ice cream called Brown Sugar with Pearls.The vanilla ice cream is smooth, its taste is deepened by the brown sugar syrup. The main ingredient that hooks me is the pearls—fragrant with a touch of herbs and fruits. Their taste remind me of grass jelly and lychee. The price is so reasonable and the portion is perfect for me.The place is very small. It deserves all our support for this local business on Grand Avenue. The ice cream and smoothies are so good, I deserve a croissant and butter abstinence whenever I paid this BeauTee shop a visit. Two thumbs up to you nice people who run this shop. ??

Ruiqiu Zheng

What happened? Did they change the owner and forgot to take the previous owner secret recipe? I had been going to this place for years and the taste for the drink is very way off for this time. I feel like they did not add any tea in the drink. The fried food is also pretty bad, it feels like not thoroughly fried. I like this place but I won’t go because of this time’s food and drink is too disappointing.

Danny Yu

Solid spot - variety of teas, snacks and fruity drinks.Good mango and taro drinks.Can get busy - order on Postmates for quick pick up to avoid lines.

Taylor Simone Bell

Tried this place for the first time today. Ordered online inside the shop using the QR code they prompt you to scan. It took about 30 minutes for our drinks to be ready and the cashier handed me an unwrapped straw with his bare hands. The only straws they had for the larger cups were in a container behind the counter unwrapped. They were also slightly more narrow than the shorter, wrapped straws so the popping pearls kept getting stuck in the straw and popping.They only called out the drink order and not the name on the order, so it was very confusing to everyone trying to figure out which drink was theirs. I will not be back to visit this shop.

Zeke King

Recommended. I'm a big fan of the rose tea; I usually get it at 50% sweetness, ice, with boba here. The tapioca pearls are prepared correctly, with a soft squish and soaked all the way through with a nice quality. It's inexpensive too and a nice portion size. I hope to come back once it is a bit warmer and try the ice cream or float versions of the drinks!

Julie W.

Came here specifically for the MILKCOW collaboration since it's storefront from Tanforan is no longer there. I've tried BeauTea several times before and loved their fruit and milk teas. However, tonight wasn't the best night-- for the collaboration atleast. It was super cold, windy, and after walking two blocks, when we got to the store the entrance was completely blocked off by a table which was acting as the ordering booth. We were then told that all of the milkcow menu products would take about 5-10 minutes to prepare. In which we hesitated but ended up waiting for since we were already there. But boy it was a miserable wait. It got dark, cold, and the streets started to feel unsafe. The drinks that we got-- milkcow avocado milkshake and black tea float series drink were okay. The avocado milkshake was a bit smaller than expected and taste wise nothing special, a bit sweet. The Black Tea Float was also on the sweeter side. They give you a spoon to eat the icecream with, which is super thoughtful! But it doesn't fit within the lids hole and it would be messy to take off the lid and eat it without drinking some of it first. The icecream melted quickly into the drink despite the cold temperature. And something I wasn't a fan of was how they put a lot of ice in the drink. In their defense, I think it's to help keep the icecream afloat, but it made for a weird texture when using the spoon to eat what was rest of the icecream floating at the top. I think the black tea was also already sweetened but I'm not sure since I wasn't asked about a sugar level for that. Once you mix it it's just like a nice milk tea, just too sweet for me. Nonetheless, I would definitely come back on another day to get their regular drinks and snacks. If you're coming for the milkcow collaboration, I would advise you to just get the icecream and to visit during the day instead.

Eunice C.

This review is for their MilkCow collab. The Korean brand MilkCow has closed its one and only location in the Peninsula (in San Bruno) when the pandemic hit. I guess they've pivoted to doing collabs because they've done 2 locations in the Peninsula in the past 2 years. My love affair with MilkCow started in Asia. There's something about the milk they use that makes it extra milky (and fatty?). I find the ones here are very creamyyyy but lacks that overly milky or vanilla-ey taste. Still good ice cream though. If you like very creamy and I mean not even a tiny speck of ice, super thick soft serve ice cream, Milkcow is the place to be!

Derek X.

