Great Harvest Bread Co.

31795 Rancho California Rd, Temecula
(951) 676-0550

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Valerie Berry

Best sandwiches & fresh baked breads in town.

Tina M.

This place had been on my "needs to go to" list for quite some time and today I finally stopped in. The young men working there were very nice and helpful. I ordered the turkey pesto panini and I've got to say, it was probably one of the best sandwiches I have ever had! The bread was super fresh and the combination of the turkey and pesto was just delicious. Before I left, I asked if they sold the focacia panini bread and was told they don't sell it. OMG!!!! I would have bought 6 right there on the spot!!!! Please sell it at least once a week!!!! I'm sure others would love to buy it also. I did end up buying a loaf of honey white as recommended by the young man helping me. I will definitely be back again for another sandwich. So glad I finally stopped by.

Aisa D.

First, they have very nice workers - 2 stars Second, I bought a loaf of bread to bring to to a brunch event. It was whole loaf, so I asked if it could be sliced and they said no, their slicer wouldn't be in until 2. Apparently, the 5 - 6 people there aren't "trained" to slice bread. ‍ Third, "sourdough" should be plain and vegan. If it is going to have cheese and tomatoes hidden inside, they should warn you.

Christian N.

If you're looking for a good, fresh-tasting sandwich in Temecula, look no further. Their menu ranges from your standard ham and cheese to more savory sandwiches like their Baja Chipotle Turkey, which I recommend. They also offer a variety of delicious dessert-style breads, cookies, scones, etc. I've been here a number of times and have yet to be disappointed. The food always tastes fresh and their service is good even on busy days. Plenty of eating space indoors and outdoors and lots of parking. One of my favorite lunch spots in Temecula.

Kim M.

I was so disappointed in this place . We picked up three sandwiches , we ordered focaccia bread but we were given these flavorless white buns . The sandwiches had the freshest ingredients huge plus but no flavor at all , even the turkey chipotle . The bun thick and dry. But the highlight was the cinnamon bread pudding one of the best desserts I have ever had .

Robert Bonnett

Great enthusiastic staff and really good breads. I have tried several and they are all very good.

Mercede R.

Amazing selection of breads and sandwiches. Large portions. Great customer service. I just got very nervouse seeing everyone sitting very close to each other inside and no one had masks on, not even the servers and crew behind the counter.

V Vicster

I visited this bakery for the first time, and I loved the experience! The cinnamon roll and raisin bread were delicious! ?

Laura L.

I come here every week to get sandwiches, but mostly loaves of bread. We moved from orange county and there were a few bakeries I would go and buy fresh loaves of bread. Great harvest is the only one in the area that I've been able to find. Their bread is good, a little on the expensive side per loaf but-- it is what it is. They do have a reward system which is nice and every so often I have enough points to get a free loaf of bread. They have a few kinds of different breads available but not everything is made every day so just know that they have a schedule of what kinds of breads are available on any given day. I've tried some of their cookies-good but not worth the price, their bagels are so so, the zucchini bread is excellent, but also on the expensive side. I think their sandwiches and salads are priced well. As I said I come here every week to get sandwiches/ salads, usually on the weekends - and overall good for what I need

Michelle B.

After seeing some great reviews for the different baked items they offer, we knew we had to stop by and grab some treats for later in the day and the next morning. We stopped in mid afternoon so the place wasn't busy, there was maybe 2-4 other people there. We planned to get a specialty loaf (4 cheese) and a cinnamon roll (which we did) but we also impulse purchased an Apple streusel coffee cake. Everything was super tasty. The coffee cake was extra crumbly and the cheese bread was beyond heavy and dense. The cheese loaf really did weigh 2 lbs. It was perfect to pair with some wine at a tasting the next day. The cinnamon roll in the morning was really good. If you get a chance to stop in you should. Also the fact they had a Star Wars themed poster in the bathroom made me smile and I had to take a picture to share.

Mike M.

First time eating here. This place Rocks! Everything is fresh. The bread, sandwiches and desserts. A must visit!

Michelle S.

Always delicious sandwiches here. Also big fan of their bread pudding, the big kahuna!!!!

A. M.

Omg their fresh bread is to die for. I always go in for the bread of the day and leave with at least 2 loaves. If you love fresh baked bread, I highly recommend paying them a visit. You won't be disappointed!

Kristofer R.

Great sandwiches and bakery items. Can't go wrong with the cinnamon bread! It's pretty quick as well when taking to go.

Joe Hlava

Bread is amazing, excellent sandwiches. Definitely a go to place for lunch.

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