The Topper

249 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 588-7770

Recent Reviews

David Bade

Definitely more of a bar from an older age. Bartender is old fashioned but fair.

Jim Gillespie

Shot and a beer joint with laid back feeling.

Axel G.

Okay, I could've given this place a low rating for one of two reasons. I could be trying to keep this place a secret by scaring potential visitors away. Or, I could be truthful and trying to warn potential visitors to go somewhere else. You be the judge. If you're like me, a semi-young, business professional who works in the area, and you're looking for a drink, this is NOT the place you want to go. Sure, there are limited options in the area. To be honest, I think I'd rather just be sober than go here. It has an unsafe feel to it. It's a remnant of what SSF used to be. It's filled with older locals, who seem scruffy. They only have bottled beers. Let the locals, who see their area changing to cater to the new bio-tech companies, have this place to themselves. Avoid it, do the scary locals have a sanctuary, and check out The Standby or Hometown Heroes.

James Cotton

Absolutely love this joint. From the grouchy old men to the funny as hell bartender..

Bell Feasto

One of the best bars in the city if your up for cheap drinks and nice people you have to come here

John Baggott

Good Pub/Bar lots of locals hang out , great bartender

Lupe Huerta

I love this place!!! BEST bartender LEO and drinks in town!!

Daisy C.

5 Stars! I want to give a shout out to little boy Alex B. down there in the comments section. I found his review "useful". He stated "if you are a loser than this is the place for you." Instantly, my boyfriend and I thought, we have to come check this place out. We are from LA and were visiting SF, looking for a good time. I have got to say, what a GREAT time we had here :) The bartender (older man) took our order, 2 bottled beers, 2 tequila shots, and we were blown away by their cheap prices. We sat in their little sports corner where they had baseball seats and memorabilia etc. It made us feel like we were in someones home. The bartender kept coming by checking in if we were ok on drinks, and we continued to order more and he was just so friendly! We watched some baseball on their tv there. I loved the old cash register they had, it was such a lovely antique. I have to say, if you are douchey and want a "modern hip" spot with "obnoxious drunks" then this is not the place for you. If you can appreciate a nice place, cheap drinks, & great service, then check this place out. If we are ever back in SF, we will def. be coming back here. THANK YOU!


Cash only. Really it's 2019


Topper is a great, old(er) place. Cash only, full bar, oldsters who are actually friendly but would rather look cranky. And thanks to Leo the bartender who gave me his tips for an hour to support my "BikeMS" ride the next morning!

Peter Ergas

Great place to watch football

Brion K.

$4.50 bottles of Corona and Stella. Cash only and shit talking locals. Chinese places up the street have $3.50 beers!

Linda S

Great neighborhood hang out

Mike Kirk

Cool place.

Kimberley Collins

Great atmosphere

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