Sushi Boat

40820 Winchester Rd #1060, Temecula
(951) 719-2991

Recent Reviews

Breanna Fletcher

Delicious and fresh food. Not too heavy on your stomach or wallet. Would definitely recommend.

soma devi

Excellant. The food is good and the people are amazing I love them

Cris Hollett

This is our favorite Japanese Restaurant! The food is fresh and very favorable, portions are just right, and prices are very fair. I LOVE their bento boxes. My husband has eaten Sushi for 3 decades and us very picky and hard to please, so I am so thankful we found this place! The amazing complementary green tea ice cream the bring with the check is the icing on the cake! Highly recommend.

Anthony Sparks

Totally awesome customer service everybody was really friendly and they were really busy my daughter's loved it there meals came in a little boat which I thought was so cool never seen anything like it the Sushi & meals we're awesome great taste flavor all around great place will definitely go here again

j owthwaite

Sushi is ok, ambiance is nice. Good value. Great place to take kids

daniel lasater

It was pretty ok. Nothing special. The cook tuna was dry and the mussels were packed with artificial Crab.

Jessica Nicolaides

We stopped in for a quick bite before our movie and can't be happier with that decision. The service was great from the moment we walked in. We were seated and welcomed with edamame and then after our meal were thanked with ice cream. Such a small gesture but you felt the appreciation and care from the staff. The food was great! We will be back!

Lan T.

My favorite sushi restaurant in town. They have the freshest sushi and best udon. Ever since I tried the beef udon I can't come and not order a bowl of udon. The broth is so flavorful. Love me some tempura from here. There tempura dipping sauce is also on point. I always get the vegetable broccoli only tempura. Never disappoints. Love love love sushi boat!

Nick S.

Great server, terrible host and the sushi gave two of the five people I went with got food poisoning from the sushi.

John E.

If you're in the Temecula area and love Japanese food then you'll enjoy Sushi Boat. Excellent friendly service and the meals are the best sushi in town. The husband & wife owners always make me feel welcomed and that my business is greatly appreciated.

Natalie Gonzales

Love all the sushi rolls in the box and the service is awesome

Donna Love

First and last time for me. I had a crunch scallop roll. I could smell the strong fishy smell as the plate was set in front of me. It tasted ok. I mean ok as in not spoiled. But it shouldnt be served if its old enough to smell strongly. Flavor wise...very average. Nothing fresh or exciting tasting. Even the edamame was cold. The people I was with were not impressed either. Mediocre at best.

Jeffrey Hitt

It's good but more Americanized than authentic. Sushi rolls are good and sashimi plates are plain.

Jessica S.

I walked into this place and asked to use the bathroom for my 4 year old granddaughter and they refused to allow her to use the restroom unless I ordered something. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE OR RETURN AS A PATRON!

Sienna N.

My husband and I probably go to Sushi Boat once a week. The sushi is very fresh and always great. The service is wonderful and we usually always get seated right away and are very attended to the whole time we are eating. You get a free appetizer of edamame and a scoop of ice cream after your meal which is hard to beat. I can spend double at another sushi place and get less food at less quality. I literally will brave the mall parking to go here and that is saying something lol, love sushi boat, wont go anywhere else!


I have been eating in this restaurant since it open, good food and inexpensive. I have never been back since last year since they serve me spoiled smelly tuna sashimi. It smelled so bad and you can tell its spoiled due to the dark color of the fish. It really bad that the salmon beside it smelled as well due to the spoilage of the tuna. I am now scared to go back. If the cooked can tell or smell the spoiled fish then not sure what else is they can smell. I was so disappointed cause like i said it my favorite japanese resto in the empire inland.

Tim S.

Solid food. Low prices. Waiter was awesome. A million selections for sushi rolls. I got the ramen which was great. Free edamame to start and they gave us green tea ice cream for desert. Not sure if that's normal but it was really nice of them. Going back and next time we're gonna get a bottle of sake.

Max W.

Deluxe sashimi 15 pieces with two miso soup $30, crab and lobster roll $16, service is good, server very friendly. Ice water is good, not just tapwater, Sports TV, kids friendly, good for party, several outdoor seating, free ice cream. Sashimi is not super fresh, therefore I gave two stars

Dahee P.

Terrible freakin sushi man. I just got back from Japan after being stationed there & I guess my taste buds have quite a standard. however, not to be super critical-- sashimi is one of those things you need be very careful because they are raw. There fish is not fresh and it's almost gross and I forced myself to eat all my food because I didn't want to waste money. :/ also, the waitress who was taking care of us tried to shove a straw in my water with the wrapper still on it. I got there sashimi salad and it SUCKS. I believe this place is Chinese Owned. Great location; Terrible Food. Believe my ASIAN TASTE BUDS. This is not real sushi y'all. They need to open a better sushi in this exact spot... especially right by mall and the Theater!!! Unfortunate . And the chicken teriyaki meal. horrible. Like how? That's like the easiest thing to make.... dry AF.

Tina J.

