Poke n Salad

26491 Ynez Rd, Temecula
(951) 240-7070

Recent Reviews

Michelle Jimenez

Super yummy. Quick and easy service.

Carmen Navarro Designs

Oh so yummy. Great prices, fresh, had a poke with half salad & rice. & all the protein was amazing. Defintely will be back.


Great selection of options. Everything was fresh. The service was excellent. Loved it!

rochelle bernarte

Fresh fresh fresh! The dressings and sauces were great. We had chocolate and matcha mochi which were delicious. The staff here is friendly and the restaurant is clean. We will be coming back to this location.

Mhmm William

Awesome food an people working here! Lots of food and they do groupon too.

James Kenny

Nice big chunks of fish friendly service still perfer poki poki but really enjoyed that thank you so much!!!!!!!

Ilse M.

Best place for poke!!! Fish always fresh, they hook it up with the portion size, and it never disappoints!!!

Heather C.

Delicious poke bowl! The ahi tasted fresh. They gave a good amount of food for the price. Hubby got a lobster roll... it was fabulous! I'll probably get that next time! Service was great, very friendly staff. I'd definitely recommend and we will definitely be back!

Mee Yang

Love this place! The food is great!

Amanda C.

Best Poke in town!!! I eat here when ever I get the chance! Food is fresh, fast, and delicious!! Customer service is always on point. And I always leave feeling satisfied!! Love, love, love this place!

breal gritty

Love love the fish here. So fresh!!! Amazing staff!

Chelsea D.

I have been here many times and loved it! But I went today and the quality of the food was bad. The lettuce was wilted and the spicy salmon had a pool of orange liquid. My poke bowl came out looking really odd after they added the sauces. It was almost like the spicy mayo sauce wasn't refrigerated properly. And surprise... I got super sick. I will not be going back. The employees are also extremely unfriendly.

Summer S.

My boyfriend and I wanted to try this place out after getting a buy one get one free regular bowl coupon (thanks Facebook!) Upon arriving we quickly placed our order. The service was great. Professional, friendly, and fast! Our order only came out to be $11 (after tip). My boyfriend and I were full before we even finished it all. You can't beat that! As far as our poke bowls go, we both really liked them! One thing to watch out for: I would recommend is getting a little bit of cilantro, as they keep the stems, which can be overbearing for some (but I love cilantro so it didn't bother me in the least, lol.) Will definitely come back!

Wendy Correa

Great food and great customer service!

Alex Rios

Really good food and especially clean. Very nice employees.

Wesley C.

The workers didn't even greet us or acknowledg us when we walked in, we waited for 10 minutes while they were helping one customer there's was 3 employees and they started filling other up other bowls . But they didn't have the courtesy to even let us know they would help us... the crab looked really tasteless and nasty! Walked out immediately without even ordering.

Patrick S.

This place is the best in Temecula. The poke is awesome and the lobster roll is fantastic.

Anthony Tony A.

I've been there a lot again very good fresh food at a reasonable price. I had my usual 3 protein w brown rice. Definitely 1 of my favorite poke place.

Abanoub Ghipriel

Many different options to select from and food comes out nice and organized.

Dionicio Fernandez

Always a good pick up and go never disappointed

Karla S.

OMG. First timer for poke bowls and I'm glad I chose this spot, I was nervous because every time I try something new or somewhere new it always ends up being a disappointed, NOT HERE! Paid $10 for a reg. Size poke bowl, got 1 scoop of tuna and one scoop of salmon, avocado AND the scoop of the crab, all for $10! didn't think the reg. Size bowl would fill me up but I didn't even finish it by the time I got super full! Definitely worth it and very reasonable priced! So happy my first poke bowl experience was a great one and now I've found my poke place :) DELICIOUS!

Liz Sabato

Awesome food. My favorite Poke in town.

Valerie H.

Delicious! Variety for all diets. Refreshing and healthy. Service is great! Relaxing and hip decor

Vanessa G.

I love this place and come here quite often,usually their serving sizes are consistent but when we went yesterday they seemed to be a bit skimp on the poke(maybe it was just the server). The server some fair girl with brunette hair and tattoos (my invoice ticket said Valencia) we had that day seemed to have a lot of attitude even though we just ordered food,it was unpleasant. My sister noticed half way through her meal as well even though I told the server both bowls would have the same toppings forgot both the corn and the crabmeat. We figured it was too late to say anything since she was halfway done. Usually this place is pretty good with customer service don't know what happened yesterday

Lani M.

this place has good poke but they give inconsistent amount ingredients especially rice and or salad. One time your container is full sometimes it's half full. I eat here regularly and day before I bought and container is full - today it's half full but I do pay the same price. Full container is the serving size they give ever since they opened but now is just inconsistent.


The best poke by far. This place has incredibly fresh ingredients and friendly staff. Relaxing environment in a great neighborhood. I would definitely return.

Jose G.

My co-worker raved about this place so I went with her for lunch one day. Unfortunately, it didn't really do it for me. It was obviously during their lunch rush so things were a little hectic. Since it was my first time, it was hard to understand what was an extra option and what was what... so I just guessed and picked a few things that I liked. I did like that it tasted "fresh", but I felt the bowl was still fairly small to be almost $10. The seating inside was fair, and they have a few outside seats if you get lucky. Overall, it wasn't terrible... but definitely don't think I'll return. Think I'll just stick to Flame Broiler.