Came here for the first time and unfortunately will likely be our last time as well. We got the genmaicha milk tea and the rose milk tea. Total $10.75 for both drinks. There's no cup sizes to choose from - just one size. Genmaicha milk tea (3/5) - less ice, 50% sweetness. It's the white colored drink. The tea taste is flat. Can taste the roasted rice/ tea flavor, but nothing to rave about for this drink. Pretty bland overall. Rose milk tea (2/5) - less ice, 75% sweetness. 75% sweetness is a bit too sweet for me. I was trying to play it safe, but not the right choice. Has a strong rose taste, but taste very artificial. A hint of tea, but not strong. Actually has a hint of the Hong Kong milk tea taste in it, with added artificial rose flavor. Has a bit of "rose petals" bits, but not a big fan. Even my dog turned away when she smelled my rose milk tea breath - just saying. In terms of the store layout, it's contactless for both ordering and paying. You can pay with apple pay as well. They blocked the entrance, so you can't even enter the place. You order, pay and pick up at the entrance. You'd have to wait outside for the drinks, which for us, took about 10 minutes. They also did not use those label stickers that most places do, where they state which order it is and what the drink is - which I don't mind, but it becomes a problem for big orders with 5+ drinks. The guy at the counter just told us which cup is which drink, which is fine for small orders. It's located in a convenient location, but parking is metered unless you park right outside the store. Parking can be an issue during busy hours. It's not expensive compared to other places, but I would rather pay more for better drinks.

Julian Y.

Wow!! I got the jasmine green tea with cheese foam (50% ice, 70% sweet) and it was so tasty! Typically I get less sweet and the drink will taste so watered down, but I decided to get less sweet here (which I never do) and I LOVE that there is still a strong tea flavor. The cheese foam was good too. I'd be back to try other items!

Stephy H.

Date of visit - 010622 Ordered 2 drinks - Okinawa milk tea and roasted oolong milk tea. Both drinks were dark brown in color.... Like what is going on? The milk to tea ratio is WAY off. I can't taste any creaminess in my drink. The boba was hard and not cooked enough. I was so disappointed. For $6 I expect something better than quicklys. Sadly, it was worse than that. Please fix your milk teas because this is not it.

Gabrielle G.

We ordered the Oreo milk tea cheese mousse w/ agar boba, milky strawberry fruit tea cheese mousse, taro float w/ boba, Oreo matcha cheese mousse w/ agar boba and popcorn chicken. The drinks were just okay. If I'm being honest none of the drinks were very memorable. The popcorn chicken pieces were HUGE and not in a good way. Usually when I get popcorn chicken I expect perfectly seasoned, crispy bite sized chicken. What I got was almost chicken tender sized overly salty chunks of soggy chicken. It was hard to finish and there were two of us snacking on it. On the bright side, their staff was very friendly.

Cheri L.

This is a cute, small little shop with yummy drinks and desserts! At this time there is no indoor/outdoor seating so it will just be front door service. The service however was kind and fast, so a good to-go option. I ordered their Jasmine Green Tea with Cheese Mousse. Loved it! The tea was strong and fragrant while the cream added the nice sweetness and creaminess. The cup was pretty large and the plastic was quite sturdy. There were some good looking dessert options (especially the ice cream!) but we decided to opt out that day. May have to stop by again to try out their other options!

Zin M.

Dad got the classic black milk tea at 100%- a bit too sweet for me but yummy. $4.75 hubby got the roasted oolong milk tea at 50% sweetness which was delicious. $5 We didn't try the boba bc we were so full from eating dim sum at Grand Palace and we just wanted some dessert drinks. 4 stars due to the long wait. It didn't look like there were that many people but it felt like it took forever for us to order and get our drinks... My cousins ended up not getting anything bc they couldn't even order on time and they had errands to run.

Aminah M.

this place was delicious and customer service was great, they went above and beyond. I got the peach slushie with agar boba and boba. my friend got the Okinawa with boba

Pink Sand

I’ve been ordering the same drinks for last week and a half. Avocado smoothie. I don’t know what they put in this today but it has a bitter after taste. I asked my friend if hers is the same and she said it is. SMH ?‍♀️ just when I thought I found the best place. I’ve bought 15 drinks altogether just since last week when I found them on Grand Avenue. I don’t think I’ll come back. Sad ?

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