Eric's New York Style Pizza

4118 N El Dorado St, Stockton
(209) 463-6339

Recent Reviews

Jarred Garcia Sr

Eric's New York style pizza has the best pizza in Stockton I recommend the pineapple combination Hawaiian pizzas they are so delicious and they are big too thank you Eric for cooking such great pizza I love the recipe it is the best in the city looking forward to bringing my friends and family to enjoy the best pizza there is in Stockton California

Anthony Villanueva

Great pizza & you can tell the toppings are fresh!! I came on my day off ( tuesday night )recommended & the staff was great & welcoming!will be returning

Loretta “LOVELY LADY” Honor

Door DASH pick up; got a park right in front & the food was already ready........a great plus :-)

Joseph Contreras

Horrible staff. Young and Dumb. Never again will i eat from this not so friendly pizza restaurant. New employees have no manners to greet the customer very disgusting pizza and way overpriced.

Art Salazar

Very disappointed in how my family was treated. After calling and getting the ok for a party of eight to dine in we were made to feel unwelcome and their lack of communication with each other as employees had my family feeling unwelcome and embarrassed. We decided to leave and were welcome immediately at Micheals Pizza on Alpine. Sons 15th bday thanks the kid felt it and Erics was his favorite.

JRivera R

Hawaiian pizza was great. Kids loved it . For first timer five stars for sure. Clean decent welcoming parlor .Thank you!

Ronald Stotts

Ok so Eric's pizza in the 4th place of hit up in the last 3 weeks since we moved to stockton. I must say I loved it the mozzarella was so good ,,fresh ingredients and made with loveThanks to all the staff .we will be back for more .5 star all the way

Camille C.

I have been coming here since I was a kid it's always so good and they never mess up my order. I don't know what they put in that dough but I swear I can eat it plain

Julia P.

My husband and I just moved across the way and we're checking out pizza places in the area to replace our favorite where we used to live. This was our first pick since it's so close and we were impressed! Customer service was great. Super friendly. They were busy filling orders and making pizzas. The pizza itself was garlic-y which we both loved. We will continue trying others just to get a comparison, but we were extremely impressed and love the convenience to our new home.

Benito Aguilera

I have been coming to this place since I was a kid, obviously it has changed owners a time or two. But most importantly the product has never changed. Some of the best pizza I have ever had. My parents used to bring me when I was little, i bring my kids often and so on... Erics combo pizza is the best, the crust is what does it for me

ronnie garcia

My daughter and I loved there pizza ?crust was perfect and good amount of sauce and cheese ? really great pizza

Greg G.

Bro this spot is a special gem of Stockton! You want a big hearty pizza for you and the boys to conquer while downing some beers? This is the place! You want nice family environment to throw a party or a just have a family meal? This is the place! You what a place that will make you an anchovy pizza to take home and eat in shame while in the comfort of your own home with the lights off, the wife at work and without judgement being passed upon you as you shove that salty fishy delicious slice in your mouth as tears roll down your cheeks in pure enjoyment? THIS IS YOUR PLACE!!!

Harold Smart

Excellent food, very nice staff members, regularly excellent atmosphere. They charge convenient prices and the food quality is great. Kudos.

Natalia H.

Delicious! Quality is def 5 stars. The young lady that assisted by me gave me excellent customer service. The ranch is so good too!

Nicole Jackson

Their pizza is so delicious, the crust is perfectly soft and crunchy with a hint of salt. And the inside reminds me of places I used to go as a kid.

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