10742 Trinity Pkwy B, Stockton
(209) 472-0222

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nicole clavejo

Can't go wrong with Baskin & Robins⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Marcellous Warren

Was a bit under staffed but great customer service.

Esco Bary

Highly don’t recommend going here all the girls there are nasty ?

George Lopez

Don’t buy any banana royal and banana splits paying a full price and you will get kids scoop for your order!! This is rip off!!

Wendi Sherman

Ice cream was good. Service was good.

Michelle Moncrief

I'd give a 0 star if I could!!!!Prices went up and the icecream clowns got smaller!!! Serious less than a tablespoon of frozen frosting on the ice cream clowns !!! ???????????? Cheap douchebags!!

Conejo Lopez

Buenos helados y servició rápido

Victor Flores

Kaleigh was highly professional when helping me out today at BR. Had a great experience will definitely come back because of her.

Khristina Robles

The girls are always nice

Dianna S.

Went for Mother's Day and was pretty empty inside. Got peanut butter and chocolate ice cream sunday. Was told that it had a big chunk of peanut butter in it... what I did not realize when they told me that, that was the entire scoop was 95% peanut butter. Asked for another scoop after 2 or 3 bites and was told no because I was warned beforehand. Ended up throwing away my 5$ scoop of peanut butter.

Cristian Ortega

Small but clean, the staff is quick n to the point, no complaints.

Cheryl Varela

Your hours say till 10pm... Why are you closed at 9:45pm on a Saturday?There are 3 workers in there but you don't want to serve ice cream. Door locked and you wouldn't even look at us.Just cuz you're bored and want to go home.Not right!

Lisa M.

So, I went in the other day and received AMAZING service from one of the employees. I did not get his name, but I know he has short dark hair and an "l + v" tattoo on his arm. This dude deserves a shoutout for sure!!! Especially because even days later I'm so impressed I had to write this review. Great service and flat out just good ol' fashioned courtesy are unfortunately rare these days, but he brought it. What may have been just another night for him where he helped us with a smile had such a positive influence on my night out. Please give him the acknowledgment he deserves because, as someone in the service industry as well, that's really important to hear. We should always remember to be kind because you never know how your attitude or a smile can affect someone.

Kaleigh Brown

Great workers especially kaleigh ?

Alex Morales

Cute guy working there, hi Kyle! ?

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