Cafe Bunn Mi

226 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 745-8883

Recent Reviews

Michael R.

Sandwiches were good! We tried this place "out of the blue"because we were in the area and wanted banh mi, and we weren't disappointed. I had the duck, my wife had the pork and both were really good. Bread could have been just a little softer.We also had the spring rolls and they were ok. The sauce could be improved. Will definitely go back when we're in South City.

Vince L.

The food here is excellent! I have had all the sandwiches, my favorite is the fish and grilled pork! They are very filling and taste great. The pho is good too. I really like the 5 spice chicken, shaking beef and garlic noodles! The fried spring rolls are to die for!

Jiamei L.

Fell in love with their garlic noodles!! I've been on the lookout for more garlic noodles and my significant other recommended coming here because he frequented often. They have a big readable chalk menu by the wall. Definitely no need for us to squint. Ordering was fast and easy at the front. We grabbed a table and a server came with water in paper cups (very sanitary). We ordered the: - garlic noodles with 5 spice chicken - garlic noodles with shaking beef - beef carpaccio The garlic noodles were spectacular and the best I've eaten. The garlic flavor was pronounced and I had to refrain myself from scarfing the entire dish down in one second. The chicken was tender and you can really taste the flavor on the skin. The beef carpaccio was delicious and fresh. A good palate cleanser. I did feel that the pieces were a bit big. It was hard for me to swallow. I appreciated that each dish came with a small container of fish sauce for you to adjust the flavor as needed. Would definitely come again! Love their garlic noodles so much!!

Holly F.

We had the Combination Pork and Pork Belly Bunn Mi. Along with Imperial Rolls, Mojito Style Lemonade and Thai Iced Tea. Everything was fresh and flavorful! Service was nice and speedy. Establishment was very clean. We would definitely visit again and explore more of the menu!

Chef Neelam

While I don’t eat meat, I can’t speak to the meat options here, but the vegan /vegetarian (if you add aioli) options here are OUTSTANDING!!! 10 thumbs up for both the Smokey Vegetable and the Buddha tofu banh mi sandwiches.The level of thoughtfulness and the amount of flavor I experienced in their vegetarian banh mi’s are unparalleled. Most banh mi places simply fry tofu and drizzle some soy sauce. This place has a whole medley of flavors, creating a complexity I can’t name, but thoroughly enjoyed. I will make this my go to every time I have to fly out of SFO I will pick up sandwiches to go. Their Vietnamese coffee is great too. Sometimes I’m tempted to try other things but I keep going back to the sandwich because it’s just so darn good. The shredded veggies and the delicious flavors inside the crispy fresh roll just makes an astounding combo. Far better than any other Banh Mi place that I’ve tried.

Ash N.

Great service and speed. Open and accessible location with a nice parking lot next to the building. Had the lemon grass steak with their sweet potato fries. Great flavor all around - particularly the sauce in the bahn mi. Steak was cooked well and the veggies tasted very fresh. Their Thai Tea was also enjoyable! This is an excellent option in South City and definitely one I will come back to! Looking forward to trying the grilled pork next time around. Recommended!

Ilya K.

Have a lunch with my wife after hiking at San Bruno park. We shared pork belly bahn me and crispy duck bahn me. Both are very good, excellent bread, generous portions, very tasty. The room is very clean. I also visited the restroom and it was very very clean.

Mohammad B.

The flavor of their lemongrass steak sandwiches are good, but the sandwiches are always unbalanced, you have to pick out most of the veggies to not get a mouth full of one ingredient. Whoever put my Sandwich together this time around definitely loves their carrots.

James L.

I first heard about them through a post in a foodie group. The post showed a photo with the description, crispy duck banh mi. Never heard of something so unique, I vowed to try it if I'm ever nearby. So recently I was in town for business and stayed at a hotel about 10 minutes away. Went by for lunch and had to try the duck sandwich. Then interior is spacious, unlike any typical banh mi shop. Their menu is creative and the decor is casual and modern. But the guy who helped me at the counter could have really used something to cheer him up. He had no smiles, not many words and just didn't seem like he wanted to be there, nor did he want me to be there. The sandwich came out from the kitchen rather quickly. The bread was toasted to a nice crunch but not too hard. The veggies were crisp and fresh. The flavor of the duck however fell short. Eaten on its own, it was quite bland and some pieces were tough & chewy. Paired with the sweet sauce and veggies, it's not bad. But that's assuming every bite has sauce, which it didn't. I'm glad I can say I tried something different, but at $13. for a banh mi, I wouldn't do it again. A 2.5 overall experience, generously rounded up. The nearby metered parking can be a challenge during busy hours. There was also road construction that added to the mess. I was lucky to snag a spot a few stores down but keep an eye on the meter monitors on foot.


