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Siarah Banks

Not authentic Jamaican food, rice and peas were dry, J*** chicken is not J**** Plaintains were salty, Mac and cheese was good though. If you’ve had real Jamaican food, you’d know the difference, but for those who have never tried it.. they might actually enjoy the food more.

Camille M.

The customer service was exceptional. I enjoyed the friendly and inviting environment. The food was delicious. It was very well seasoned and tasty, not mention the portion sizes were enough to feed our whole family. Thank you so much for blessing us with the wonderful dinner, drinks and dessert! My husband and I plan on ordering from you in the future and look forward to trying everything on your menu. We are confident that we will enjoy additional items from your restaurant. God bless you, your business and family. Thanks again.

Chris C.

It's hard to find Jamaican food, so I was happy to find this out-of-the-way spot with limited hours. (Actually in a church building). The food was pretty good, but not great. You get the sense that everything was wet cooked in a crockpot, or in a casserole. J*** chicken - This is a wet version. It was tender with a nice little bite of heat. I'd get that again gladly. Probably the best thing I ate. It might be nice with some extra onions or veggies...over some rice. Curry chicken - Pretty tasty. Exactly what you'd expect. Highly seasoned, but not hot. You could probably make it at home with golden curry, but CJ did it for you. BBQ Pork Ribs - This is a wet crockpot type version where the meat is quite tender after being cooked with the sauce for a long time. The flavors are a bit ordinary BBQ sauce. If a family member served this to you, you wouldn't be disappointed. I wonder two things - First, what would happened if I finished them under the broiler or on the BBQ to caramelize the sauce and add some texture? Second, what if I added some j*** sauce to jazz up the sauce? Anyway, I could see buying them again, but I'm not rushing back. The Jamaican patty was nice, even if I wish the filling had a bit more oomph. But seasoned meat in a flaky pastry is usually never bad. The sides - The "killer" mac & cheese, and loaded potato casserole are ok. I don't know what makes the mac & cheese "killer" because it tasted just like ordinary mac & cheese to me (maybe slightly cheesier). The potato casserole is similarly loaded with a cheese sauce, potatoes, and not much else. The vegetable medley wasn't good. It was a hot cabbage salad that was rather plain and not good (Chef really needs to come up with a new veg. side). The Jamaican style rice & peas was by far my favorite side, and goes well with the spicy chicken stews. I wish it had a bit more flavor on its own, perhaps some allspice, but that's nitpicking. This is a small operation with the chef onsite to greet you. I get the feeling he cooks it at home and brings it to the Church. I could hear the repeated "ding" of the microwave as my food was being reheated. Everyone was super nice. As long as you set realistic expectations for a part-time operation running out of a church, I think you'll be satisfied.

Gilbert Smith

The food was fantastic and their service was phenomenal! I am definitely coming back again.

Angelica Campbell

Great customer service, delicious food very home like, CJ and all of his staff are amazing! Definitely worth it!!

Chewy Valle

It was really good I enjoyed the Jamaican j*** chicken did not expect to find a Jamaican restaurant inside of a church but for some reason it works can't wait to try the ribs.

Kingsley C.

I travel a fair amount for work and anywhere I go I seek out Jamaican food. Having been born in Kingston my family has roots going back to my grandparents landing there before 1900. There is an old phrase that you can find a Jamaican just about anywhere you go. Well Chef James is the real deal. I had the pleasure of my first lunch and then dinner(I had to bring take-out for my family) just yesterday. J*** Chicken, Curry Chicken and Rice & Peas - these are the main dishes for a Jamaican like Pas Thai is to Thai food, he got d'them bang on! Don't let the location fool you. This is the real deal. I may have to make the 1-1/2 hr drive from the South Bay more often! Oh, the portions are very generous too! See you soon Chef James!!!

Charles R.

The best I've had since 1985, when I left Queens NY! The real taste

Mary Bingham

I drove from out of town to try this place out and I must be honest I was NOT a happy customer….i ordered quite a few different items to try them out and the only thing enjoyable was the curry chicken. The rice and peas were also ok but the ribs I received more bones then meat, the pulled pork looked like slop something you’d feed your dog, the Mac and cheese there was nothing killer about it. The Rasta pasta oh no I threw that up the teriyaki chicken I wasn’t able to really enjoy the flavors being it had bbq and curry on it, the vegetables were super crunchy and the store bought carmel cheesecake was good. The plantains were filled with grease and from reading reviews I was looking forward to a great experience but sadly that didn’t happen…..i love Jamaican food but this just wasn’t it for me

Mike Garrigan

Have ordered from here a couple of times. Food is amazing. Best meat pattys outside of Jamaica

Sal Olivas

Delicious food! Try a combo plate for a full experience! Will definitely go back! Open 11am to 2pm.

Janet Ramirez

We enjoyed the most delicious meal cooked by Chef James today!! I had the mini, 1 meat and 1 side. I choose barbque ribs and Mac n cheese!! WOW!! The flavors jumped out!! It was delicious!! My husband got double meat and double sides. He chose barbque ribs, loaded potato and veggies! We highly recommend Chef James to cook up your favorite Jamaican meal!! You won't leave hungry but you will leave satisfied!! Can't wait to get back for another meal at Chef James!! Located in the kitchen of Lighthouse of The Valley Church, mon, tue and wed, 11am to 3pm!! Get yours ordered... Uber eats, and other delivery were constantly coming in and picking up orders. You can get yours delivered too!!

Alice D.

The food is so yummy!!! We got the family meal with the teriyaki chicken, chicken curry, and bbq ribs. The sides were the mash potatoes, mac and cheese, and rice and beans. I was actually shocked that the chicken curry wasn't spicy which is great since I am not a huge fan of spicy food and my son was also able to eat it. Everything had so much flavor and the customer service was great! I'll definitely be back!

Nou Vue

Everything ❤️ food is perfect, you gotta try it to know what perfect means.

Alexander Salcedo

Ordered off of Doordash but had to come by and leave a review had. Easily some of the best food I've had in town. Really good mac and cheese that came as a pleasant surprise, tender ribs that came easy off the bone, j*** chicken has a nice little kick that I like. Really good all around, can't think of any complaints.

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CJ’S Jamaican & BBQ Kitchen Catering

4368 N Sutter St, Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 883-6343