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Cierra H.

Honestly the best cake I have ever had. I didn't want to be biased because it was our wedding cake.. but even my sister said it was the best cake she's ever had. All our guests are still raving over how delicious the cake was...days after the wedding! All we could hear when people were eating it was a bunch of happy guests.

We loved how we were able to choose all the different flavors of cake and ALL the multiple fillings are delicious. I highly recommend the lemon, almond, and vanilla cake combo!

I had a crazy vision of how I wanted my cake to look and have it be hexagon shaped with gold trailing down it and she made my vision come to life!

Thank you so much Kathy!

Breyn M.

Kathy was such an absolute pleasure to work with. She created not only the most beautiful cake but it was so incredibly delicious that a cake for 50 was devoured by just 18 people. Planning our wedding during a global pandemic wasn't easy but working with Kathy and the cake process was! We can't wait to return for our anniversary cake and can't begin to put into words the perfection of our cake! Look at the design that she created to match our cake topper! This cake was the icing on top of our whimsical fairytale backyard wedding!

Megan M.

Our remake wedding cutting cake was DELICIOUS. I love Bo Cakes. Kathy is amazing and has always been so kind! I definitely recommend BoCakes to everyone that wants good cake.

DeeAnna M.

Disclaimer: This review does not include tasting any cake.A few months ago, I reached out to BoCakes to schedule a cake tasting. Kathy emailed me asking to give her a call to discuss the cake details and dates. We ended the phone call with her asking me to email her photos of cakes I like so she could have a better idea of what I wanted. I sent the email with photos and once again asked what days she had available for cake tastings. I NEVER HEARD BACK! I find that completely unprofessional when you are offering a service and after reading the reviews that BoCakes has, it seems like communication is a problem. I am so glad I decided to go with a different baker in the area rather than keep pursuing BoCakes because I have enough stress planning a wedding and do not want the added stress of a vendor not communicating with me. I will also be letting my venue know of my experience since they list this business as a preferred vendor.

Chelsey P.

People need to know about the unprofessionalism of this business. I was getting married at a local venue and this was the recommended cake vendor. I reached out to the owner to schedule a cake tasting appointment. She seemed nice but everything went south quickly. I live over an hour away. The day of my scheduled tasting I decided to call and make sure we were still on because I haven't heard from the owner since the original phone call. The owner confused our dates and thought I was coming Thursday not Tuesday. Good thing I checked! I would never schedule a Thursday because I work Thursday nights. We get to cake tasting and I wasn't impressed. The flavors were okay, cake was kinda dry. She has many flavors listed on her website but many of the ones I wanted to taste were not at the table. I asked the owner about it. She said I would have had to tell her before hand. Well she never asked and it didn't say on the website so how was I supposed to know. We went over our cake details with her and left. I told my mom right away that I did not like her. My mom said she did so I trusted her and moved on. A few months go by and I see the owner at our food tasting at our venue. I approached her and told her I wanted to make some changes to my flavors. Her response was "oh yeah you're the one with the difficult cake". I'm thinking to myself difficult cake? I have 2 solid colored layers and 1 messy marbled layer with buttercream. I told her what I wanted and she says "So your fiancé doesn't get his choice?" Lady what I pick and what goes on in my relationship isn't your business. My fiancé is very easy going and after telling some people about his crazy cake choices he realized he didn't make the best decision. Once again I was annoyed but tried not to sweat the small stuff. Fast forward a few months and my wedding gets canceled due to COVID. Two days after hearing the news I call the owner to ask if she could still make my cake. She has all our details and color samples we left her. This is 2 weeks before wedding day because we opted to keep our date and have a backyard wedding. The owner tells me she no longer knows if she can do it because she has 6 tastings and another wedding. I know you did not book all that in the 2 days my venue canceled. I believe she never had any intention of making our cake. She tells me that there are plenty of other bakeries in the area that are hurting for business and would love to have mine. She was extremely rude. We get off the phone and she calls me back yelling at me because the form she had did not have my right cell number. Well you filled that information out lady not me! She spent 5 minutes asking me who that number could be that she wrote down. Saying it's probably my moms but it wasn't. She found me on her recent calls to give me the call back. She then gives me a crazy priced cake to make me not want to use her. From the beginning she never wanted our business. Well after that I have had enough! I found a new person to make my cake for my special day. This new person is more then happy to help and makes beautiful cakes. Do not use this bakery. It is not organized, the owner will insult you for her mistakes and nothing will go accurately. Like the owner stated " There are plenty of other bakeries that would love your business". I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GO THERE AND NOT USE THIS TERRIBLE LADY! Don't be in the wedding business if you hate your job and want to insult brides! My new cake place was amazing. The cake was beautiful and tasted delicious.