DISAPPOINTED !!!!I simple ordered 2 order of beef Spring Rolls during NO busy hours.The taste of the Spring Rolls werw flat because the only green they added was lettuce. They also tasted very dry and flavorlessI wouldn't recommend this place. Specially when there is better Spring Rolls nearby at a walkable distance.DISAPPOINTED !!!!

Samantha N.

My partner and I have been going to Cafe Bunn Mi for over a year now and we absolutely love their food. It's so perfect for when it's cold outside or you're in the need of some comfort food. It is a little pricier than other Vietnamese restaurants, but it's worth it. Their sandwiches are very filling and their pho portions are huge. The service is also amazing. We've never had any issues.

Jae Jae

A client recommended this place to me so I went right after my meeting. I was pleasantly surprised with Bunn Mi. They had my favorite dish on their menu (garlic noodles) so I was sold. I ordered the 5 spice chicken sandwich and the garlic noodles. WOW!! The sandwich was amazing!!! I almost busted through the kitchen demanding that they give me their recipe!! The flavors just plan in your mouth and those garlic noodles were equally as delicious and flavorful. I live in the city and I'm already planning over coming back down here next week for lunch. Keep up the great job Cafe Bunn Mi!!!

Alden C.

I ordered takeout from Cafe Bunn Mi and had an overall solid experience going. While I haven't gotten a chance to dine in, the interior is very nice with a good amount of seating. There is a parking lot nearby that you have to pay for and street parking is metered as well plus difficult to find. I ordered at the cashier and the lady working there was friendly and attentive. I ordered the Combination Pork Sandwich ($11) and the Papaya Salad ($14). The wait was also very short which was nice. I would give a full 5 stars, but the Papaya Salad was honestly pretty disappointing as it lacked flavor and the shrimp was pretty dry. I had high hopes since visually it looked very appetizing, but I personally would not get it again especially at the $14 price tag. Although the ingredients were fresh and the issue was how it was prepared. The star of the show and why a lot people go here of course would be for the Bahn Mi and it was one of the better Bahn Mi's that I've had recently. They are very generous with how many ingredients they put inside the sandwich while also distributing it pretty evenly. The sauces they use are also huge standouts as well. I normally hate cilantro as I am one of those people that get a soapy taste from eating them, but the rest of the sandwich was so good that I ate it with no problems. The bread was also very fresh and was not stale which is important because a sandwich with bad bread could ruin the entire sandwich. With Ben Tre so close by it's certainly going to draw lots of comparisons, but the advantage this place has is of course having good Bahn Mi available. I have only tried the Bahn Mi and salad here, but I will continue going again specifically for their sandwiches.

Troy J.

Cafe Bunh Mi has been my go to restaurant for Vietnamese food for over 10 years. I've been coming here since my son started working at Genentech down the road and now that my daughter is working at Genentech we go there every week as well. My daughter got me to try the garlic noodles for the first time this year, and now that is my favorite dish. I will also get the duck bahn me, and the imperial rolls. They are both great! One day I got the rice plate with crispy duck and my daughter got the garlic noodles. She didn't finish her noodles, so I took some of them and added them to the duck on my rice plate. That has been my favorite dish yet. It will be great when they offer that garlic noodles with crispy duck. I would then give Cafe Bunh Mi six stars. Thanks for staying open during the pandemic, I will always be coming back.

Elizabeth L.

Cafe Bunn Mi has many choices from sandwiches to appetizers, noodles, rice plates, salads, and pho. They are located in a quieter neighborhood, parking is street parking. They had good ratings and reviews, so I stopped by for a quick pick me up before I head home from the city. I ordered their combination sandwich. It is on the more pricey side, but the portion size is decent - the banh mi was well toasted and it had a good amount of meat as well. When I started to eat my banh mi, I was thinking that they deserve a 4 - 4.5 stars for sure and I was on the phone with my cousin and raving about this spot, which surprised her because I am a picky eater. Unfortunately, as I was eating their aioli sauce and meats tasted a bit funny/off and it was not agreeing with my stomach - I felt queasy and sick, and wanted to vomit. Not sure if they did not refrigerate their meats/sauce correctly or well, but it is unfortunate because I started out really digging my banh mi.

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