Sina F.

*** MANAGER NICOLAS & OWNER DWAYNE WILL NOT TAKE YOU SERIOUS IF YOU GET SICK FROM THEIR POKE *** Visiting from Hawa'ii we craved for our weekly poke tradition. Based upon Yelp reviews, we decided to stop by this spot and order take out. While I was waiting in the car with my infant my Husband went inside. He ordered the Lobster Roll, a Large Poke Bowl, and a side of poke. When we came home we ate the Lobster Roll first, to our surprise it was very disappointing! It primarily had imitation crab and no lobster taste nor sight of it. Don't bother getting your hopes up for should be known, Imitation Crab Roll. Next, we split the Large Ahi Poke Bowl with spicy ponzu sauce and again to our surprise this left us upset. The Ahi was previously frozen, mushy and looked like watermelon cubes! The sauce was so little the poke was very dry. To top this all off, we bought a side of poke for dad which was his Birthday and we had all gotten sick including my fussy infant shortly after. We spent my dad's birthday home sick! Later that day I called the Restaurant and spoke with Rachel who was of no help. She wasn't polite on the phone and couldn't assist. She told me to call back that night at 9pm to talk with the Owner Dwayne. Because it was a long day of misery I hadn't had the time to call until today (2 days later). I called and this time Valencia answers and ask if she could be of assistance, so I told her the story feeling horrible having to relive the moment for a few minutes. Then she says hold on I'll pass the phone to my Manager which she hadn't introduced to me prior to handing the phone. Having to ask who I was talking to, Nicolas then asks me what's going on. Again, for the third time I had to repeat the situation! At this point, he says he'll call Dwayne and let him know along with a full refund. So I said I'll be back in store before we fly out and he hung up. Two minutes later, Nicolas calls back and says he spoke with Dwayne and if we bring a receipt then they can do the refund. I always hold onto receipts but this time no receipt was given to my husband. Nicolas responds with, "there's nothing they can do". First off, the Owner Dwayne had no care to call me personally. Secondly, after explaining the situation with 3 different employees they should be trained better with customer service. Lastly, never honor anything said in the beginning then to take it back at the last minute. Thankfully, we paid by credit card. We do have proof of purchase! Any Business Owners within the food industry, all I ask is to provide high quality food (do not false advertise and bait switch menu items that are not real) and friendly customer service. If you can't provide both, then why be in business just to give any less than 100%.

Lita V.

Ordered take out from here-regular size w/ ahi tuna and salmon in house sauce and half white rice, half salad. I'm not sure if it's because I ordered take out, but the portion was extremely small for the cost. I was very disappointed and even the fish quality didn't do enough to make it better. Not sure if I'll return. So if you're thinking ordering take out, just go to the store and have them assemble it!

Mikaila P.

I started going here about two years ago. It was a hangout spot for my friends and I. This place used to be one of my favorites... until the prices got raised. I remember poke bowls used to be around $8-$15 depending on the size and if you wanted extra protein. Now its been around a year since I've last purchased from here and I started to notice little changes that made me lose interest in this restaurant. 1) they started charging for avocado 2) they charge for extra toppings. Now, their poke tastes great. But those prices are just out of hand. Especially for the amount of fish you get for each scoop. You probably get like four to six pieces of fish! Now that's not worth the amount I'd spend. I've been to a lot of poke joints, and this is the last one I'd go to.

Brittany Danielle

My first time here they were very patience with me, helping me make choices! & their prices are very affordable for high quality! Will be back & I HIGHLY recommend!!

Cassy L.

Easily my favorite place for a Poke bowl. Fresh ingredients and amazing service every time. Delicious.

Jay M.

Delicious lil poke spot! It was like $9 for a regular sized bowl w/2 scoops of "protein"...I choose the ahi tuna & salmon- both fresh & delicious! The "regular" bowl was nice & full, they didn't skimp on the scoops & no extra charge for the crab. Clean establishment & super friendly staff, I'll be back!

Anita Hughes

Wow... went there last night on a whim and was thrilled! Excellent food, fresh and delicious with lots of variety. I can't believe I've been driving by this place for so long and haven't tried it. This will be my new lunch or dinner place when ever I am in the area. Clean bathrooms and reasonable prices. Awesome. So worth it. I will definitely be telling my friends and family about this hidden gem.

Ashley Tello


Denise Mooney

This place is great. Great food and great staff. I would highly recommend it

Andrew Cisneros

Great quality, cost less than going out for sushi rolls. Pretty filling too for the price.

Rina Chang

Gave a generous amount of protein and sides. Would definitely come here again!

Jon V.

Reviewed on 2018-10-07

L. D.

Good poki, I got three protein big serving I got really full I probably should have ordered two protein but container looks a lot smaller, they give you big scoops of salmon, tuna, spicy tuna and I requested for three different sauces on the side besides the sauce they mix with your salad. They greet u when u come in, place is clean. It is on the the other side of street Hobby Lobby, lots of parking.