Round Table Pizza

20 Chestnut Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 742-9755

Recent Reviews

Michele Foster

I was very surprised my pizza was very nasty. am going to look for another pizza shop

Leo Martínez

I Bought an expensive and undercooked pizza that I ended up throwing it away. I will never buy a pizza from this place again.???

Carlina P.

Ingredients were fresh, we really like that they are allowing dine in Ms Vanessa was amazing we ordered the double pepperoni and cheese with sausage, and took a Hawaiian with jalapeños to go ( which was one of Ms Vanessa recommendations) the restaurant is very clean, and their food is really good. We are definitely coming back.

Alex S

Round table is always the best!

Cristina N.

Horrible service! I ordered my pizza online at 6pm. I get there at 6:30 still not ready and was told it would be 7 more minutes. I waited patiently, came to the counter and pizza was still not ready. Crappy place

Sunshine B.

Horrible pizza and horrible service. Called to notify them they burnt the pizza that I bought on way home about 20mins away. They said I would need to bring back the pizza for a refund; that they would not issue a refund without the pizza; she said "you can't have both". I'm like I don't want a burnt pizza I paid $35!! But I don't want to drive back and then she said it's suppose to be that I don't think so...

Brian B.

There is a reason this Round Table has terrible reviews. I've been coming here for 30 years but in the last 5 it's gone way down hill. Used to have pizza parties here for little league baseball. I would never take a team here today. I live 4 minutes away and have to order from them because they are so cheap. You want to know why? Because their service is garbage. Crappy service so you get the discount. They never manage to make my pizza correctly. Tonight I order our normal garlic chicken gourmet on pan crust. We got it missing toppings on original crust. The crust was barely cooked. I like some crispy crust on my pizza. They always tell you 20 minutes. I showed up at 25 minutes because I know they are always late. Wait for 10 more minutes, 35 minute pickup... was sitting there and they told a young girl 20 minutes, so I confronted the cashier and told him how they never make 20 minutes. They use a good plot for Covid, if they tape the box s*** we are good! Nobody in the store cares. A bunch of teenagers working slave labor for Shaheed Enterprises or whatever they call them selves. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Manage your business! The fact that your pizza is 30% cheaper than the next closest Round Table makes a lot of sense. Shitty service and management doesn't warrant normal prices. I will be writing Round Table directly.

tonya Koich

Round table used to be good now they’re not

L Escobar

Make sure they give you everything you've ordered before you leave. I had to drive all the way back to get my Pepsi just to go home to a cold yourselves a favor go to the Colma Round Table better experience there and they will actually catch the mistake before you leave.........and just to add now they forgot a topping on my pizza this place sux

Anita Alvarez

Excellent premium pizza. Delivered earlier than expected.

Kim R.

I am writing this due to horrible customer service. I ordered a pizza online and they called shortly after. They said I can come pick it up but there are no more deliveries. Fine you can cancel it. I asked for a receipt of cancelation. This rude girl whom answered the phone hung up on me. All I did was ask for a receipt of cancelation. I am beyond irritated with the service. If I am charged I'm going to be so pissed off. If it was not so cold I would go down there and have a in person not so nice conversation. Instead I will just only oder from Toto's pizza and not spend money with you .

SashA J

I'm visiting in the area no car trying to order online says they don't deliver to my area. I call to order to get the same specials online and the lady with m name says I can't help nothing I can do about it . Super bad customer service

Nico G.

Ordered from Grubhub and everything went well until I realized there was no sausage on this King Arthur supreme!! And no peppers or cheese??? Yooooo :(

Jenny L.

Amazing pizza I love coming here I have been coming here past 25 years since I was a little kid they treat me like family and I love the customer service Sukhi always does a amazing job he is always consistent always knows my name and the pizza when he makes it is so good I love this please thank you so much for amazing memories love ya round table pizza

Arturo R.

Placed an order... All is well... Then I realized I forgot my wallet ‍ called back to verify if they took electronic pay and the lady hung up so had they said no, I would have cancelled... With them hanging up, kinda hoping they make it ‍ #petty

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