Jack In The Box

29105 Old Town Front St, Temecula
(951) 506-3322

Recent Reviews

Michal Esposito

I wonder if people remember when I said the best Jack in the Box was the one in Pomona California and I've been to wrong it's the one in Temecula they never cease to amaze me right now

Michael Dominic Bock

The best honey mustard let me tell you

Juan Chuy Orozco

I love the salad that they serve me but they didn't have water bottles.


Service was slow at the counter, but it helped placing orders through the app. Our food was ready and the staff was very pleasant. We were acknowledged while we had to wait while other customers were being taken care of at the drive thru. The food was good and hot when we got it.

John Worcester

Sourdough toasted egg, cheese and ham. Great meal

Ashley Szalanski

This particular one always seems to be out of something or have their system down for extended lengths of time. Otherwise, it's fine

Jeremy Jeffrey

It's good for fast food.1 out of 10 It's a 6.

Antonio Chavez

I ordered tacos and I received them pretty fast but every single taco was cold and soggy it seemed like they have been sitting there for a while so they tasted really disgusting

Tina Kelsey

My favorite Jack of all, and I used to work for their corporate office!

Ahmad Mohamad

The food was great quality and great service ... Just had to wait 15 min cuz the night deals they have starts at 9pm ... It's not a big issue to serve me those deals 10 minutes before it should start instead of me just wait till it gets 9pm to be able to place my order.

Marcos Avila

Came here this morning... Mia the Manager and The Other Girl Working here at the Drive Thru... Kept my card... Came back around to retrieve it . These Girls here are not trust worthy...

Amber R.

Just wow! I never go to jack in the box and let me tell you how amazing this cluck deluxe was! Literally life changing! Beyond thankful that this is what I ordered and super happy we stopped here on our road trip! I also ordered the jalapeño poppers which were yummy and hot! But please get this sandwich spicy it's a life changer!!!

Dominique R.

I'm a person of my own business so I don't put up with bad customer service and pulling up to this location I have never been so disrespected, we started our order with two sparkling waters and CAMERON THE MANAGER RIGHT AWAY REPLIED WITH REALLY THATS IT!!? Without even finishing our order yet!!!  I confronted him and he just laughed and walked away when I said how rude he was. I Didn't even know he was the manager till the other worker said he was when I asked.

Maddox17 S

Fine place for tasty cheap food. The food was super appetizing. Nothing but great experiences here. The bill was fair for the quality of the food. Reminds me of a cafe in Chicago I loved to visit.

Claudio Mishler

I'd give a negative 5 stars if I could for being lied to about the shake machine. I was told the machine was being cleaned but when I asked how long will it take to clean the machine cuz "I'll wait.",I said. Then the answer changed t,"Well actually we have a whole process we just don't want to have to clean again b4 our shif is over. So it won't be running again until 6a.m. Jack needs to fix his employees. Why take a graveyard shift job if u don't want to work.

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