Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

29025 Overland Dr, Temecula
(951) 506-1975

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Tim Bratland

Our daughter loves Olive Garden, so we ordered take out tonight for her birthday. This was our first-time trying take out here, we normally dine in.The order was missing a soup, not a big deal, the manager offered to replace it, but since the restaurant is an hour round trip, I got a credit, I am not one to try to get free food.The food tasted great and was as good as if we had dined in, we don't often say that, we actually liked it better than some other restaurant take out. They took care to make sure the dishes were perfect.

Walter Anderson

Jason was the best server. Service was excellent, fast, and the food was hot and delicious. For those who don't consider Olive Garden real Italian, it sucks for you. I'll take this 'imitation' any day of the week.Was taken out for my birthday and really enjoyed myself. Jason even hooked me up with a dessert since it was my birthday.

Mike C

Staff was very nice. Food came fast, everyone left satisfied. Great experience.

Lizette V.

The most horrible experience ever. Me and my family had went to enjoy dinner on Sunday and the whole experience was horrible. We got seated and had our order taken for drinks and appetizers everything was going well, when we ordered our food the waitress came back 20 min after to tell us that there was a backup on the kitchen and our food would take 53min to be done so we said it was okay to wait. To only find out when we received our food it was poorly made and one dish was super cold. We brought this to the waitress's attention she preceded to tell us that various cooks had walked out and quit and that she was sorry for the experience. We asked for the manager and the waitress said she would be right with us that she was talking to another table we waited for 30 more min for then the waitress to come back and say that the manager was in the line and couldn't help us because apparently more cooks walked out. The waitress asked for our name and number and the manager would get back to us. The manager never did gave her the benefit of the doubt to see if she would correct this horrible experience but she never did. Such horrible customer service and food was not close to the standard of Olive Garden and will not be returning to this restaurant because it was all around horrible experience to have to wait over an hour for the food which was explained that it was going to be a while to get it but then it be super cold food and obviously neglected very dissatisfied.

Kat G.

I have only eaten at Olive Garden a handful of times and was never overly impressed. Today I was in the center off Nicole Lane and thought I would grab a little something to take home for lunch. Was kind of craving the breadsticks. Well what a waste of $34!!! The girl recommended the Ziti appetizer which were rubbery by the time I got home. I did crisp them up in the oven but they still were rather bland and would not order again. I ordered a salad and I realize they use mostly Iceberg lettuce which I don't care for (plus no nutritional value). The manager said they use a mix of Iceberg and Romaine (which I do like) and I asked the girl taking my order if it isn't too much trouble could they at least try to make sure it had some Romaine. Well....there was absolutely no Romaine, zero, zilch. The sauces were bland both the Alfredo and the Marinara. How hard is it to make a good marinara? Especially for an 'Italian' restaurant that has been around for decades? Throw some red pepper flakes and spices in it and voila'! Oh and the bread....It wasn't even as good as I remember. That leaves the Tiramisu that I couldn't resist but have never tried. Score! It is quite yummy but $8.50 for a 2.5" x 2.5" slab?? Highway robbery after spending on a meal that mostly went in the trash. :(


The food here is amazing but is very expensive. Would not recommend if you have a party of 4+ people and they intend on you paying because you're going to be paying 100+ dollars for everyone. The restrooms are clean and smell amazing (photos shown).

Liz Sabicer

Used the online place holder and could see the wait was 45 minutes. So we went to the mall for a bit, and after we arrived, we got sat at our table within 5 minutes. Fast food service. The wait staff is great!

Supatra Phayakapong

Sophia was my Togo oder taker polite good customer service the same time very efficient

C P.

We love Olive Garden! The only bad experience was recently in Victorville when we took my sister out for her birthday. Apparently they were short staffed. We can't wait for the new Olive Garden to open in Menifee since that is where we live. Looking forward to your grand opening on Newport Road! Mike and Cindy Cook

Rachel The Tattooed Momma

Super annoyed by the pick up service here.I arrived 10 minutes earlier than my pick up time so I expected to need to wait til the time.I called, the girl took my name, acted like my order was ready, and said it will be right out.During the conversation I asked if my order came with breadsticks (it was an $80 family order) and that if it didn't, i would like to add those on.She ASSURED ME that the order came with that.25 minutes passes by and still no order so I called again to get an ETA. the girl said she was so sorry and for some reason she never got the check in (it was the same girl).She "made it right" by saying "I apologize again but don't worry. I'll throw some extra mints in there for you". Wth!? I dont need some extra free candies.Brings my food out, again repeats that she threw some extra mints in.I check and you know what...no...my meal did not come with bread sticks but at this point I'm already annoyed so I just leave.Not likely to do a pick up from this location again.The only reason I didn't give 1 star is cause of the Olive Garden brand

Ryan Ballard

I had not been to an Olive Garden in quite some time, but glad I went to this one. Our Server Brittany was very professional yet had a sense of humor it was nice. The food was GOOD. I had the 5 cheese Ziti, one of my sons had pepperoni pizza, my other one had spaghetti and meatballs both loved it. If you are on that slide of town stop on in great food, great people

Nicole D.

I'm only rating this Olive Garden location a two star just because the food was great, but the customer service was absolutely horrible. I sat at the bar area with my three sisters. The waiter Matt and his partner were extremely rude and racist. Matt only wanted to be addressed by his name and not by sir which I found extremely odd. His partner had a really negative demeanor and negative attitude seems as if she's unhappy with her job. We also noticed they were attending everyone else who were Caucasian but not the Hispanics, which was my sisters and I. I spoke to the manager regarding my concern and she didn't seem interested. I advised her to pull her cameras so she can witness and see how we were treated and how we were not helped the hour and 30 minutes we were at the bar. She offered me a free gift card but I declined. my complaint wasn't for free food or a free gift card it was for the horrible customer service and how my sisters and I were racially profiled. I only pray and hope Olive Garden will do better.

Marta G.

I am sitting at the Temecula location as I write this. I have ordered 4 waters and 1 wine. It's been 42 minutes since my drink and food order was taken and still no drinks. Unfortunately, the surrounding 2 tables don't have drinks either. No use of runners or management what's so over. We love Olive Garden. Sadly we will not be returning.

Morgan N.

My husband and I came in tonight around 4:55pm and only waited a few minutes before we were seated. The hostess was very sweet and assured us that we'd be seated as soon as possible as they're very short staffed. No worries, it's Saturday evening and clearly busy. We were seated and shortly greeted by our server Josh, and from the get go, he was very sweet and very attentive. Throughout our whole stay, he made sure our drinks were full and we had what we needed. Josh, you're an incredible server with kick-ass service! Thank you, we will definitely be back soon, and ask for you specifically. :)

Tina M.

We've been coming to the Temecula Olive Garden for the past 4 years since we moved into the area. Always great food. Our server was Jasmine and she was super friendly. Only downside was that some employees wore masks and others didn't. Wasn't sure what the difference was, but hopefully those not wearing masks are fully vaccinated.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

29025 Overland Dr, Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 506-1975