Amanda M.

I have worked with Kathy for about 4 years now and have truly enjoyed recommending her to our couples at the venue I work at. I am not a huge dessert person but Kathy makes some of the most delicious desserts i have tasted in my life and her cakes are beautiful and elegant. If you go with Kathy make sure to get the red velvet oreo wont regret it!

Jasyne H.

Kathy and her talent is one of a kind!! Not only was the cake delicious, but it turned out to be stunningly beautiful! I'd also recommend her desserts as well-the red velvet balls were the best! Everyone loved those and honestly, order more than you think you'd need because her desserts were a hit at our wedding! I'd definitely work with her again. Everything turned out to be better than anticipated. Thank you Kathy!

Diana H.

Yummy cakes and desserts! Bocakes is the only baker we recommend at the wedding venue I work at. Their cakes are so pretty, desserts are sweet and display is always show stopping. The carrot cake is my favorite!

Vanessa P.

Kathy is the sweetest and amazing at what she does! I was an out state bride and fly frequently to CA to visit family. I was worried it would be difficult to coordinate for a tasting event. Kathy was accommodating and made scheduling the tasting event so easy. The tasting was seamless and delicious. Added bonus, I was able to bring my parents. We ordered a three tier cake for our wedding. I wanted a simple elegant cake and she delivered exactly that and more! Our cake was beautiful and tasted amazing! Would highly recommend!

Monica T.

Kathy delivered the cake of our dreams during our 9/1/19 wedding at Galway Downs. She was able to marry my love for chocolate and my husband's penchant for not overly sweet desserts in our 4 tier sumptuous chocolate, marble, red velvet, vanilla chiffon masterpiece complimented by a multitude of incredible fillings like cookies and cream, cream cheese mouse, lemon and strawberry and praline and strawberry. The chiffon was light and airy and the flavors were very distinct from one another yet worked liked a magical symphony.

Brittany S.

I was extremely disappointed in my cake for my wedding. I was very specific with what I wanted and even gave pictures to ensure she understood my vision. 1 year later on my anniversary I was expecting to receive my cake top to celebrate. This was discussed when we ordered for the wedding. It was complimentary that they'd send this. Well, never heard from them and didn't bother reaching out. Pinterest is what I asked for and the next picture is what I got...

Fiona M.

We ordered a three-tier cake from Bo Cakes for our wedding at Temecula Creek Inn. Since we didn't have time for a taste test, we relied on Kathy's expertise for the different layer flavors and we were so happy with the choices! The cake was delicious and was so beautifully decorated. We couldn't have been happier with our decision. My husband is a veteran and they offered a 10% discount, which was a really nice touch. Thank you Kathy and the Bo Cakes team!

claudia edwards

My name is Rosiland, and Cathy has been my baker since my daughter was 9 years old. She has baked some of the most beautiful, and creative cakes. From my Engagement party, birthday, and weddings for my family. I believe her secret is she always bakes with love. We also developed a friendship over the years.

Michael L.

If you are looking for an amazing wedding cake for a wedding in Temecula, CA look no further than Kathy at Bocakes!!! The entire process could not have been better from setting up the tasting to the finished product on our big day! When we went to do the cake tasting, we were unsure of what to expect! And when we arrived Kathy had a table set for myself, my wife, and our mothers, with all the different flavors of cake and the frosting and fillings to go with them! With a seemingly endless number of options for the construction of our wedding cake, Kathy was very helpful in offering her expert opinion on which flavors go well together after we had picked out some of our favorites! Kathy went above and beyond as we decided to change the decorations on the cake and the size of the cake shortly before our wedding! And Kathy was more than happy to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted it! Then on the day of our wedding, while we were worried about the cake being out in the hot sun, our venue insured us that Kathy knew what she was doing! And boy were they right!!! She knew just where to put it so it could still be displayed without being in the direct sunlight! But then for the most important part! Having done the cake tasting months prior, both my wife and I had almost forgotten how good the cake was!!! It was delicious!!! We have had multiple guests tell us that while they don't usually care for wedding cake, ours was so good they had to go back and get a second piece!!!

Courtney Jenkins

I ordered my wedding cake from here in 2014 and I’ve ordered two anniversary cakes. They’re always amazing! Moist and tasty!

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