Cafe 382

382 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 763-1640

Recent Reviews

April F

This cafe was recommended by the hotel staff. It was close to the airport and the food was delicious. We likened so much we visited 2 times during our trip. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner on most days! The staff is friendly and the service is quick. The food was excellent and everyone in my party enjoyed the meal. The portions were huge and we could not finish our meal which was also great.

Jason VanHorn

This is one of the best places I’ve EVER ate. They even had FRESH squeezed orange juice!!

Edgar Vail

Nice place I come from las Vegas Nevada and I have delicious food very much attention to the costumers

Sara D

Yummy breakfast! Worth every penny ❤️

Emily Hartman Art

We stayed in the area while traveling and we’re so sad we didn’t find Cafe 382 earlier. The food was great and the staff was super friendly and helpful.

April Fletcher

My family and I were visiting from San Diego and this restaurant was suggested to us by the hotel staff. We decided to go for breakfast and the food was amazing. The give very good portions and the staff is friendly, nice and very quick on refills and accommodating our needs. We liked the food and staff so much we went back again during the same trip.

Alejandra Soto

Clean and helpful staff. Good food hash browns were a little burnt

Patrick Henry

Such a diverse menu! We had the Spaghetti Di Pollo and Alexandra pasta dishes and a couple of pilsners. Absolutely delicious!! I want to try the Biscuits & Gravy in the morning but I would miss my flight. 5 STARS!

Jacob Kosior

Great local cafe with excellent service and helpful, friendly staff. Menu is large enough for all tastes and can’t say enough positive things about the welcoming, friendly staff.

Erik Kuris

Came on a light day and still waited a minute for them to fire up some perfectly cooked food. Get the sweet potato fries. They are on point.

Kaylee H.

Just to preface, I did not go in and physically see the restaurant nor did I see where it was located streetwise, so this review will be solely based on delivery alone. I got the 2x2x2 (chose the pancakes & bacon), Belgian waffle, and carbonara. The pancakes were fluffy and warm- nothing spectacular but definitely a solid choice! The bacon smelled deliciously smoky and had a good applewood flavor (not sure if they use applewood smoked bacon), eggs were eggs- just okay (but how good can eggs actually be?) The waffle was large and slightly sweet with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Classic, breakfast staple that can't not be yummy. Lastly, I wasn't sure how good their pasta would be, since this seemed like more a brunch-breakfast place, but let me tell you that carbonara was GOOD. Spaghetti noodles with mushrooms, bacon, and garlic in a not-to-thick cream sauce. I tend to find most carbonara to be really greasy and my stomach just doesn't feel the best afterwards, BUT! this one was not overly greasy & had a good amount of creaminess that doesn't make you feel like a greaseball afterwards! 10/10 would recommend the carbonara if you're into that kinda thing. Overall a very solid choice with a bit of everything to satisfy any cravings you may have!

Claire C.

I am excited to eat here for the first time but my excitement is fade away, it was just typical restaurant i thought its same thing at crepevine, food is okay, expensive and but small portion to there breakfast menu. Not good customer service, the owner is not friendly, the way he speak to us is were not welcome there, he let us hurry to order even this is the first time we came there. Self-service there. First and last time I will go there.

Eunice C.

There was a 20-30 minute wait when we went around 10am on a Monday. I am not sure if it was because of the holiday but the place was pretty packed. The line going in to place order was really slow but once you're done, it was easy to find a seat. They set it up as such I think because food is served fast. Coffee was served the first 2 minutes we were seated and all 6 of our orders arrived in less than 20 minutes. I enjoyed the Classic Eggs Benedict. The canadian ham was unexpectedly thick and salty. Good thing they didn't skimp on the hollandaise because it definitely needed a sour component. The oatmeal pancake was (intentionally?) burnt. It was soft on the inside but the outside was inedible. If you zoom in the photo, you could see that the underside is even darker like really black burnt overly toasted pancake. Oof, what a waste. The chocolate pancake was yummy according to the nephew. He really liked it and was able to finish it. Overall, I still loved the dining experience. Sometimes all you need is great company and a cool vibe spot to spend your mornings at.

Elaine Y.

Came to Cafe 382 for brunch and really enjoyed it! When we came, it was definitely busy hour and all the tables were filled. They don't take orders until a table is about to open up so if you're wondering why the line is so long, this is probably why but it moves decently fast. I would say our wait time was about 25 minutes from the middle of the entrance ramp. Now's not exactly the time to be picky about indoor/outdoor seating but I'll say that I was happy that even indoor tables despite "full reopening" was actually very well spaced from adjacent tables. Now let's talk about food - we ordered a little bit of this and that and it was all fantastic. Mom and dad split a Deep Sea Sandwich which is a solid salmon filet grilled on a toasty ciabiatta with capers, dill sauce, and basically all the right fixins. It comes with a side of fresh cut fries and a side salad. Definitely a full meal for 1. They both said it was really good. I had myself a more traditional 2 x 2 x 2 with french toast, bacon, and eggs easy over. This meal was delicious! The sweet and savory balanced each other nicely and it was very filling. My brother had the banana fosters french toast which was the french toast topped with cinnamon whipped butter and a generous amount of flambeed bananas. It's definitely decadent, but we all deserve it now and then. The hashbrowns were added as a savory side for "balance" and were done very nicely - crispy outside and just fluffy enough inside. For the table, we decided to share a short stack of 2 buttermilk pancakes. They do it right! It's so pillowy and fluffy! Love it! All in all, pricing is pretty fair. Dishes average about $13 with drinks tacking on an additional $3. The portions are solid though and the ambiance is also very nice. Thumbs up for sure!

Cassandra D.

Our food was delicious. We both had 2-2-2, except he had pancakes and I had the French toast with our eggs and bacon. The pancakes were warm and fluffy, the vanilla brioche French toast was full of flavor, the fresh squeezed orange juice was good. The service was on point. Great place to get good grub and meet up with loved ones or even business.

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