I visited this location for a quick lunch. We were visiting the mall to pick up some last minute items since we were out of town. I walked through the food court but did not find what I was looking for until we walked outside the mall and found this gem. We intended to grab a few different rolls and share amongst the four of us. We ordered super shrimp tempura, salmon roll, tiger roll and some eel roll. First the food came out very quickly, less than 5 minutes. When it arrived and we decided to dig in, the sushi was So Fresh! Some of the freshest sushi I have had in a while. The staff was super attentive and polite. They made sure we had everything we needed. We even we able to enjoy some green tea ice cream before we left. The restaurant is casual and not too quiet. I am not sure how the parking situation is on this side of the mall but it is near the movie theatre.

Eric Bryan

Reasonably priced and tasted great. First time there.

Jason bow

Good sushi rolls starting at $10.50 and a large selection. Excellent service here and they stay open pretty late

Joshua Melara

Good sushi, great family oriented resturant with an amazing service. My dad and I usually eat here after any movie we watch at Edwards cinema and recieve 10% off our meal by showing them a ticket stub. Remember, it has to be same day you saw the movie to recieve the 10% discount. However, it a great place for both adults and kids.

Theresa H.

The California roll was excellent, polite caring staff, all served with a lovely aesthetic.

Eddy Taengkaew

The best customer service in town

Pamela Johnson

We have been going to Sushi Boat for years and this review is way overdue.

Cade White

By far the best sushi restaurant in Temecula or Murrieta. The food is always delicious and the service is fast. I have been eating here for 5 years and these owners really do care about there business and customers. The interior design is great as well. They have a sushi bar with fresh fish. Separated seating for children and outside seating. Not only do they have sushi but noodles and different types of meats. If your looking for good food dining in the mall this is one of the best.

David Oulela

Haven’t been there for a while but still the same excellent staff and sushi

Pamela J.

We have been going to Sushi Boat for years and this review is way overdue. Mark and Eunice, the owners, have worked tirelessly in creating a welcoming environment and trained their team for great service. We have always enjoyed coming here for great sushi at a great price. I highly recommend the Bento Box as it comes with lots of extras including an ice cream dessert. There are pages and pages of great rolls but we have always been pleased with the Ya-Ya roll. Highly recommended restaurant with great service, serene atmosphere, and great prices.

The Winter Gem

I had a good first experience. I felt relaxed. The staff were polite and they showed and explained the dishes in the menu. I would definitely go again. I recommend this place if you need some quiet time at the mall or enjoy time with oneone else.


Great sushi, big selection. Great staff. Always a great place to eat. If you show a current ticket or ticket stub from the theater across from the restaurant, they'll give you a 10% discount on your check.

Miles R.

I'm so glad this place is still serving good and fresh sushi/sashimi and doing really good for such a long time with the same restaurant manager. This has been our family's quick Japanese sushi place to go to at the beautiful Promenade mall in Temecula before my son NATHAN was even born. 5 stars over all!

Sharlene S.

Came by recently, and got a Sushj Box A! It comes with seaweed salad, spicy tuna rolls, California rolls, and nigiri (shrimp, yellowtail, salmon, tuna). I also ordered popcorn chicken (not pictured by highly recommend)!! It's chicken kaarage on a bed of cabbage. It's covered in eel sauce, spicy mayo, sweet chili, and a certain powder. If it's not enough sauce for you, ask for more! The staff is always attentive, even when they're busy.

Angelika W.

My family and I have tried several different sushi restaurants, this one is one of my favorites. The place is very clean and welcoming. The staff are friendly and accommodating. The sushi is simply amazing. I have never had a bad meal. So far my favorites are their tempura shrimp hand rolls and the promenade roll. It has avocado, smoked salmon and cream cheese...simply delicious. The kids meals are also really great. My kids get the sushi boat which is a variety of things and presented in a little boat. You have to try it next time you are at the mall and don't forget, if you have movie tickets for the same day they will give you 10% off!! Great deal.

S M.

Sushi Boat is pretty good. Service is good as well. Rolls are big. Restaurant needs updates. Seating is hard and uncomfortable. Decent location but parking is difficult due to it being located at the mall. All in all it's a good place but won't give it 5 stars.

Ty R.

Tried sushi for the very first time. I got the Fuji roll which is baked (had to take baby steps) it was extremely flavorful & yummy. I recommend anyone who doesn't like cold food or raw fish to try it. I also had the house special the 2nd time I came her & it was okay definitely not as good as the Fuji roll. You also get a scoop of ice cream after your meal. Pretty good ice cream. Service is friendly.

Caroline H.

Excellent service, great prices, awesome food! This is our "go to" place for sushi! They definitely deserve 5 stars!

Gade T.

Soooo many options for sushi! It took me and the bf a while to pick haha. I've been here a couple of times before. What's great is that they're located near the Promenade mall. The workers are also great, as each of them are always checking up on you and making sure your dishes are properly cleared. The food itself is a solid 7/10. The eel sauce they use for their sushi was a little too sweet for my liking. Other than that, portions and flavors are good. The main thing I love about this place is the unlimited edamame appetizer you get in the beginning, then the complimentary ice cream you get at the end. :)

guy g

The owner is definitely don’t know how to compensate his customer. Instead of rush the order after the mistake of the server. He delayed and didn’t even try to make it fast so disappointed will never go back

Johnny Moreno

Great food and prices! 1st time customer and I look forward to returning. One of the best sushi restaurants i've been to!