117 Hickey Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 837-3000

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M M.

I'm a very picky boba guy and I will say that this place is hella good and I don't usually say that very often. Other than Purple Kow, this is the spot to go too if I'm craving boba. Y'all gotta try this place.

Geminyna J.

Previously they were part of the Bambu franchise til their location on Gellert closed down. It wasn't fantastic then and it still isn't now. Most recent staff interaction was tedious, she didn't know how to use their POS to bypass the pin on a debit card to enable it as a credit transaction instead. She had to call someone from the back. And HE didn't know how either. So the owner came out to show them. I'm not upset that she wasn't aware, I was just annoyed by the lack of communication. We literally stood there while she tried to troubleshoot with two other people rather than giving a simple heads up. Pretty expensive drinks for average taste and standard boba shop ingredients. Typically two drinks after tax is nearly $13. I'd rather go to Yi Fang or even 85° for a yummy drink but we come once in a while bc of the convenient location. Centrally located in the plaza across from Costco on the corner of Hickey and El Camino. There's a UPS Store, Jack in the Box, and Grocery Outlet (+Chevys) here so it's usually when we come by to get the kids drinks. Could be better... Could be worse.

Minette C.

It's been awhile since I've been back home and I was strongly craving boba. But looks like other nearby Boba places don't open till 12:30 around here! So I yelped this place and saw that it was nearby and also opened at 11am! We ordered the Coco Avo and and Peach cream smoothie. Both were very tasty and the boba was nice and chewy! Also, there was no one there at the time we went. Would love to try the other flavors when I get the opportunity!

Yazhi L.

Definitely order online as wait can be long. We tried two drinks this visit: Lychee Freeze - 3.5/5 Aesthetically pleasing for sure! It looks like a pretty cloud! It tasted pretty good, mixture of lychee and either creme or coconut, can't really tell. It's like a lychee smoothie but offers stronger hints of lychee Thai Brulee - 3/5 Was excited to try this but it wasn't that great. It's like a thai smoothie with hints of smokey and nutty flavor. The creme at the bottom was difficult to fully mix in but even with it, it doesn't taste creamy nor custard-y like how a creme brulee would Price is quite steep, the two drinks were about $6.50 each This place offers a good variety of fruit drinks. I would return to try their other drinks.

Kathleen Chen

Drinks can be pricey here. 2nd time I was here they were out of the large cups ($8). Drinks are really small ($6.50). Service can be sometimes slow. No line usually. Baked goods do not look fresh. They do have fresh coconut. Adjust down to 50% sweetness.

Brianna J.

LOVE the drinks at Coco3! I am such a fan of their smoothies/blends. My favorite so far has been their Strawberry Twist and I got it with Lychee Jelly (free topping). I also really enjoyed the Thai brulee which had the creme to mix into the drink. If you're not into the smoothie blends, you can also create your own dessert with different bases and toppings (still need to try one day). Great addition to the plaza and will definitely visit again. :)

Joyce T.

Coco3 was one of our best pandemic finds. Our entire friend group is now hooked on their delicious coconut milk-based drinks. We go honestly once a week or so! Our favorites are the Coco Smoothies eg the CocoAvo or CocoMango, we usually get 0 or 25% sweet and they are always sweet enough for us. The owner was very nice and always asks us to taste our drinks before we take it away, in case it's not sweet enough. The topping selection can be a little bit overwhelming but we highly recommend the red ruby (water chestnut covered in red jelly), jade jelly (pandan flavored jelly or cendol -- IYKYK) and the crystal boba. Also our friends love the coco cubes or Nata de coco. The staff are always very friendly and the place is clean with tons of place to social distance. I don't know what's up with the bad reviews here but seriously Coco3 is amazing and everyone should try it!

Bonnie S.

I thought my drinks were a bit too sweet, but I definitely want to give this place another try. I'll come by another time and try their other drinks with a lower sweetness level. My order: Durian Classic Blend Orangey Peachy Specialty Blend Pink Matcha w/ Boba

Eunice C.

Eversince Bambu has closed its doors in SSF, I've been on the lookout for a dessert place similar to it, and I've found it in Coco3. Well they are not totally similar except for the fruits and various toppings (and I mean a lot) to choose from. What makes them different is that they serve mostly coconut and fruit based desserts but they also have the usual boba, milk and fruit teas. You can create your own dessert by choosing a base - avocado, coconut juice or coconut milk and then selecting 3 or 6 toppings. The Coco Crave, one of the best sellers, is my favorite. The Go Go Taro, their new limited time drink which I tried during my last visit was awesome! They use real mashed taro and topped with coconut milk and sago. Yum! Coco3 has easily won my (sweet) heart. Lol

Angela Y.

I wanted to try out a new boba place kind of close to my workplace so my coworkers and I decided on coco3. I ordered the strawberry coconut drink with lychee jelly and boba and also the custard bells. The custard bells were okay. Kind of small and pricey at 9 dollars for 9. I wasn't a huge fan of them. I really enjoyed the drink though! Fruity and coconutty. And those aesthetics! I got it at 75% sweet and it was still pretty sweet so maybe I'll get 50% next time! I usually like sweet stuff too. The boba was on the harder side but the flavor was good. Ordering online is also super easy. Overall, I'd get it again!

Hoa T.

I am always down to try new booba place I never been too. Yelp this place up and this place pop up and it's a coconut booba place. Finish running errands with the hubby and had time to try this place .order it online I got the durian smoothie with coconut milk. Came in and it was ready , friendly staff! I love durian this drink wasn't that milky i taste the durian it's like a slushie, they had alot of other drinks too , next time I'm trying other drinks. Will be coming to try their other drinks

Kim D.

Wanted to love it, but for $5.50 (6 with tip).... it's a no from us. If you've been to E Tea in SF you know what good value boba is. Only thing we loved here are the cups. Sturdy.

Katherine Alipio


Kristina P.

I haven't actually been to coc3 because our cousins picked it up for us one day, so I can't describe how they're functioning during the pandemic. This review is only about the drinks we tried. We got the original milk tea with boba and the bean3 drink. The milk tea was good, not too strong and not too sweet, the boba itself was was little bit hard. I really liked the bean drink because it reminded me of "halo halo" a Filipino dessert-- which is my fave! The only thing that was weird was the slimey jelly that was inside. I'm not sure if that's how it was supposed to be or if it was just late in the evening. If that's how the jelly is, I'll opt out of it for the next time! There's still more drinks to try, so I'll be back to update my review later!

Elaine Y.

OMG I'm obsessed with this place now... wish they were closer but definitely a stop by place when heading to or from SF. They have so many drinks to choose from... my daughter loves the CocoCrave where you have chunks of coconut you can eat!! My fav is anything "Coco"... love their Coco Strawberry and Coco Mango... Hubby loves their Guava n'Go... I can't wait to try more flavors. I have my eye on several. They have it set up nicely though I wish they had a paper menu somewhere - while trying to maintain safe distancing some folks backed into us to look at their large menu while we were waiting for our drinks.. Other than that staff was great and can't wait to go back and try more!!

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