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Lacy D.

I was super excited to try this spot because I absolutely love acai bowls. What I wasn't expecting was for the bowl to be so sickeningly sweet I couldn't eat it. Somehow everything tasted like sugar! The acai and pitaya bases, the granola, the almond butter...I really wish I had known this before going. True acai bowls aren't full of added sugar. This felt more like a dessert than a breakfast. On top of that, the fruit looked absolutely terrible! Strawberries were translucent, pineapple was brown, only the blueberries looked ok. It was $9 for a small and such a waste of money. Now I know, definitely won't be returning. Two stars because the person working was pleasant.

Madison Westling

Great atmosphere and love their new bases!!

Isabella C.

Amber and her team have been great!! I understand that sometimes they may be out of toppings, however they never disappoint! I always get recommended a Local Favorite and they are so delicious!! I recently had the apple cinnamon bowl, and it tasted just like an apple pie, but better. I cant wait to try another local favorite when I come in again!

HeReviews _

Really good. It feels real and organic for sure. Their fruit is very good and all employees I have met are very kind and welcoming.

Brady Fields

I love this place but it’s unfortunate that it seems to be ran very poorly as Everytime I go there they are out of a lot of things and they never seem to order more. Last time I walked in the girl greeted me and told me they were out of every flavor expect for vanilla. They also increased their prices $3 in the passed year alone.

Stephanie W.

I'm so sad to give this place a low review. When they first opened I went all the time, the fruit was fresh and so good and everything looked so clean. Now everything looks messy, The fruit looks like it's been sitting for days. I usually get berries and banana on top of my bowl but I only got banana because that's the only thing that was fresh. I went with a friend and they were out of 2 bowls we wanted to try. I got a small bowl, the girl filled it a little less then a 1/4 of the way and my friends was filled 1/2 way with the mix and I asked her why mine wasn't filled and she said that's all she could get out!! Why would you serve me that then if there wanes to enough for a serving. ugh I hope they step it up soon or I will not be returning.

Ari S.

Yikes. I hate leaving negative reviews, but I can't stop thinking about how bad my experience here was lol. Same as previous reviews, they were missing a lot of ingredients for the bowls. I ordered the açaí bowl w/ peanut butter expecting it to come with the listed strawberry and banana but they didn't have either and the girl didn't tell me until after she started making the bowl. They had whole apples on display so I asked if they had any available for my bowl and she just said no, just the cinnamon apples. Like what? You can't just cut some fresh apples up for your customers? I was so confused and offended. The fruits available (pineapple, kiwi) weren't even fresh or on ice. The pineapples my sister got tasted canned. My sad little bowl with no fruits was not worth the $8.

William Leavell (xTK421x)

It's really hard to give this place a low rating. At one point this would have been a 10 star review but unfortunately they changed to much in the name of cost savings. I used to get Everbowl all the time then I left California. Im back to visit and Everbowl was a must go to for me while here. Super disappointed. They no longer blend the base. It doesn't taste the same. The acai used to be blended with fruit and your choice of milk. The Everbowl 2.0 is a downgrade. No more goji berries! Come on. Somehow with all this cost savings the bowl cost more now. Overall the new bowls aren't bad but IMHO this place isn't worth it anymore. These bowls are to easy to make at home.

Matt P.

They literally had a only half the ingredients in stock. It was only after my bowl started being made that I was told one of the fruits isnt even available. Then to top it off all the fruit was WARM. First time and last time I go here, only reason they get 2 stars is because the lady there was nice.

Michaela K.

I got an açaí bowl. It was fun to customize my order, and you can basically get all the toppings you want for no extra charge! Unfortunately they were out of bananas today which was a huge bummer, but maybe I caught them on an off day. Their açaí also had a freezer burn taste to it.

Susan R.

Always AMAZING!!! I love the customer service. There is a young girl Amber who is always great with my kids and so helpful!

Tammy D.

This was my first time trying EverBowl. I was very impressed with the girl who was working (Sierra). She was very friendly and let me try all the flavors to decide what I liked best! We had a large order and she was fast! Will definitely be back!

Kristina T.

You would think that with as many times as I've been here, I would know what the heck I want But I never do. The cashier there, Amber, is ALWAYS willing to help me decide, and her suggestions are usually SPOT ON! Temecula EB is my favorite location, based on just their customer service alone!

Nohailani D.

I've been coming here for a few months now.. I loved this place..! Got several friends hooked too!! But today.. let me tell you about today.. My husband and I decided to take the kids out for ice cream, yes, the kids.. magical ice cream to kick off summer.. they could have chose anywhere, yogurt island, baskin robins, but they chose everbowl.. boy was that a bad idea!! On this evening, we met the "store lead" Amber.. boy was she the rudest in the land.. I ordered 5 small bowls.. Me, hubs, and the 3 kids.. kids can get a little indecisive or take a minute longer to decide.. for the most part, we had the order Down.. simple. When I go to pay, I ask AMBER "do you have a rewards program? I'm here often!" She says "it's in the app, if you sign up you get one free", so I was like "wow! So if I sign up now I can get one of these free?" I mean, 5 bowls is $40!! Like crap, I can save some?? she responded "no, because were closed now and I have things to do!" I'm like wait, what?? Come again?? So I told her "you could have said that I can get a bowl free on my next visit because you're now closed and signing up takes a some time.." I get that!! But she just looked at me with a resting bitch face. I told her that her comment was rude and I would never say that to a customer.. Then Amber said "well, your order experience wasn't pleasant either" I look at her like excuse me?? What? My husband had the same look on his face, like wait, what? So I ask Amber what did we do to her that was so unpleasant, she took forever to reply, of course, and the. She comes up with, your order was confusing.. lol.. confusing because my 8 year old son decided last minute that he wanted acai instead of pitaya, and my 10 year old daughter wanted more chocolate than coconut, so I asked for 2/3 chocolate and a third of coconut.. otherwise, our order was self explanatory.. apparently this gave reason for Amber to display rude service to me in front of my three children.. thank you amber, for making it a wonderful experience for my kids!! I then told amber I wanted to speak to her manager, she then says the most famous line ever, "I'm the store lead!" Wow, the owner sure chose a great one!! So then I ask her for the number to contact her boss, she then says she's not authorized to give that info out.. well shit amber, they authorized you to be rude to me and my family but they did not authorize you to give the number or email or whatever to reach upper management?? Lmao.. so because AMBER can't provide that info, I'm taking it to the BBB.. It should reach the owner then.. Besides the fact that Amber was a rude one, the fruits aren't even fresh.. Strawberries and kiwis look old and clear.. at $8 a bowl, you would think the fruits are fresh.. Never again will I spend my money at this place.. not only did you lose my business, I already told all my friends about the piss poor service. Thank Amber.. she's gonna run you to the ground. No one said you had to Make smoothie bowls girl..if your hate your job so much, change it.. it not my fault, or the fault of my kids that you are unhappy with your choice of work.

Kristian D.

For my first time experience, and to be straight forward, my family and I were very unpleased with comments and service that the closing manager Amber displayed to us. The continuous back talk and display of attitude was very unprofessional and that this business establishment should address their staff and management. Very displeasing.

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